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O2 has submitted written objection to the Ofcom 1800 MHz 4G decision
Thursday 30 August 2012 18:43:38 by Andrew Ferguson

The wrangling that has delayed the 4G auction in the UK continues, and within days of Ofcom announcing that Everything Everywhere would be allowed to use its 1800 MHz spectrum to launch a 4G network from 11th September, O2 has has apparently written to the Competition Appeals Tribunal.

The current 4G auction is expected to see services starting to be offered in the middle of 2013, so the few months head start would help Everything Everywhere gain a foot hold. The question that Ofcom looked at was whether this head start would unfairly favour Everything Everywhere, and Ofcom decided that it would only create a short term advantage.

The legal wrangles if the O2 letter does result in delays to the T-Mobile/Orange roll-out is that thier parent company Everything Everywhere is likely to raise objections about the rules governing the Ofcom ran 4G auction. Thus there is a possibility that this important auction could get pushed even further back.

On a slightly more upbeat note, apparently the HTC One XL has been announced as Everything Everywhere's first 4G handset. The phone which is effectively a copy of the HTC One X but with a dual-core processor rather than a quad-core due to the space requirements of fitting the 4G circuitry into case, supports 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz LTE frequencies.


Posted by Kr1s69 over 5 years ago
I don't see how Ofcom can let anyone launch 4G before the auction takes place, so pleased O2 have appealed.

Any company offering 4G services early would have a significant advantage in attracting customers from their competitors and given the contract lengths customers would be signing the advantage could not be called short term - most signing up initially would be in contract for 24 months.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago
If they aren't careful they'll push EE into delaying the auction even further.

I don't care for O2/Vodafone any ways, they'll end up doing what they did with 3G, bare minimum upgrades, nothing more.
Posted by cornasdf over 5 years ago
i think the HTX One XL is dropping to 2 proc b/c Qualcomm makes a heavily utilized chip that includes LTE support. Many phones drop to dual proc to run the Snapdragon chip in the US release.
(including the HTC One X in US:
Posted by ahockings over 5 years ago
Sorry but this makes me really really mad! Both Vodafone and O2 have dragged their feet and have been left behind in the rollout of 3G services. They had the
Second and third largest chunks of 3G spectrum and they have done NOTHING with it. Their coverage is pathetic. Apart from large cities and towns their coverage is pants, plain and simple. I live in Devon and O2 and Vod coverage is virtually non existent. EE is excellent EVERYWHERE! Go away O2, losers!
Posted by ahockings over 5 years ago
OFCOM don't listen to them. Even if they manage to block it EE will trounce them when they are allowed to roll out as by then they will be able to switch on the whole country instantly to 4G. They already have most of their cells equipped with 4G kit ready to switch on. O2 won't stand a chance!
Posted by adslmax over 5 years ago
I am the former user of BTCellnet, o2 as I don't like this company at all. So, I am in favour with Everything Everywhere with Orange / T-Mobile because I never had any single problem with their two network sharing. I shall welcome 4G. So, o2, get lost and do your own homework!
Posted by mitchja over 5 years ago
Perhaps if O2 spent as much time and effort upgrading their network as they both did moaning about everyone else, people would have a little more sympathy with them. O2's 3G coverage is simply crap here in Lancashire. They deserve everything they get (or don't get in this case) :)
Posted by ukhardy071 over 5 years ago
I have to say that o2s 3g coverage in and around London is better than any other provider I've used. I pretty much always get 5Mbps or better even in heavily populated areas.

In other parts of the UK it is lacking more than other networks BUT there's always good signal.
Posted by ukhardy071 over 5 years ago
My issue with 3, orange and T-mobile is that wherever I seem to go never had service. At least with o2 I get something even if it is only edge or 2g.

I hope this gets delayed as it will ultimately not benefit consumers to have orange offering 4g services early. Having a fair playing field will drive prices down and introduce competition which is needed.
Posted by bosie over 5 years ago
No more delays, the country has been held back for too long already so EEE have my full support. Personally I will probably wait for O2 anyway - and a capable iPhone or iPad. Is it really so unthinkable to bring the 2014 date forward for everyone because the economy needs every bit of stimulus possible right now?
Posted by olisun over 5 years ago
Nice.. When O2 and Vodafone wanted to launch 3G on the 900Mhz spectrum they were happy when Ofcom "rejected" EE's & 3's petition and now they are claiming foul??

Posted by Norest over 5 years ago
Everything Everywhere CEO Olaf Swantee said he will take legal action to delay the Auction of 4G 800Mhz and 2.6Ghz if anyone takes leagal action against 4G on 1800Mhz. One is as bad as the other.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

If O2/Vodafone are going to screw him over, why not?


You won't be getting 4G from any provider so why even bother posting?
Posted by locutus over 5 years ago
I assume O2 will no longer try and offer exclusive deals with phones like the iPhone then, and limit customer choice?
Posted by mitchja over 5 years ago
O2 have not had exclusivity on the iPhone now for about 2 years.
Posted by applemad over 5 years ago
Sorry but ukhardy071 3 you are wrong, I'm a long suffering o2 customer whose contract isn't up for another few months, o2 coverage is awful outside of major cities, I live just north of Birmingham and whilst I get a 3g signal 2 miles from where I live I don't get a signal at all 3g or otherwise either at home OR work, so my mobile phone is all but useless in the two places I really need it, o2 have under invested for years and should now pay the penalty for their lack of caring in expanding the network.
Posted by vicdupreez over 5 years ago
@applemad. I got fed up with O2 a while back because of no reception issues... I ended up writing the CEO and one of his lackeys let me out of my contract a year before I was supposed to be able to get out... I was allowed to keep my phone too since they initially said it was a no penalty out. When she asked for the phone back, I said surely that is a penalty... I was going to convert the sim to pay as you go... as soon as I said that, she converted the account, sent me a new sim, and let me keep the phone :D. Give it a go :)
Posted by madkingsoup over 5 years ago
Does the whole industry want to prevent us having 4G in the UK or something? Someone finds a reason to delay at every turn.
Posted by fredforest over 5 years ago
O2 are owned by a Spanish company which is having problems raising cash. They are entering an infrastructure share with Voda for upgrading sites for 4g.

It is a well to remember which companies bought up the 3g spectrum and then sat on it doing nothing,
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