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Be and O2 users who have infringed Ben Dover copyright should check post
Friday 01 June 2012 09:55:40 by Andrew Ferguson

In March 2012, the High Court ruled that O2/Be had to reveal the addresses of the accounts behind 9,124 IP addresses but the High Court had concerns over the contents of the letters sent. Now a further two months down the road, and the High Court has now approved the text of the letters that will be sent to alleged infringers.

It appears that the first letter will be more of a 'if you have uploaded the material please tell us' type letter, at which point Golden Eye International will calculate a settlement figure. Many will be tempted to just bin the letter, but this carries the risk that further action could be taken. Interestingly Golden Eye had wanted to put some text into the letter threatening that the ISP would slow down or terminate a subscribers internet connection, this threat was ruled as unjustified.

While 9,124 IP addresses have been logged as using peer to peer networks to upload material where Golden Eye holds the copyright, in reality this is likely to refer to fewer user accounts, due to the dynamic nature of IP addresses.

Perhaps the true reason for pursuing people is that the recession has hurt the porn industry as with other industries, and when times were good and sales of DVD and web site subscriptions were high, then the level of infringement was accepted as a way to promote sites and content, but now based on comments in the BBC article and coverage a few weeks ago on ISPreview it looks as if these letters are an attempt to create a new revenue stream.

Hopefully early on in the letter writing some cases will go all the way to court, so that the evidence can be tested. Previous letter writing campaigns have for some unknown reason tried to keep cases out of court, or at least that is the impression one gets.


Posted by mcclaw over 5 years ago
I always though pornography was not copyrightable due to been obscene material
Posted by fibrebunny over 5 years ago
I thought they were supposed to be hard at it not hard up! Heesh, will nobody think of the surgeons and fake tan companies. xD
Posted by camieabz over 5 years ago
Who's bending over now? ;)
Posted by otester over 5 years ago
Just follow the same instructions for responding to the ACS letter and you'll be fine.

But really after the whole Lyons/ACS debacle, you should really be using VPN's for P2P...
Posted by PhilCoates over 5 years ago

Odd (given your views)that you should suggest using a letter template from a site which expresses the following view...........'We do not condone piracy, and we respect the right of the copyright holders to get compensation when their property is misappropriated'.

Posted by Joppy over 5 years ago
Many IP companies now see this kind of action as another revenue stream. It is not to punish downloaders for doing something wrong, it is about making more money.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago


"The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's *own behavior* does not conform"

If I owned the site then you'd be correct, but in this case you're not.
Posted by PhilCoates over 5 years ago

I forgot, you haven't claimed to have any moral standards have you?
Posted by XRaySpeX over 5 years ago
@mcclaw: You are obviously living in the times prior to Lady Chatterley. [grin]
Posted by Mr_Fluffy over 5 years ago
I don't know! Think of poor Mr Ben Dover and his retirement plan -- everyone who has uploaded his sleazy crap should obviously pay the hard up man, after all he has his Viagra suppliers to pay and his erectile disfunction to worry him in his declining years!
Posted by BREWERDAVE over 5 years ago
Just wait for the s**t to hit the fan in the press when 89 year old lady gets the letter from Ben Dover!!!
Posted by Viper72 over 5 years ago
It will be interesting to see who Mr Bendover trys to sue if and when any OPT IN for porn is forced upon the IP's. Will he try and open another revenue stream suing the IP's or the Government for interrupting his ablity to supply the smut to ALL ?
Rather a pathetic response by these smut merchants, lets hope it goes in and out of court a few times and the identities of ALL the porn merchants is splashed over the front page. Take the minimal losses and crawl back into the woodwork !!
Posted by Guest_Again over 5 years ago
I have loaded a TB of moves and am NOT worried - )'m on my [tweaked] Be* connection and use Sky Anytime+ - No-Fear-Here. ;-)

The actions of ANY ISP doing this is not very good and only the un-wise will suffer. These are the same people who can't afford it the most, mainly.
They've had plenty of warning in the media at least. Woe betide them.

And stuff the system, man!
(I s'pose).

*Guesty says "BWAAAHAHAHAHA!"
Posted by tommy45 over 5 years ago
Well any such letters from a speculative invoicing scam such as this latest attempt at doing this,
There is only one place for the said letter in the bin, and the same with any further junk mail, no contact ,no worries , not that i'm expecting such letter's as i would not waist my times or bandwidth or disk space on such a sad excuse for pron,lol
Posted by tommy45 over 5 years ago
No wonder that they are trying to extort monies from people as no one would want to buy such poor quality that they class as adult entertainment, let alone download it using P2P
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

What are you trying to imply?
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