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Post Office phone and broadband services to move to TalkTalk network
Friday 25 May 2012 11:01:32 by Andrew Ferguson

Fujitsu is a long term partner working with the Post Office since 2006, and it is now set to manage a £500m five year contract to provide broadband and telephone services to the Post Office.

The new contract will see the actual broadband and telephone service provided by TalkTalk and is thought to be worth £100m to TalkTalk, with Capital providing customer support and MDS supplying the billing. This replaces an existing contract that the Post Office had with BT, and may put a dent into the revenue for BT Wholesale in particular.

The Post Office broadband service was rare in that it only offered an ADSL based service even in areas where ADSL2+ on the WBC BT Wholesale platform was available. The TalkTalk LLU network has been offering ADSL2+ since its creation (though was capped at 8 Mbps for a while), and now covers 92% of UK households.

For consumers it is far too early to know what precise products people will be put onto, e.g. if taking both phone and broadband whether they will moved onto a full LLU service or use partial LLU. Partial LLU is a lot simpler to migrate away from, but can be more expensive to run.


Posted by Kr1s69 over 5 years ago
So what do Fujitsu actually do for their £500M if talktalk provide the actual service for only 100M?
Posted by herdwick over 5 years ago
"Fujitsu has partnered with TalkTalk to deliver the NGN platform, with Capita for the customer contact centre and with MDS for advanced consumer billing and settlement solutions."
Posted by zyborg47 over 5 years ago
time to warn my brother that he should think about changing ISp pretty quick.
Posted by professor973 over 5 years ago
Withe an investment of £750million, it looks like the Post Office are intending being a major player, intending to significantly increasing their 500,000 customers. Though looking like quite a loss to B.T. who as usual refused to lower their price, possibly they will continue to load their customers to balance the books.
Posted by the_islander over 5 years ago
I would advise Post Office phone and broadband customers to move ISP as soon as possible.
Posted by PiKe over 5 years ago
What will happen to customers where LLU isn't available?
Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
dose this mean my my broadband will stop working ive got PO home phone and LBO broadband or will it continue to work as normal
Posted by Dixinormous over 5 years ago
No, it's fine.
Posted by professor973 over 5 years ago
What about customers that don't want LLU?
Posted by babis3g over 5 years ago
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
@acpsd775 As you have broadband by another provider, they will do the phone service via WLR, i.e. no change really
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
@PiKe where LLU is not available, then can still be provided by TalkTalk, just will be TalkTalk - BT Wholesale for that 8% of households
Posted by amips over 5 years ago
Hey ISLANDER & ZYBORG - not all bad. I was on half a meg bb with BT who could not improve the service to my remote-ish village, but TalkTalk installed new equipment in my exchange 2k away, and I swapped over to their service through DST (Direct Save Telecom) and now get 6.25mb - BRILLIANT, AND I get a UK call centre, all for £2-49 a month, yes no typo, £2-49! Also got a free Netgear wireless-N router too!!
Posted by ivorsoutar over 5 years ago
Do people actually still sign up to Talk Talk.
I could never even get a reply from them despite registering the letters regarding them taking over the phone line after I made an enquiry about their service.
I never did sign up to them.
Posted by gaddersgolf over 5 years ago
Anybody know what this effect will have on me? I have had, without problem, the Post Office Homephone/Broadband package for over 3 years. When I have approached TalkTalk (ONLY because they offer a cheaper service) they say they cannot provide a service to me because the local (village) exchange is not "enabled". Also TT do not receive very good Press. Do I really want to be part of TalkTalk?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
Precise effect unknown, Fujitsu should manage the change, and inform customers of any changes in due course
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