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Norfolk to make broadband decision on September 10th
Friday 24 August 2012 18:59:52 by Andrew Ferguson

Norfolk County Council members on September 10th 2012 will be making a very important decision between Fujitsu and BT in terms of who will receive the County Council and BDUK funds to improve access to better broadband in the county.

The contractors need to have submitted their bids, which will include details on how much funding they are willing to put into the project by August 29th, with the two weeks between then and the decision date to allow the project team to evaluate the bids.

Norfolk with its better broadband campaign netted 15,000 signatures (~1.7% of Norfolk population). The date of 10th September should see the decision made public, and the public can attend the meeting if they wish. Actual work on delivering connections is not expected to start until early 2013.


Posted by Spectre_01 over 5 years ago
Anyone taking bets?
Posted by KevG123 over 5 years ago
Have already decided to move back out of Norfolk to somewhere with better infrastructure

However, wish them luck as this is so badly needed - hope it doesn't take forever to implement
Posted by bartywhelks over 5 years ago
I moved out of Norfolk last year, no not because of a poor connection speed! but I agree it was appalling. Now living in Plymouth and it's a bit better but nowhere near what I need, yes need!, come on UK there are many other countries with far better connections. And the only way we are going to get it is for the law to be changed and remove the "up to" and replace it with "Minimum"
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
@bartywhelks, which provider as almost all of Plymouth has Virgin Media
Posted by Somerset over 5 years ago
Changing the words won't affect the speed you get.
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