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Nottinghamshire canvassing to find out who wants better broadband
Friday 06 July 2012 16:04:23 by Andrew Ferguson

Nottinghamshire County Council is running a demand scheme where residents and businesses can pledge their support for faster broadband in the county. According to the submission count on the site, just over 100 surveys have been completed so far, though it is early days we believe for this survey.

While the various demand schemes that have been run by local authorities over the last year would appear to be a waste of time, they are part of the procurement process and will help illustrate the level of demand and actual problem in an area, particularly when trying to demonstrate a project passes EU State Aid rules.

Hopefully the local press in Nottinghamshire publicise the actual links to the survey, as ITV Central has failed to do so in its online coverage of the news.

Some local authorities have supplemented these online surveys with ones that can be more targeted, with Northamptonshire County Council running a tender for an extended survey, costing up to £20,000 earlier this year.


Posted by Alchemyfire over 5 years ago
Buckinghamshire County Council have also launched a website -
Posted by herdwick over 5 years ago
With no commitment to take a service I wonder how useful these are.
Posted by meldrew over 5 years ago
Everybody want better, faster broadband - as long as somebody else is paying for it!!
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