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BT publishes results for 1st quarter 2012
Wednesday 25 July 2012 10:34:42 by Andrew Ferguson

The BT Group has published its results for the first quarter of 2012, revealing that the Openreach has now connected some 750,000 premises to its fibre network (FTTC and FTTP), with the footprint covering some 11 million businesses and homes, an increase of 2m in the last quarter. This means that take-up is sitting at 6.8% currently.

BT Retail which is the most visible part of BT that people have contact with added 85,000 broadband customers in the period, and the 150,000 added to BT Infinity is a mixture of new and existing customers giving the retail arm the lions share of that market at over 700,000 subscriptions. The increase of 85,000 broadband customers reflects 50% of the new broadband subscriptions for DSL, LLU and fibre (excludes cable) in the UK. BT Vision is still growing, adding 21,000 customers, giving a total of 728,000. The story in BT Wholesale is the usual one, that LLU and the transition to IP based services is eroding revenue.

The story for the BT Group overall is one where profits before tax have increased by 8% to £578m from a revenue of £4,484m (down 6%), but there is still a net debt of £9,142m.

The figures reveal the dominant position of BT Infinity in the FTTC market, with the many other providers who sell the service, either using the BT Wholesale back haul network, or a handover onto their own back haul at the exchanges. BT Retail has 700,000 connections, versus 50,000 from all the others, partly this is down to the lack of publicity by other providers and the keen pricing of BT Retails offering. We suspect that once coverage increases to the point where Openreach has its fibre services available to over half of UK households that take-up and advertising from BT Retail competitors will increase.


Posted by darren_mccoy over 5 years ago
I know how they could increase the uptake of infinity! Give it to people who don't have fast internet speeds.
Posted by leexgx over 5 years ago
its FTTC or fibre, infinity is an retail product name that's been burnt into every ones head

i some times spit out infinity by mistake my self when talking about Sky Fibre Unlimited [40mb £20](sky do not seem to want to promote the Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro 80mb service [£30] that they charge £10 more then 40mb
wish providers would not Hide the service level they are selling
Posted by Spectre_01 over 5 years ago
FTTC take up on fully active fibre cabs... less then 7%... So thats the true figure when people say how desperate the country is for faster Internets, good thing BT didn't go whole hog with a FTTP deployment.
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
^ This

Europe and the Government want us to have the fastest internet connections around. Joe Public doesn't agree
Posted by vicdupreez over 5 years ago
If you go the whole hog with a full FTTP install, that is ALL that is left. Typically the copper would be taken away and sold to offset the costs a bit. Well, that is in some other countries... You would end up with a near 100% takeup...

Posted by Spectre_01 over 5 years ago
sure but with FTTC there's a clear indicator of who is willing to subscribe to fast internet packages which Openreach can charge a premium.

If Openreach were to do a full FTTH/P deployment they would still have to offer basic telephony services (under the USO) and likely lower speed internet packages as well - they would not get a great return on investment as likely only still less then 7% would opt for higher speed internet products.
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
Why would you end up with 100% takeup, to replace the copper with fibre would mean the customer buying the service (at whatever the charge is) we'll soon see when FTTP on demand is launched there's not much.. demand
Posted by creakycopperline over 5 years ago
Really gmann? you asked everyone in the UK? doubt it, poodle boy.
Posted by Spectre_01 over 5 years ago
Doesn't take a genius to realise that you won't get 100% take up of FTTP when the punter has to bear the full cost creaky.
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