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4G on three to cost no more
Monday 04 February 2013 09:00:22 by Andrew Ferguson

While three has no 4G network launched at the moment, it does have DC HSPA+(up to 42 Mbps) coverage to around just over half the UK and customers are able to access that service at no extra cost. The same philosophy will continue when 4G is launched with three announcing over the weekend that it will make 4G available to all existing and new customers for no extra cost.

Of course to enjoy the speed boost that 4G can offer people will need a compatible handset, but the number of these is increasingly every month as manufacturers around the world launch new models. The fact that major manufacturers are still launching their 4G handsets suggests that while roll-out of 4G networks in the UK has been slow that in other countries use of 4G networks will have been held back by availability of handsets.


Posted by Matchstick over 4 years ago
Well that will have given EE executives a very nasty (and thoroughly deserved) shock.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 4 years ago
Nice one Three.
Posted by Kushan over 4 years ago
Posted by chefbyte over 4 years ago
I moved to Three unlimited and achieve an average 12-13 MBs and 2 up, that's better than my router on my landline
Posted by mitchja over 4 years ago
I wouldn't touch Three with someone else barge pole. I'll stick with 4GEE thank you very much.....don't care what Three do or don't charge.

You pay for quality.
Posted by NilSatisOptimum over 4 years ago
Pay for quality, that's subjective these days.
Posted by olisun over 4 years ago
pay for for the Quality of Lies they tell the customers.. yeah... ;-)
Posted by ian72 over 4 years ago
Quality service tends to cost more. However, paying more does not guarantee quality service. In the case of EE I don't think they are any better than other mobile providers in the UK.
Posted by tthom over 4 years ago
Nice 1 Three.. ditto chefbyte I get 14meg down 2.5meg up when my landline/broadband gets 8down and 1 up

The Three haters are just annoyed :-P
Posted by magicuk27 over 4 years ago
think my samsung galaxy s4 contrack on three 4g may be sold if they keep the one plan!
Posted by timmay over 4 years ago
Now they just need to get indoor coverage...
Posted by undecidedadrian over 4 years ago
Sorted, given with their ONE Plan it's unlimited data and tethering for £31 per month that has to hurt EE.

I moved to them and never regretted it. Now I connect my tablet to my home NAS on FTTC and video and music is a short download away no matter where I am.
Posted by TWeaKoR over 4 years ago
3 reasons not to go with 3:

They introduced TrafficSense with very poor communication (claiming it was not active when it was) and limited people under a non-existent fair use policy, sometimes to as low as 12kbps.

The deals are so good that the network is congested; I have been through areas with full bars yet could not even load an RSS feed.

They hiked the price and told customers they couldn't cancel when the contract clearly stated you can, and they instructed their customer service advisers to refuse cancellation requests.
Posted by philce over 4 years ago
Yes their customer service stinks at times, and they spout all kinds of crap when you want to leave.

But to be fair I am with T-Mobile (EE) now and the times Ive called them I have encountered just the same incompetence and excuses for faults that are laughable.

At the end of the day of you want to pay less and less then you will have to take some of the rough with the smooth!

EE 4G pricing is a joke, and hopefully this will make them reduce prices to a more reasonable level.
Posted by jroadley over 4 years ago
Never had issue with 3

Was on sim only contract, wanted a code to move, got it sent in text.

Went back to them with iPhone 5 nice and simple. Got a home signal out of them as well for free.

Down side, can't see the 4G coming to Norfolk anytime soon...
Posted by zyborg47 over 4 years ago
3 will have to do a better job than they do with their 3G signal here, because around here it is awful.
Not that I that bothered about 4G, we can't even get 3G working right, so 4G got no chance.
Posted by otester over 4 years ago
If you buy a phone from Three it's your own fault, you know what their like, just get a 1 month rolling One Plan.

I get 8Mb down, 3Mb up.

Can't wait for 4G, bye bye landline.


Upgrade to the One Plan.

Posted by otester over 4 years ago

You pay for 4G which can only use in certain areas, otherwise stuck on their stoneage 3G network.
Posted by acpsd775 over 4 years ago
@otester TrafficSense is on the one plan for customers that signed up after x date last year or for people who renew their contract after 2 years after that date, the only people that dont get affected are people on old contracts that was set up before that x date (like me i got my one plan contract a few month before they introduced it) i forget the date it was someting like may 2012
Posted by acpsd775 over 4 years ago
PS even with TrafficSense three are till way better than t-mobile/orange and ill still be renewing my one plan contract when its up weather it has TrafficSense or not lol
Posted by magicuk27 over 4 years ago
also my t mobile full monty has just had data caps re done again to 4mb or lower, reason i know as use to get 7-10mb and now i cant get over 4 oer many many trys. maybe thinkbroadband can get a news article about tmobile/ee new 3G capping speeds AGAIN.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
I have never hidden the fact i've been with 3 since the day they launched I was rocking an NEC 606 back then (but they gave free video calls for the first year so was handy when courting) and these days I have been on the one plan since it launched in 2010. I decided when I bought a new Iphone 5 from Apple that I would stay with 3 and I knew I would not regret it. Like others I get high speed. I broke the 20mbps mark lastnight. One plan wipes the flood with the rest <3
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
I did 160GB last month on 3 and no problems. - Forgot to add that.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
@otester stoneage? Okay it was the first but it handles more traffic than all the other networks combined on a daily basis. And does a better job!
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago

that's to force you onto 4G - scheming buggers. And if you can't get it they shouldn't be doing that to you

And who in their right mind would want that anyway!
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

Are you referring to P2P throttling or the top 5% users being throttled?

I just use a VPN so I don't get any issues.


But it doesn't though, speeds are **** on EE outside of 4G coverage.
Posted by acpsd775 over 4 years ago

dunno if VPN's get past it or not, as i said ppl on older plans dont have it but after that date all new conracts including one plan do have it,

its not a big deal i dont know anyone whos been affected by it and i still think three are the best network and will be using them for some yeas to come
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

It's only P2P throttling that I've noticed, so I got a SOCKS5 proxy, typed it into my torrent client and it runs at full speed now.
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