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TalkTalk still tops Ofcom broadband complaints chart
Thursday 28 June 2012 11:52:43 by Andrew Ferguson

Ofcom has been publishing data on the number of complaints it receives for varying services for some time, and the latest quarters figures allow us to view the trends in terms of complains for broadband from October 2010 through to March 2012.

Ofcom Complaints Data to March 2012
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The last quarters results were very positive for TalkTalk and others as the general trend was down, but in the last three months the level of complaints has risen for all the providers. BT may have turned a corner as a small drop was seen between February 2012 and March 2012. The rise for TalkTalk will be dissapointing to that group, as a few months ago it had been on-target to have similar levels of complaints compared to the other major providers.

While many consumers are complaining to Ofcom, since Ofcom does not resolve individual end-users complaints, those complaining may see no change in their situation. Also it is possible that the lower level of complaints to Ofcom from some providers may reflect a better ability to deal with complaints in house. The Ofcom report does not break down the complaints into categories, but simply hints that with TalkTalk the issues are often about line fault issues and other service issues.

In the telecoms arena, Ofcom receives around 300 complaints per day, though it is hard to judge this against complaints other industry regulators receive as Ofcom believes they are the only one to publish complaints data.


Posted by mitchja over 5 years ago
Talk Talk aways top for fixed line complaints, 3 Uk always top for mobile complaints. Whats new?
Posted by Spectre_01 over 5 years ago
Well at least they can claim to be top at something.

Funny how the service provider that complains the most is the most complained about.
Posted by baby_frogmella over 5 years ago
I've said it before and i'll say it again: no isp can ever provide AAISP-esque phone support for £3.49 pm broadband....its simple economics. However TalkTalk's actual LLU service is excellent, IMHO its on a par with other top LLU suppliers. [Gets ready to dodge bullets]
Posted by mitchja over 5 years ago
It's all well and good for OFCOM to churn these reports out every quarter, but do they actually do anything about these 2 most complained about providers?
Posted by scottie4642 over 5 years ago
While I agree that Talk Talk's Asian Call Centre is a joke. I have just had a problem fixed where the culprit for a repair taking 3 weeks was the BT Open Reach engineers who seemed to want to get out of the house as soon as possible having claimed that they had fixed the fault. The final Open Reach Engineer took 1 1/2 hours and showed me on his instrumentation that the fault was fixed. No other engineer did this.
Posted by Spectre_01 over 5 years ago
Some peoples houses are minging... just saying.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago
You get what you pay for.
Posted by searcher100 over 5 years ago
Ok I have been with Talk talk 17 months complaints none. Service problems one when I had a noisy line and speed drop called talktalk fixed within three days all home calls directed to my mobile with no extra cost. According to Sam knows my connection is 14.13 average download .81 upload on the 5th of july I go onto a 80 meg connection. Can anyone match them I think not. Just going to cost me an extra £3.75 a week on my current package. unlimited downloads name a company that can beat them. All you talktalk haters How much is your connection?
Posted by bkbas99 over 5 years ago
I have been with TT since they first started. Yes the Indian call centers are pretty useless, and there are many other minor complaints, especially the amount of traffic profiling at peak times and the endless attempts to sell you additional services/ upgrades that often aren't even available but against that they were the first to offer free calls to other TT numbers, free broadband within the package and they are still extraordinarily cheap compared with the competition. You get what you pay for and with TT you don't pay much!
Posted by andymacp over 5 years ago
I have been with Talktalk for the past three years. I live in rural northeast Scotland and have never had cause to find fault with them. My signal is constantly steady and has never been dropped. Where else in this country does an ISP let you negotiate your renewal? I pay,at the present,the princely sum of £13.80 for line rental,unlimited broadband and free calls 24/7. At the end of six months I renegotiate.Do not use the callcentres instead register on the forum and any complaints are sorted out in three to four days.
Posted by bobmo11 over 5 years ago
I have been with TT for 7 years, the last 2 yrs in rural Devon. My average download speed (LLU) is 11Meg on 'up to 8Meg service'. I fully endorse all comments by andymacp above.
Posted by searcher100 over 5 years ago
As I suspected TT contented customers are bullied into silence by the constant sniping by the haters
I am not anything to do with TT. I am just a regular customer Who has had no problem from this isp. They unbundled my local exchange when no one else could be bothered with us. Then the interest in providing competing services started to grow with this rural town (Louth , Lincolnshire.)
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