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BT announce next batch of exchanges for its fibre roll-out
Tuesday 12 February 2013 11:40:13 by Andrew Ferguson

From Belgravia in London to Alloway in Scotland there will be people excited to hear that their telephone exchange falls into the commercial footprint for the Openreach FTTC and FTTP upgrades. A total of 99 exchange areas have been announced covering some 600,000 premises, but the usual caveat that even though an exchange is announced which individual cabinets will be enabled will not be known until a later date. An additional 600,000 premises will benefit from additional cabinets at previously announced exchanges.

The full list of 99 exchanges has been published on our forums. This batch was expected to be the last large announcement as part of the £2.5 billion fibre investment programme, but Openreach is saying there may still be further exchange announcements and the possibility of infill (enabling a cabinet bypassed previously) at older exchanges.

In terms of what is available now, with 13 million homes passed by the largely FTTC network half of UK premises have access and with todays announcement this will rise on completion of this list and other commercial work to around 19 million premises (around 1,700 exchanges) which meets the original magical figure of two thirds of the UK.

As the local authority projects start to deliver additional cabinets and exchanges will be announced via those programmes, and while their funding may be different the services will be identical, which is one of the key factors as to why BT is winning the contracts, as in the uniformity of provider choice should help to ensure good take-up levels over the next couple of years.


Posted by adslmax over 4 years ago
Finally at last, my exchange is on the list! ;) Can't wait to have plusnet unlimited FTTC soon
Posted by PhilCoates over 4 years ago
Good on you! Mine isn't/won't be and absolutely no news on Staffordshires BDUK application despite an FOI and contacting my councillor. Bah!!
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
So these are now FE exchanges on the where and when website? Mine is too but I don't know where this yer it will be.
Posted by jroadley over 4 years ago
Nothing for North Norfolk
Posted by spud_work over 4 years ago
Still no sign of my market 1 exchange on the list, whereas many smaller exchanges (in terms of numbers of properties and residents) in a 15 mile radius have been enabled for 12 months or more :(
Posted by Swampster over 4 years ago
And unsurprisingly on the back of not being awarded preferred bidder status for South Yorkshire's Digital Region tender process.. they announce a glut of 6 South Yorkshire exchanges!
Posted by tthom over 4 years ago
Finally Drumchapel gets announced :-)
Posted by tikka69 over 4 years ago
Still missing mine from the SYorks exchanges though.... :o( I would say now infact they easily cover more of the 54 exchanges in SY than what SYDR does ( only 31 if I recall ).
Posted by welshwarrior over 4 years ago
Not 1 Welsh exchange on the list - disgusting!
Posted by Dixinormous over 4 years ago
Openreach don't care which country in the union it is even if you do sir, it's purely about which exchanges will pay back.
Posted by shrey over 4 years ago
Great! And the cabinet I am connected to has been push back from June 2012, Sept 2012, Dec 2012, Mar 2013 and now Mar 2014. The exchange has been enabled for over year and I have friends who get FTTC (and also have the option of Virgin), but we have Openreach and no one else. We are 4Km away from the exchange.
Just Great!
Posted by robadob49 over 4 years ago
Consider yourself lucky, the cabinet I am on is not even scheduled and won't be by Openreach. BDUK and in-fill is our only option despite being in a newly enabled exchange/town. Not even sure BDUK funding covers in-fill in town/cities.
Posted by otester over 4 years ago
WTF, I'm on the list, seems too early, whether my cabinet will get enabled remains to be seen though.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
@robadob49 You need to check with the county council as they should have published maps showing where commercial roll-out is going to go, and by virtue the areas they will be covering.
Posted by ccxo over 4 years ago
@ welshwarrior The Welsh BDUK contract has been signed and planning done so why would their be additional exchanges outside of that?

@Shrey Have you out in your postcode to the Openreach where and when map, as their could be a yellow pin which would say what the delay is.
Or if not email Openrech below, add your phone number and address as they will ask for this- will take about 10 days to reply.
Posted by jumpmum over 4 years ago
Welsh Warrior, most of them will be done by BDUK funding, the order of which seems to be controlled by the Weslh Assembly. So you need to keep an eye on the welsh site.
Posted by shrey over 4 years ago
Thanks for the info. I put my postcode in Openreach website. There is a yellow pin and is says "There may be an issue with the deployment of these cabinets so please contact us at...". I emailed them a few weeks ago and they said the cabinet will be enabled by May 2013. Since then the online checker has gone to March 2014. I have just emailed Openreach again for more info.
Posted by camieabz over 4 years ago
My exchange is on there too, which was a surprise. I'm delighted, but will remain cautious until I see if my cab will be upgraded. Part of my exchange is on VM and part (my part) is not.

A sub-5K exchange, I had assumed we would be in the maybe / maybe not category in 2015. Great news.
Posted by camieabz over 4 years ago

Speaking of 2015, how are the '90% on superfast' and '100% on 2 Meg' by this time looking?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
@camieabz its not ON, but available, they can't force you to upgrade.

Until volume appears from BDUK projects, the old data at means its probably around 70% now. Figuring out the overlaps is the time consuming part.
Posted by alwall over 4 years ago
Let's hope that fill in the huge gap between Gloucester and Cheltenham. Large village of 11,000 not in roll-out so far
Posted by ddean83 over 4 years ago
Although more south yorks exchanges announced, all but one are already covered by Digital region . And with no BDUK budget there is no hope for the rest of the county
Posted by warweezil over 4 years ago
Welsh Warrior.. what struck me is the fact that despite stating that Enterprise and development zones being a priority, the Haven waterway zone in Pembrokeshire has been passed over.. and strangely.. the 3 counties in the Southwest that have been left out are all areas that didn't elect a labour MP or AM... yet the non EZ areas and the areas bordering cities all did.... does coincidence come that big?
Posted by warweezil over 4 years ago
BDUK as run by the Cardiff mafia seems to be a huge politically motivated fudge.... so business as usual really.
Posted by indigobananajam over 4 years ago
Newbiggin on Lune?! How can this be in the commerical rollout? It serves 319 premises!
Posted by warweezil over 4 years ago
"It serves 319 premises!" ... and yet a 10 k line exchange can be commercially nonviable - I guess it is if you can get Public funding for privately owned infrastructure.. what a Joke UK broadband is!
Posted by ccxo over 4 years ago
Newbiggin serves a village called Ravenstonedale to the east, which has about £5000 of public funding to build a FTTP network- could be Openreach response to this.

Website below, not found any more info on this, parish minutes dont say much.
Posted by welshwarrior over 4 years ago
£5000 of public funding ey - that'll perhaps fund 2 FTTP's!
Posted by Dixinormous over 4 years ago
@adslmax - do remember that Plusnet will hold you to the contract in all likelihood and you won't be able to regrade as you want and leave whenever as you claimed to with Virgin Media.


Maybe the community in Newbiggin privately funded the rollout of FTTC there, hence it being added to the commercial rollout as is normal with privately subsidised deployments.
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

Should be able add extra FTTC contract length on current one and then just regrade him.
Posted by Teasy1000 over 4 years ago
Well I wasn't expecting to see my exchange on the list (Ebchester). I've been looking every time theirs been any exchanges announced and had just about given up.

Any ideas when it might become clearer when/if my cabinet will be upgraded? I'm about 2.5k from the exchange.
Posted by dvvrue95 over 4 years ago
As a result of a BT line fault affecting my broadband service I had a BTOR engineer on site and mentioned to him the likelihood of fibre in this area. His comment was "fibre" only if its Kellog's AllBran!!
So how about some Blue Peter diy fibre in a cornflake packet- there's a thought.
Posted by jayarte over 4 years ago
How on earth do they decide which exchanges will be updated? I live in Halton, a small village near Lancaster, which is still not on the list, but I see that Dysart, a tiny village in Fife, Scotland (my family lives in that area) is on the list. Does anyone know what criteria they use in deciding?
Posted by phil917k over 4 years ago
I don't know why I even bother reading these articles. Being served by a small satellite exchange in Exeter - only around 1000 domestic premises - I don't see any realistic possibility of getting any of these upgrades. Stuck on ADSL2 "up to 8 Meg" for the forseeable future.
Posted by ccxo over 4 years ago
@ Teasy1000 Have to wait till the work begins, you could email Openreach on the nga email.

@ jayarte Your exchange is being upgraded via the Lancashire BDUK project which Openreach won.
Dysart serves over 5k lines and since its next to Kirkcaldy so its easier to enable.
As for the criteria its down to the accountants spreadsheet if it meets the required investment/profit levels.

@ phil917k you will have to wait on the Essex BDUK project, its currently in procurement and should finish by July and work begining a few months afterwards.
Posted by Blood-Donor over 4 years ago
The BT engineer who checked a fault on my line and repaired it on the same day informed me that my exchange was on the list and that was before BT made the announcement. This can only improve what is already an excellent connection speed from BT :-)
Posted by fastman over 4 years ago
blood be very suprised if the engineer had that visibility even at an exchnage level -- her certainly wont have it a cabinet level - as not all cabinets in an exchnage are deployed - they each have strict commercial criteria attached to them
Posted by Teasy1000 over 4 years ago
@ ccxo

I emailed Openreach and they've said my cabinet "fails to meet the commercial criteria". So it looks like I might basically never get Fibre where I am.
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