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Issues delay signing of Devon and Somerset broadband project
Wednesday 23 January 2013 10:50:18 by Andrew Ferguson

While there are very vocal complaints about BT winning the BDUK projects, for many small businesses and consumers it represents a chance for some improvements to their broadband after years of little change in speeds. It is thus disappointing to find out that the final contract signing for the Connecting Devon and Somerset project is still having the final nitty gritty thrashed out when BT was announced as the partner back in October 2012.

The BBC article gives no real indication of what the final delays are over, it may be that the project is seeking variations on the standard template that may be being used on these projects. The optimists out there may be hoping it means that the council is pushing for a higher proportion of full fibre connections as opposed to FTTC, the reality is that it is probably over how the project will move forward post 2015 when the BDUK funds in theory dry up as this project is aiming for 100% superfast coverage in seven years.


Posted by chris6273 over 4 years ago
That's just typical. I hope they get their act sorted out soon. BT in this area are shocking at getting things done in a decent timeframe!
Posted by Middlefield over 4 years ago
I think the blame lies clearly with the two County Councils'officials. I have been watching this closely since the beginning and they are a bunch of amateurs in a sea of crocodiles.
Posted by petesilver over 4 years ago
I agree with Middlefield i am sure the councils haven't got a clue what they are doing and BT are no better the connection speed here is abysmal with no prospect of getting any better, which I fear is in the distant future or maybe never !!
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