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JT connects first 1,000 homes to its fibre network
Thursday 06 September 2012 15:33:07 by Andrew Ferguson

JT is progressing well with its plan to remove its copper local loop, and install a full fibre solution to the 42,000 properties on the island. The roll-out has passed the key 1,000 properties connected milestone. Of those homes connected around 1% have elected to buy the Gigabit service, and 3% are buying the 100 Mbps service.

Crucially for residents and businesses the removal of the copper network means that people can regrade to the equivalent package but using a fibre connection. The price and usage allowances remain the same, but for those keen to enjoy the much faster speeds that fibre offers there are options for faster services.

Download Speed Upload Speed Usage Allowance Price
1 Gbps 100 Mbps 50 GB £59.99
100 Mbps 20 Mbps 50 GB £44.99
16 Mbps 736 Kbps 40GB £34.99
8 Mbps 640 Kbps 40GB £27.99
4 Mbps 512 Kbps 20GB £22.99
2 Mbps 384 Kbps 10GB £17.99

Extra usage allowance costs 30p per GB, and even those who opt for the slower packages will see an improvement compared to the old ADSL2+ services, as the connection will be a fixed speed rather than varying based on line length, and latency should be much more stable.

Some may think that 1,000 homes sounds a small figure, but this is actual homes connected and taking a service. The more usual figure to quote is the 'homes passed' and that stands at 15,000 currently, these homes will get connected over the next few months, with the roll-out continuing until all properties are connected in 2016.


Posted by cyberdoyle over 5 years ago
Go Jersey! congratulations, and very good news.
Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
50gig a month usage on 1gig downloads a bit crap though could download ur entire balance in less than 10 mins lol
Posted by Apilar over 5 years ago
Pathetic usage allowance.
Posted by Superfast over 5 years ago
Take the point on usage allowance, but its nice to see somewhere with a bit of vision and ambition on the rollout. The product set can be changed and tweaked anytime but the really story here I guess is the roll out of an infrastruture that will be the envy of pretty much everywhere and last 50+ years.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago
I smell monopoly.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 5 years ago
I would far rather smell a gigabit monopoly than a few measly megabits copper one otester...
Posted by undecidedadrian over 5 years ago
And as soem of us has said many times that UK BB prices are too cheap for proper investment.

Looking at those packages and prices it shows what sorts of margins are needed for investment to have taken place.
Posted by strzelecki over 5 years ago
If I've read right, then the limits are on daytime usage and nighttime is unlimited, so not bad really.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
@strzelecki That makes it better, and the 30p per GB is cheaper than many UK providers who charge
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
Small area, no other rival telco, realistic prices its a no brainer for JT they'll make their money back in no time
Posted by Somerset over 5 years ago
cd - you don't understand (again) that Jersey does not have LLU etc. like the UK. We will have to start listing all your misunderstandings...
Posted by Superfast over 5 years ago
Somerset - and what an unqualified success that's been! We've not got a medium/long term vision so our short term followed by short term 'fixes' are only going to get us what we deserve.
Posted by Somerset over 5 years ago
There was a FTTP vision many years go which was stopped by the Conservative government.
Posted by themanstan over 5 years ago
If BT (or VM for matter) could charge those prices under the same conditions as JT, they would have been able to roll-out fibre products to a very high percentage of the population.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

Just looked and they do unlimited business plans (double the price, but that's fine), so I'll go and crawl back under my rock.
Posted by herdwick over 5 years ago
all services listed above are asymmetric - is it GPON ?
Posted by Kr1s69 over 5 years ago
Its all well and good upgrading the infrastructure and proving everyone with the same opportunity for speed, but what's the point if you can't actually use it and it costs a fortune?

I'd rather have an average ADSL2+ connection with unlimited usage than a fast fibre connection and not be able to actually use it.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

They do offer cheaper unlimited business packages which are ADSL 2+.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago

I think you have missed the point of the JT roll-out, as homes are connected ALL copper connectivity is removed.

As such they are probably price matching the old ADSL2+ business packages, but on fibre.
Posted by BTbrownnoser over 5 years ago
I smell monopoly.!! <---- reminds me of another telecommunications provider can't quite put my finger on their name.... begins with B, and ends with T!
Posted by otester over 5 years ago



Yeah but the question is, would BT provide a service like JT if it was the only provider?
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