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12 smaller cities announced by Chancellor for ultrafast funding
Wednesday 05 December 2012 13:19:21 by Andrew Ferguson

In the Autumn Statement the smaller cities that will benefit from a share of £50m funding have been announced. The original list of 27 cities announced earlier in 2012, was expected to be whittled down to 10, but todays announcement has an extra two cities.

Brighton & Hove, Cambridge, Coventry, Derby, Oxford, Portsmouth, Salford, York, Newport, Aberdeen, Perth and Londonderry

The key now will be to see what the local broadband plans are for each of the cities and what they are considering to be ultrafast broadband, with Openreach due to make 330 Mbps widely available in cities, and Virgin Media continuing its upgrades from 100 Mbps to 120 Mbps. An interesting city to be missing from the list is Southampton, who earlier in the year broke away from the BDUK funding scheme to chase the city funding.

Update 1:30pm: The National Infrastructure Plan has been updated and confirms that the 12 smaller cities are still sharing a fund of £50m. There had been a small hope that the fund may have increased in size when the number of cities rose from 10 to 12.


Posted by tehreedy over 4 years ago
The fast get faster while the rest... stagnate? :/
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
One up for Newport :) Might bring the fibre date we have closer :)
Posted by 21again over 4 years ago
I notice nowadays that my rural 2Meg 20CN connection is struggling to get web pages that have content other than simple text.

The 2Meg or less connections are becoming the snail mail of broadband.
I look forward to getting faster speed broadband in 2022 but possibly not at all.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
@21again what sites are behaving like this?
Posted by flipdee over 4 years ago
Londonderry is only city in the uk to have every cabinet fttc enabled, is that not true and if so what do they need this money for?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Well ultrafast is meant to mean 100 Mbps and faster, but with FTTP on demand coming then why they need the money is a good question.

Once we get more detail on the cities plans I will be looking more closely.
Posted by mervl over 4 years ago
Is this another crude attempt to manipulate the UK position in some international league table, and presumably if not impress, then cloud the judgment of the rating agencies and international investors. Will it be successful?
Posted by HiPing over 4 years ago
York already has FFTC/H coming out the ying yang, cant imagine why it is included.
Posted by flipdee over 4 years ago
Oh, ultrafast, yet another 4g scenario, might it not be wise to at least get everyone 2mbs before ultrafast gets brought on stream?
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
The goverment was the UK to be the fastest in europe by 2015? so we going to get more than the netherlands?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
@pcoventry76 The devil is in the detail, the word MAJOR needs to be added.

When France added just 25,000 FTTH customers in last quarter, beating those of similar size is not too hard.
Posted by themanstan over 4 years ago

Isn't York's FTTH/P fibre ring for businesses only?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago

50,000 businesses and 1 million homes, with £500m of backing.
Posted by asylum_seeker over 4 years ago
Since when has Salford been a proper city? Perhaps places like Croydon, Slough, Bury, Bolton, Dudley, Govan blah dee blah etc should apply for city status from Her Majesty and therefore be eligible for ultrafast broadband funding?
Posted by misterneil over 4 years ago
Yet again the south west is not a priority. Maybe when a few Tory grandees retire to Devon we'll get a better deal ;-)
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
I dont like this political picking super cities rubbish, obviously one reason is my city is never picked but another the bigger reason is its unfair on those not picked leading to an unequal britian, so if fttc is already coming commercially what does the cash get used on? is it just a backhander to favourable councils to spend on other things?
Posted by epyon over 4 years ago
I'm confused why aberdeen

as half the city has access to fttc and other exchanges are getting upgraded as we speak

i can only think BT doesn't want to roll out a few subrban exhchanges from there own pocket because they knew this was coming.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
This money is meant to be about speeds beyond FTTC, but yes may well end up being used for infill where the other BDUK projects really should be going.
Posted by WWWombat over 4 years ago
Hull was in a strange place in the list that didn't get approved.

KC *are* doing an SFBB rollout ( rates the fastest place in the UK as Beverley because of KC's work), but not with the kind of pace seen by BT. However, there is certainly no competition.

Perhaps the council don't want to force competition on their baby, but I would have thought this a good time to trigger it
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
KCOM Group plc has the same obligations in Hull as BT have elsewhere - seems it's just that nobody wants to wholesale their stuff.
Posted by 4collies over 4 years ago
Perhaps our little village in the Lincolnshire Wolds should apply to become a city, then we could get speeds above the 1.5 m that we have to endure
Posted by ccxo over 4 years ago
4collies your village will be covered by your counties BDUK project which will look to upgrade 90% of properties to superfast broadband between 2013-2015.
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