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Sky unbundles its 2000th exchange
Tuesday 28 August 2012 12:15:09 by Andrew Ferguson

Sky have unbundled their 2,000 exchange they have announced today, bringing their Sky Broadband Network to around 82% of homes across the UK. The 2,000th exchange was Wraysbury in Berkshire and will mean that users in this area will gain cheaper Internet access through Sky's unlimited broadband - available at a significant discount over the 'Sky Broadband Connect' product which uses the BT Wholesale network. The area has also seen benefits from Sky with recent additions of WiFi from The Cloud at eight places in Wraysbury village.

Sky LLU coverage map

Sky LLU coverage map. Click image for larger version.

"We've invested more than £1 billion in our network over the past six years to enable us to provide our customers with the best possible broadband service and offer value that's second to none. Since launching broadband in 2006, we've grown significantly around the UK with a view to reaching coverage of 90% of the country by 2015. Unbundling our 2,000th exchange takes us one step nearer to achieving that and we're delighted to bring our totally unlimited broadband to the people of Wraysbury."

Lyssa McGowan, Sky Broadband

Sky are second in the number of exchanges that have been unbundled, following behind TalkTalk who have around 30% more - 2,591 at the last count in July.


Posted by Enrico21 over 5 years ago
Map appears to indicate no Sky LLU coverage in Wales and hardly any in Scotland or the South West. I wonder whether they will ever do some exchanges those regions?
Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
Yah. I don't live in Wales but I have long wondered why it gets such a poor deal. My Dad lives in N. Wales and only got ADSL2 and TalkTalk LLU late last year. I don't get it. There's the Conwy/Llandudno/Rhos/Collwyn Bay/Rhyl costal group, two of which (Llandudno and C'Bay) that are large vibrant towns. Both are sat on the A55 and it would surely be easy to run fibre alongside that road.
Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
(cont'd) I know the usual arguments about RoI but I struggle to understand how the A55 corridor could fail to satisfy accountants. Surely BT could roll out FTTC along the A55 from Caernarvon to St Asaph and cover enough lines to be worthwhile.
Posted by herdwick over 5 years ago
Seems they have some aquatic exchange coverage in The Wash and off Cumbria :-)

Openreach backhaul circuits are charged per km which is why that Govt / EU subsidised connection was run into N Wales to reduce costs - the Fibre is there already !
Posted by Somerset over 5 years ago
What do the 2 colours mean?
Posted by ionic over 5 years ago
That map appears to be missing rather a lot of dots.
Posted by systemx over 5 years ago
The green bit in the Wash looks like it should be King's Lynn.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
Sky has spotted the probelms, and some missing exchanges, so we are waiting on a new map.

Have removed the image for now.
Posted by NetGuy over 5 years ago
@AndrueC - it took quite a time for both Chester and Wrexham before Sky enabled exchanges, and with more people, plus students, etc, would have thought it 'obvious'. FTTC similarly delayed for Wxm!
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

Isn't that mainly due to the fiber tax?
Posted by herdwick over 5 years ago
doubt it, the rateable value of fibre is just part of running a business and part of the costs. As fibre and copper and ducting all cost per unit length the distance based charges have at least part of their origins in the cost of provision.
Posted by john (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
New map is up!
Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
@Netguy - yeah Wrecsam (sic :) ) ought to be a candidate for FTTC by now. It really does puzzle me. There must be a reason for it - I don't believe that the various Telcos all subscribe to the 'we hate the Welsh' foolishness.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 5 years ago
I live in wales. I have 7mbps LLU or 100mbps virgin but i hate virgin so i will wait until fibre is available from sky or BT.

Posted by huwwatkins over 5 years ago
I think TalkTalk hit 2000 exchanges around 18 months ago - so Sky aren't too far behind.
Posted by Somerset over 5 years ago
What do the colours on the map mean?
Posted by Alchemyfire over 5 years ago
Somerset, I'm going to hazard a guess and say the green is ADSL, the blue ADSL2, and the red FTTC. I could be completely off the mark though
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
We have asked on the colours, but they will NOT be referring to ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ since Sky offers ADSL2+ at all the exchanges it unbundles.
Posted by Briggykins over 5 years ago
I don't suppose there's a named list of exchanges somewhere rather than the map? I'm sure mine is on the map but Sky's system is showing me as Connect only (Samknows says Sky isn't available, but then it says the same thing about Wraysbury)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
Had an answer on the colours, nothing exciting, seems to represent different phases of the deployments.
Posted by kmendum over 5 years ago
@AndrueC: fibre along the A55. There IS fibre beside the road, installed by the FibreSpeed consortium I think, plus the BT stuff. There is slow but steady takeup in the business parks and obviously a lot of effort in Bangor, as well as sorting out access to Anglesey. The rest of Wales just suffers from low population density
Posted by kmendum over 5 years ago
(cont'd) which makes (diverse) backhaul nearly impossible at nearly any price.
Posted by JJTar over 4 years ago
The map is wonderful but how do I enlarge it sufficiently to see if there is an exchange near me.
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