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Liberty Global and Virgin Media boards approve deal
Tuesday 05 February 2013 23:26:44 by Andrew Ferguson

If the news coming out of CNBC and reported by David Faber is true then the two boards of Virgin Media and Liberty Global for an acquisition by Liberty Global based around a mixture of cash and stocks.

Obviously it is far to early to speculate on what the changes will mean if any for Virgin Media customers, but it is feasible that the acquisition may change how it views network expansion, and see the cable network once more start expansion after some years of a relatively stationary footprint.


Posted by Joppy over 4 years ago
Mind boggling considering the fact they have lost their fibre broadband monopoly thanks to openreach growing, TV competition is getting stronger with BT growing along with streaming alternatives like netflix, lovefilm etc. Virgin Media was going to go down and out without some help and a cash injection but the outlook still does not look too rosy.
Posted by timmay over 4 years ago
Hopefully this brings wholesale to the UK's cable network.
Posted by uniquename over 4 years ago
Now on BBC News
Posted by uniquename over 4 years ago
Liberty Global Press Release
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
seems overvalued?

strong FTTC competition now and dont ntl still have debts?
Posted by mikejp over 4 years ago
All too late for the HMG/BDUK 'scheme' I fear, but surely it adds to the call for a radical re-think of the waste of the money that is going into an antiquated FTTC network? Even a Tory party think tank is calling for a stop on state funding to the scheme after 2015. Is anyone listening?
Posted by uniquename over 4 years ago
But VM Cable is FTTC. (FTTN to be precise but as laid out in this area not much different). So what are you saying?
Posted by undecidedadrian over 4 years ago
Actually the deal is bang on the money.

Valuations for technology type companies are high but things like MS and Apple are set at 20 times their annual profit which for VM puts it at $23 Billion.
Posted by mikejp over 4 years ago
"FTTN to be precise" - exactly. Compare the delivery to a 15mb 'floor' from Infinity. I would not be surprised if Broadband Bill is not 'passing' a few VSLAMs, let alone 'premises'.

Time will tell - this may all just be a hot flush, but it could potentially uproot the whole 'plan' - where is Peter Cochrane when you need him?
Posted by undecidedadrian over 4 years ago
FTTC has a "floor" of 15meg yet VM's FTTN "floor" is only 2meg.

And there hasn't been any reports of cabinet saturation on FTTC like there has been on VM's FTTN. So perhaps it is cable that is out of date?
Posted by mikejp over 4 years ago
undecidedadrian- where did you get '2meg' from for VM? I thought it was 24mb.
Posted by GMAN99 over 4 years ago
"antiquated FTTC network?" Surely its a stepping stone to full FTTP for those that want it?
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