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AAISP launches Home::1 broadband package
Friday 30 November 2012 17:09:23 by Andrew Ferguson

Andrews & Arnold (AAISP) has a reputation for outstanding support, and carefully crafted packages tailored to business use. After a short trial period a new package aimed at the discerning home user has been launched, it offers a 25GB download allowance for £25 per month. A fatter version offering a 100GB download allowance is available for £10 per month extra and for those who want more than that, top-ups are available at £10 per 50GB. All the Home::1 packages include a static IPv4 address and a /48 of IPv6 address space, and a free WiFi router.

For those chasing a bit more speed than the standard ADSL or ADSL2+ services, FTTC is available, with the 40/10 product costing an extra £10 per month, and 80/20 another £10 per month on top of that.

The download allowance will look small to many, but this careful management lets the provider maintain a low latency (ideal for gamers) and is part of their focus on quality, which includes things such as line monitoring for connections. Another big difference is the variety of ways you can contact support, there is the usual telephone and fax, but you can also add SMS, email, irc (both IPv4 and IPv6) and usenet.


Posted by ElBobbo over 4 years ago
Carefully tailored for people who use it like a dial up connection, sure. 25GB is absolutely miserable, and £35 for 100 isn't amazing either. If content is not your thing, A&A has had significant issues with their pipe running hot; if I was a business or a serious gamer I'd definitely look elsewhere.
Posted by roph over 4 years ago
Wow, those limits and prices. What is this, 2003?
Posted by otester over 4 years ago
They are like the Harrods when it comes to internet, not for peasants.
Posted by drteeth over 4 years ago
I keep on looking at them when changing ISP, but their prices are just crazy - totally unjustifiable. Fools and their money...?
Posted by -Alex- over 4 years ago
I wouldn't mind paying a small premium for a good ISP - but sadly the cost and download limits on these are just poor. This would cost me £45/month for ADSL2+, and £65/month for FTTC. With that I'd also have to constantly watch the download limit. I've had unmetered broadband for far too long, and don't want to start worrying every time someone in the house starts watching iPlayer.

It's a shame that they didn't use their home package as an opportunity for unmetered broadband with peak time traffic management instead, might be more friendly for home users.
Posted by gmoorc over 4 years ago
@ElBobbo. Running hot? Where do you get your info from?
The link below doesn't seem to indicate any issue..
Posted by tommy45 over 4 years ago
And how can they claim to offer a low latency suitable for gamers, when they have little or no control over BT openreach's DLM on FTTC products,Because any ammount of interleaving isnt gamer freindly,The latency within their control would have little effect to the overall latency , I too thought that by now they would be offering more for less,if not an unlimited product, they do O2 wholesale products, surely they would be a viable option to be unmetered
Posted by tommy45 over 4 years ago
Cont... And that option would be the only one that latency couldn't be artificially increased by DLM
Posted by techguy over 4 years ago
I think there is one hell of a margin included in their prices compared to other ISPs.

Posted by FlappySocks over 4 years ago
My bills from AAISP have been eye watering since I started streaming TV a lot more, but this wont help much.
Posted by Dave2150 over 4 years ago
This ISP won't last long in today's economic climate. The big giant isp's like Sky will swamp them.

Sky - £7.50/month for TOTALLY unlimited, and extremely low pings, vs this crap, hmm let me think.
Posted by tommy45 over 4 years ago
@Dave2150, they have been around for quite some time, they beat the likes of sky when you need support they are focused on buisnesses not the home user,It's a shame they can't do a unlimited product or at least do as some of the other smaller isp's do offer unlimited during off peak and weekends,
Sky ADSL doesn't have low pings in comparison to a connection that is fastpath, Granted some fttc will be fastpath but are still subject to DLM (openreach dlm) changing that
Posted by hypertony over 4 years ago
@Dave2150 - looks like you have not looked into this company's history at all. They have been around since 1998, and for the past 10 years, they have been providing IPv6 where many ISP have not until recently.

They cares about their customers more than many ISPs out there. Don't diss them until you've actually tried AAISP out!

For the reasons of why they do not offer unlimited, well it's business sense - there is no such as "unlimited" at all. There will be ALWAYS a small print about it, limiting you.
Posted by fibrebunny over 4 years ago
They have always been a premium brand, I suspect if anything an unlimited product would dilute that. Indeed some will be reassured by higher pricing. As for some there is a perceived link between price and quality.
Posted by GordonSharp over 4 years ago
I have been with AAISP for a couple of years now. A great company. Based in Bracknell. Employing local people that speak English English. Phone always answered straight away by knowledgeable people. You get what you pay for and I do not think their prices excessive.
Posted by AA_Alex over 4 years ago

I would like to pick up on a comment made by ElBobbo : "A&A has had significant issues with their pipe running hot".

It has always been our policy to ensure that our network is not a bottleneck. We are very open about traffic stats within our network.

It is true that we are reliant on other carriers ensuring their networks are also uncongested, but we do more than most other ISPs to ensure we hold those carriers to account, enabled by our proactive monitoring.

ElBobbo - perhaps you are confusing us with another ISP?

Kind regards,
Alex Bloor
Business Development Manager, AAISP.
Posted by AA_Alex over 4 years ago
One of our customers reading my previous comment felt I had not been strong enough in rebutting the suggestion that we run our pipe "hot".

Just to clarify : The suggestion that we run our pipe "hot" is simply not true.

Kind regards,
Alex Bloor
Posted by johnnyduk over 4 years ago
I guess it depends if you want a good ISP or an average/bad ISP, I am on HOME::1 ATM and its absolutely fine for what i want, i use Iplayer regularly, i do not feel 'limited' in any way. I experience other ISP's regularly while using facetime and suchlike, and most are dreadful. I wouldn't go anywhere else, maybe some of you should try it before you criticise it.
Posted by professor973 over 4 years ago
You certainly don't have to pay that sort of silly money, or suffer such sickly download limits to get top drawer customer service.
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
AA are a top quality isp in terms of customer service, monitoring, rdns control etc. However these prices I feel they will get very little if any home user's, back when i was on aaisp the price premium was maybe £5-15 a month now its at least £25 if want a decent usage quota. Its pretty much double the price of infinity at least. If I win the lottery yes otherwise no sadly.
Posted by ElBobbo over 4 years ago
Alex - Last time I looked at AAISP, you were massively oversubscribed. It was what, not even a year ago that an IOS update - that notably didn't affect any other ISPs - had you running out of capacity everyone suffered.

Maybe you guys are great if you need someone to fix a BT line, but with this rather poor value offering you can see why it's not very appealing.

Perhaps you can tell us how you've improved your network since then?
Posted by FlappySocks over 4 years ago
4K television is on the horizon. YouTube already supports it. 25GB not going to last long!
Posted by FlappySocks over 4 years ago
According to the latest newsletter, AAISP are in talks with TalkTalk and one other wholesale carrier. Maybe this will open the door to lower tariffs, although it only mentions ADSL. Hope so, because I would like to continue to use AAISP in the future.
Posted by orly2 over 4 years ago
Perhaps I'm missing something obvious. Surely if you charge premium prices the entire point is that your service is superior. Superior service to me means not needing to ever contact the customer/technical support. It doesn't mean having a "better" experience when I do. Having to contact them in the first instance = a failure.

Also most ISPs should be within a few milliseconds in terms of ping. If they have all their ports open then great...but 25GB won't allow much use of them.
Posted by drteeth over 4 years ago
1)My ISP is truly unlimited during the long off-peak hours.

2) My ISP's tech director sent me his OWN BTO modem when BTO missed a confirmed visit to swap it out.

I'd put my ISP (ADSL24) up against AAISP any day.

Posted by Matchstick over 4 years ago

I think what you are missing is that most ADSL faults are down to the provider of the physical connection to the exchange, in this case usually BT.

Sadly BT love to break things despite the best efforts of all ISPs so they best you can hope for in that situation is an ISP that will repeatedly kick BT up the posterior until they fit it.
Posted by GMAN99 over 4 years ago
^ And is that what you are paying all that extra per month for?
Posted by Matchstick over 4 years ago
That's one of the things, yes.
Posted by FlappySocks over 4 years ago
You can kick BT's posterior twice a day, but it still takes them weeks, or in my case months for them to do anything. Openreach is a farce, and AAISP are at their mercy, just like any other ISP. Where AAISP do excel at, is Constant Quality Monitoring. If i'm getting packet loss or latency issues, I'd rather have AAISP kick BTs butt then anyone else.
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
yep aaisp are the best isp if you have a crappy line, they withold visit charges even when they get charged (other isp's just pass on) and fight BT as if its their own line broken, this I will agree with.
Posted by Tanaka71 over 4 years ago
It's been a while since a news item has generated so many comments. I wouldn't have thought a new ISP tariff would be such a hot topic!
Posted by dr_poggs over 4 years ago
I find it hard to fault AAISP. I've been with them for over four years now, without considering changing ISP.

They are not the cheapest, but they have a place in the market for those who want or need an extremely tech-savvy ISP.

If you want a cheap provider, go with a cheap provider and get their huge economies of scale, large call centres, impersonal service and frustration at the time it takes to fix faults.
Posted by RevK over 4 years ago
Wow, I had not realised so many comments. I know we are not for everyone, but we aim high in terms of quality of service and support.
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