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Second quarter results from BT Group
Thursday 01 November 2012 10:22:43 by Andrew Ferguson

The latest financial figures from the BT Group reveal the continuing appetite for broadband in the UK, and the continuing adjustment from calls and line rental to fixed price services like broadband.

BT Retail which is the face of BT that many millions in the UK still think of when you mention BT has had a fairly healthy quarter, adding 81,000 broadband customers giving a total broadband customer base of 6.44m. The roll-out of fibre services by Openreach is helping BT Retail too, as the retail arm now has 875,000 customers on its heavily advertised Infinity products, adding 160,000 in the last quarter alone. This represents 14% of the broadband customers in the BT Retail arm, suggesting that as competing providers ramp up their advertising that demand for faster broadband is high in the UK. BT Retail has just launched its YouView proposition, but its older BT Vision system added 21,000 customers to reach 750,000 subscribers.

Openreach is continuing its fibre (FTTC and FTTP) deployment which are now available to some 12 million premises and with 950,000 subscribers the takeup rate is 7.92%. 190,000 new subscribers were added in the last quarter, 30,000 of these via one of the over 70 plus operators who are not BT Retail. The bad weather does figure in the latest figures in that because of delays in connecting new phone lines due to prioritising the repair of existing services, the number of copper lines declined by 38,000.

BT Wholesale has shown a quarter on quarter reduction in revenue, mainly due to the continuing shift to LLU, but the bright spark has been orders from EE to upgrade backhaul capacity at key base station locations, and the launch by EE of its fibre services which operate over the BT Wholesale WBC network (TalkTalk and Sky use their own backhaul network for the fibre services they buy direct from Openreach).


Posted by jumpmum over 4 years ago
Interesting snippet hidden in the BTRetail figures is 100,000 Fibre customers in Northern Ireland (90% coverage). This gives an indication of the possible penetration with 700k houses (from google)and 90% coverage this is approx 16% penetration. Compares with 8% UK wide.
Posted by vicdupreez over 4 years ago
I still do not believe this 90% fibre figure in Northern Ireland. 90% of what? Cities, houses, people, phone connections... You see my issue here... I am convinced That figure is designed to pull the wool over our eyes, since I do not know that many people outside of Belfast that can actually get it... Having said that, I do not care anymore, since my wireless connection has gone live with a 40 down and 10 up service. So far so good.

Posted by jelv over 4 years ago
Do we know if the BT Retail figures include the well over 500,000 Plusnet users (and the Plusnet fibre users)?
Posted by jumpmum over 4 years ago
Just look at the Broadband map on the top left menu. There are speeds all over NI which are FTTC speeds, judged by over 20Mb down or 5 Mb up. Some are impressively in the countryside but appear to be in every small town as well. Certainly everywhere I looked.

My understanding is 90% of properties. I think two Belfast exchanges were the only exchanges not covered so far. Still some remote places but 10% covers a lot of countryside.
Posted by zyborg47 over 4 years ago
I love not being connected to the BT network. Broadband without a phone, what a great idea.
Posted by nonk over 4 years ago
Good figures during a financial turn-down, I wonder how much is helped by claims of MBORC. Come on BT, don't forget your (indirect) customers please.
Posted by GMAN99 over 4 years ago
Hmm not so sure they are good really it mostly seems to have come from cost cutting, not sure how long you can cut before something breaks
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