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O2 continues to shed broadband customers
Wednesday 07 November 2012 10:20:05 by Andrew Ferguson

Performance for O2 in the last financial quarter in terms of fixed line broadband is dissappointing, the majority of the major providers are all growing in size as broadband penetration grows in the UK, but O2 is still shedding customers. In the last quarter they lost 22,500 customers, dropping the user base to 579,500.

The wholesale division showed some growth adding 2,300 customers in the quarter to 36,400. While in the UK we can quickly attribute this slide due to competition with the FTTC services and faster cable products, across Europe Telefonica is showing a similar reduction in numbers, with broadband customers dropping to 9,510,700 from 9,608,000 at the end of June 2012.

O2/Be in the UK only use shared LLU in the UK (using WLR for telephone services), unbundling just the broadband, in contrast to TalkTalk and Sky who unbundle the phone and broadband. This means that investment in LLU hardware may be undermined by the shift to the Generic Ethernet Access products that Openreach now offer, whereas for Sky and TalkTalk the LLU hardware is still providing a useful revenue generating function with the voice access.

The other problem that has arrived is the launch of YouView which with the free box offers via TalkTalk and BT may further erode O2 customer numbers.


Posted by otester over 4 years ago
No wonder...they suck.
Posted by timmay over 4 years ago
So at current accelerating how long before O2 has zero broadband customers? Probably as so as FTTC is available to everyone that currently has O2.

The day it all went wrong was when they introduced the new traffic managed packages.
Posted by timmay over 4 years ago
So at current accelerating rate of decline ...
Posted by tthom over 4 years ago
With no sign of FTTx at my home I will be with the BE side of o2 until I get some sort of fiber..

Will the last one out turn off the lights - thats me lol

Posted by dparr59 over 4 years ago
With 90% of my town with fibre and a email saying
the street i live is not commercially viable for fibre looks like i won't be going anywhere soon either.
Posted by audioslim over 4 years ago
Well I'm off back to Sky for fibre now.
Went from Sky to O2 3 years ago. Time for a change. BE/O2 have stood still for years now. Plus charging me 14.50 for 5mb is not decent value in this day and age.

They used to be arguably the best. Long way from that now.
Posted by LeJimster over 4 years ago
I've been with o2 for years.. The main reason I stay is unlimited usage and relative cheapness. As soon as an unlimited FTTC service in my price range comes on the market I will be switching to that, only Sky and Digital Region ISP's (littlebigone and Origin) are on my radar atm..
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

It's never been unlimited though, they always had an FUP...

If you go with Sky FTTC, be sure to get Fiber Pro package to get up to 80Mbps.
Posted by JonasT over 4 years ago
They are behind on everything, only offering BONDED line high speed net requiring 2 BT land lines and 2 broadband connections, LOTS OF MONEY, and their ADSL2+ service is slowing. Sad really they provided such a good service.
Posted by jacky47 over 4 years ago
There is no hope when they join up with Vodafone as they are worse,Vodafone have so many unhappy customers, two wrongs dont make a right.
Posted by Ogre over 4 years ago
Lucky escape for me there then. I've just dumped Orange due to their telling us we had to sign for their forced Broadband/Phone stunt recently. It was a toss up between O2 and Sky. Hopefully I got it right this time!
Posted by chrissuk2000 over 4 years ago
Went with them 5 years ago. They were the first to put ADSL+ in our exchange so went from 500K to 3meg, plus as mobile was with them it was cheap (£7.50) but then went from unlimited to 20g max/month and if you reach it, they cut the speed to 250K - not negotiable. BT Infiniti just switched on in our patch. Guess where I am going. Phone already switched, just waiting for the engineer to call.
Posted by Chilli_Burger over 4 years ago
I was with noTalkTalk which was useless at least four times a day, even speed tests wouldn't complete. At their good times it was around 5GB. So I switched to O2, max 8GB and always get over 6 and no problems downloading. Since there is no fibre here I am quite happy with O2 and suspect that there are many others who are too.
Posted by davend over 4 years ago
Ive been with O2 for about 6 years and pay £9.50 a month for roughly 8mb and truly unlimited usage (often i hit 200gb a month!). I had some issued last year with the connection and they did sort it for me. The only issue I have is theres no fibre. I almost left a few months ago and was told that they are introducing a fibre product early next year. They better move fast or i'm off.
Posted by halifax50 over 4 years ago
I was a mobile customer with O2 for two years with a contract of £32 pm. When the contract ended they were not prepared to offer any deal, only tariffs that were available for everyone were avaialble, they straight fowardedly refused to offer anything for loyality. Dumped and moved elsewhere and saved a lot of money, guess I should thank them for their stubborness and lack of respect for loyal customers. They certainly didn't deserve another two years of my cash. Other than that there were no problems with them whilst I was with them.
Posted by rainman100 over 4 years ago
After being with BT then Talk Talk, I opted for 02
You get what you pay for and pay for what you need.I got another great deal when my contract expired in October, unlimited calls , no download limits and great UK call centers ( Don't have to use them very often )Suits me Sir !
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