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Openreach publishes lower proposed pricing for WES and Ethernet services
Friday 06 July 2012 16:27:31 by Andrew Ferguson

Ofcom published details of its latest consultation into leased line charging the other day and Openreach has published its latest price proposals which if approved will come into effect from 1st October for its WES and Ethernet services.

Product Current Annual Rental Price Proposed Rental Price Reduction
WES/WEES 1000 (LAN/SAN) £5,000 £4,530 -9%
WES/WEES 1000 Extended Reach £6,865 £5,631 -18%
EAD 1000 £9,500 £7,779 -18%
EAD 1000 Extended Reach £13,000 £9,819 -24%

Openreach operates two main types of Ethernet access, EAD (Ethernet Access Direct) and Ethernet Backhaul Direct, EAD is suited to capacity requirements up to 1 Gbps, which Openreach refer to as low-capacity backhaul. As point to point links the pricing includes no access to the Internet, and there are a wide range of excess construction costs that can increase the price, so don't start dreaming of buying a Gigibit connection at home for £800 a month a reselling capacity to the neighbours - just yet.

The market for these products will be the growing need for mobile mast backhaul, and operators looking to hook broadband networks back to the main UK fibre backbones.


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