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Google TV drops into your living room
Monday 25 June 2012 19:14:09 by Andrew Ferguson

Google TV is expanding to the UK, and is entering an increasingly crowded market. So with its first device costing £200 it will be difficult to see how it can compete with the vastly cheaper products like Roku which has support for Netflix and iPlayer.

Google TV will be initially available via the £200 Sony Internet Player (NSZ-GS7) set-top box in July 2012, with the NSZ-GP9 launching later in the year that will add a built-in blu-ray player for around £280.

YouView has a similar price point to Google TV, so it will be interesting to see how this battle plays out, YouView may have an advantage due to promotion from providers like BT and TalkTalk, but Google TV may appeal as its seen to be independent of any single provider.


Posted by TonyHoyle over 5 years ago
Content is king.. If they can get ITV/C4/Demand5/SkyGo(or NowTV) and back it up with Netflix and Lovefilm, they'll sell loads. If they sit on their hands and expect everyone to just buy one they'll sell none.

Roku got iPlayer and Netflix then basically nothing else (3rd party apps showing awful low res streams of BBC channels don't count). So in theory, they're wide open to be beaten by google - provided they get the content.
Posted by zyborg47 over 5 years ago
Netflix on my PS3 does what I want, no need for another device.
Posted by timmay over 5 years ago
Already got Freesat+ which has iPlayer and ITV player, although very 'clunky' they work and serve that purpose 'to catch-up' with missed TV.

Got an aTV, running aTV black which is fine for the odd movie rental and for streaming content from a network drive.

Got an xbox that's got it's own selection.

Really dont need anything else, no more power sockets left anyway!
Posted by timmay over 5 years ago
Would love to see Ubuntu TV tack off, especially if it will run on a Raspberry Pi (or hacked aTV)
Posted by timmay over 5 years ago
Posted by JttB over 5 years ago
This is the one that takes my fancy -

the whole concept if they can pull it off is fantastic.

Posted by mbailey over 5 years ago
Something like one of these looks more interesting and better price:
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