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Search is on for 'up to' case studies
Friday 29 June 2012 18:48:11 by Andrew Ferguson

Occasionally we try to assist the media in finding case studies for coverage they are preparing on broadband issues. We are once more looking for people, where you are suffering from the 'up to' plague, where the advertising mentions a nice figure like up to 16 Meg, but you experience something a lot slower than that in reality, or you were given a personalised speed estimate that proved totally wrong and the broadband provider has been of no use in helping resolve this or offer a price reduction.

If you think this is something where you would be happy to talk to the media and potentially be filmed (we would be providing expert help, so you don't need to be a broadband geek, in fact they would prefer you were not), then please email with the subject case_study. Include the name of the town or village where you live, and a short 5 to 10 line summary of what your issue with broadband speeds as you see it.

We will sift through the responses we receive, and pass on information on the most interesting, and only once they are interested in talking to you will we pass on your email address.

Hopefully with some national media exposure, more people may understand the issues surrounding 'up to' and at the same time improve their speeds or find out how they can still get the same sorts of speeds but pay less.


Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
How about where your FTTC modem is connecting at 80Mb/s but you almost never get more than 30Mb/s any longer?

I used to be round about 60Mb/s. Now it's 30Mb/s and IDNet can't help any further.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 5 years ago
In that case all virgin media customers would be on board!

I was estimated at 11.5 but get 4 from sky. Not going to complain its reliable and constant and unlimited.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

Does it match your sync speed?
Posted by apjarnold over 5 years ago
TT estimated me at 18mbps, I only get 15mbps even after completely rewiring the whole house with telephone cables and network cables using high quality cabling, even bought another router. I live near the exchange and have a low attenuation of 9db but still do hot have 18mps.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

TT generally lie about what you can get.

What's your SNRM?
Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
@otester:Not even close. Well, to be honest I can't unlock the modem to check but the profile is 76Mb/s so the sync must be close to 80Mb/s.

Anyway this morning all was back to normal. No sign of a disconnect - just good speeds again. Interestingly there's a BT advisement of work on my exchange next weekend. Maybe they did it early.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

I'd move ISP then, IDNET are weird, really good customer services yet very poor service (in my experience).

Sky is your best bet.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago
Ps. If you do go Sky, sign up via phone to get 80Mbps package.
Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
@otester:I don't blame the technical side of this on IDNet. I think the 'fault' was purely within BT's network. I do blame IDNet for not showing much enthusiasm or interest in pursuing the issue though.

As for Sky - sure. I'd love to since I already have Sky HD. Unfortunately Sky don't offer a static IP address.
Posted by bearfreeman over 5 years ago
I was told 2M by Tiscali 3 & 1/2 yrs ago on a 5.5km line, got 80*K* at best, usually 70*K*. Moved to talktalk, was told 2M again, got 3/400*K*. Had a visit fron Bright Sparks engineer xmas 2011 who swopped router for up to date model with new software; 8/900*K* whoo hoo! He told me to report a line fault as he reckoned new soopa doopa modem should do 2 - 3M. Reported line fault on tt member forum
Posted by BrianGJSteer over 5 years ago
I think every broadband provider should be paid around £0.50 per Mbps delivered. Then no more up to offers, and they would have the incentive to deliver as fast a service as they could.
Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
@BrianJGSteer:And an incentive to reject customers in areas that are difficult to provision.
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