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BT Group announces fibre products available to 13 million premises
Friday 01 February 2013 10:36:47 by Andrew Ferguson

The latest set of quarterly figures from BT reveal that its FTTC roll-out is progressing at a significant pace still, when there was some claiming the roll-out had stalled and was falling apart. The Openreach GEA-FTTC and GEA-FTTP networks passed some 13 million premises as of 31st December 2012 and have been installed to 1.25 million businesses and homes.

"Our engineers have worked tirelessly following some of the wettest weather on record. Not only did they complete a record number of field visits in the quarter, they also connected a further 281,000 homes and businesses to broadband and helped us grow the number of landlines. BT Global Services has also done well securing £1.9bn of new orders, up 17%."

Ian Livingston, Chief Executive

Openreach connected an extra 281,000 DSL or fibre connections in the last connection, 7% higher than the previous quarter and the footprint for its FTTC/P network grew by roughly 1.3 million premises. Even with this growth revenue declined due largely to regulatory enforced price changes with the growth of the fibre and Ethernet products reducing the impact.

BT Retail which is just one of hundreds of customers for BT Wholesale saw its revenue decrease by 3%, but added 122,000 customers in the quarter (total broadband customer base 6.56 million). The number of new fibre connections via its Infinity brand grew by 200,000 to over 1 million, the figure includes new to BT Retail and existing customers migrating to the fibre products. YouView is starting to make an impact with 60,000 customers using the new box and BT Vision (which has different pay per view options) growing by 21,000 customers.

We did chase BT for detail on the split of FTTC and FTTP in the figures, but they don't publish them, with the financial results referring to just 'fibre' throughout. This is disappointing as while we know the amount of FTTP will be low, tracking the growth would help to judge the commonly held belief that consumers would rather buy FTTP than FTTC.


Posted by ValueforMoney over 4 years ago
Great progress on fibre, and the capital expenditure is well down for both 'access' and Openreach. This makes £100k per cab/path to reach c90% for BDUK more of a mystery. I do not think the commercial rollout of FTTC will cost more than £1.2/3bn and this is with large amounts of capitalised labour. With a bit of luck this might be confirmed in the recording of the webcast.
Posted by fastman over 4 years ago

The Commercial deployment to 66% of Uk population is 2.5bn as already publically stated and is due to be compelted by Spring 2014 (also publically stated)
Posted by michaels_perry over 4 years ago
Noticed that they claim 281,000 connections made that are either DSL OR fibre. So how many are DSL and how many are fibre? Round here it's 100% DSL and nil fibre - they haven't even got fibre to our local exchange yet! Nearest fibre is still 5 miles away!
Posted by ValueforMoney over 4 years ago
Fastman, Q3 results IL make clear project 18 months ahead and significantly under budget. 100k premises past a week should equate to 125 cabs/paths a week. If this cost was significant ie >£10k it would create a blip in the capital bugdet, but capex is falling, suggesting Openreach's comments on BBC4 Dec 13th stating Cabs are £100k each is far fetched, very relevant to rural.
Posted by ccxo over 4 years ago
Cabinets range from about £20,000 to £60,000+, this is from BDUK figures.

Posted by ValueforMoney over 4 years ago
CCXO - where?
Posted by ccxo over 4 years ago
Berkshire, like other counties they will have a spreadsheet of all cabinets and the expected cost to upgrade them.
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