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Telefonica reports continuing decline at O2/Be
Monday 14 May 2012 09:29:13 by Andrew Ferguson

The slow drop in fixed broadband customers continues at O2/Be, though a drop of 2,500 is not exactly massive in the financial results for the 1st quarter of 2012. Though as most of the other large providers are showing reasonable levels of subscriber growth, it is clear O2/Be are not attracting the new fixed broadband customers. The number of fixed broadband customers now standing at 617,800.

The drop in retail customers, was actually offset by the growth in wholesale access, which saw an addition of 4,700 customers to 31,400 subscriptions. The fixed telephone service is proving very popular though, growing just under 100,000 lines since the last quarter to 315,800.

No mention of finance or commitment to network upgrades or any date for selling the Openreach FTTC was in the financial statement. Fibre services are mentioned in other countries, Brazil has some 70,000 using fibre services, VDSL in Chile and 177,000 fibre customers in Spain (15% take-up) where Telefonica is the incumbent.


Posted by rayvon over 5 years ago
I expect that figure to be well increased next quarter as now O2/Be have said that there won't be any fibre till 2013 at the earliest.Users who are hanging on for fibre might just decide enough is enough and go elsewhere,I for one am doing come July when my contract expires.I can't/don't want a 2.5mb connection for ever.
Posted by lockyatlrg over 5 years ago
Not surprised, the total lack of any FTTC products is the reason they are losing so many customers, it's the reason I left, if they offered FTTC I would of stayed. o2/be take note, no FTTC = losing more and more customers.
Posted by ian9outof10 over 5 years ago
They are killing themselves by not having FTTC services. I'd leave Virgin for Be today if they could provide fibre at 80/20 to me.
Posted by jchamier over 5 years ago
I'll be leaving for fibre as soon as its available in my area (end of June!); and I know of at least two people locally, as well as lots on forums.
Posted by herdwick over 5 years ago
Massive marketing failure to exploit >20m mobile customer base.
Posted by bstrawson over 5 years ago
Be have been probably the best provider for a number of years. However they have failed to invest back in the network and so it is getting congested, and they have said FTTC isn't coming until next year.

The only thing keeping our business using them is the fact that our building (on the Bayswater, London exchange) apparently doesn't have FTTC yet. As soon as we can get FTTC we'll be moving to another provider.
Posted by Bin216 over 5 years ago
I would leave if there was FTTC available in my area, unfortunately MRGAT isn't even on the list for 2013 (I presume there is some insurmountable problem in the exchange, as there is a sea of green exchanges around us on the Openreach checker).
Posted by batfastad over 5 years ago
Yeah Be have been on the slide in the past couple of years. However they're still much better than any other provider IMO. Personally, they're the only company I would trust with a fibre connection. You would have to pay me to go with BT or VM and the smaller specialist ISPs are too expensive for the data transfer I currently use per month.
Posted by KarlAustin over 5 years ago
Our Be line switches away from them today, over to Digital Region (I can hear the gasps now!).

Telefonica have massively dropped the ball by allowing the network issues to continue unchecked.
Posted by rayvon over 5 years ago
Yes I shall also be leaving in July and go with Digital Region.Nothing against O2,its not their fault I'm on a long line,but as they can't get me more than 2.5mb I'm off.A big thumbs up to their c/s though,they are always top notch.
Posted by doowles over 5 years ago
BE had been congested for a number of months now causing big slowdowns.

Moving to SKY VDSL as soon as it arrives.
Posted by timmay over 5 years ago
I think O2 took over Be* with big hopes not realising how competitive and fierce the UK broadband market is. Now they've lost interest and are letting the numbers fall.

I wouldn't be that surprised if the FTTC product doesn't happen. Well not a GEA based one anyway, they will more than likely just use BT wholesale in the end.
Posted by murrayme over 5 years ago
I use to love Be but not so much now with the network slowdown. I just don't see how I will be able to stick with them in a few months when fibre goes in around here its just to tempting in a five person heavy use household.

I wonder if they are holding off on the fibre thing hoping that they can get hold of some of the analogue tv frequency and go wireless 4g and save having to use BT network?
Posted by KarlAustin over 5 years ago
Well we're still with Be. DR didn't send a modem in time, and it looks like the provision has gone wrong as we're still getting our Be sync.
Posted by flilot over 5 years ago
I was with Be for many years of faultless service, I think there was one outage at my exchange for a couple of hours in about 5 years. Fantastic Phone and Web support if it was ever needed. However I've taken to downloading or streaming a lot of online TV/Movies of an evening, particularly Netflix and iTunes based using an Apple TV or my iMac. Downloading a ~4Gb HD movie over my Be connection at around 5Meg, well it just isn't quick enough. I've gone over to Virgin Cable connection until BT pulls its finger out and fibres my cabinet.
Posted by wildmonkeyuk over 5 years ago
I'm not suprised.

Be were ace before they were bought by telefonica, now they are just a really bad setup.

My friend has BE and hasn't had a connection for weeks now. Be blame BT and BT blame BE so its all going round in circles with A blaming B without anyone actually resolving his issue.

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