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Review: Devolo dLAN 500 AVTriple+ HomePlug starter kit
Monday 14 May 2012 09:12:24 by Andrew Ferguson

With more and more people ordering up to 80 Mbps and up to 100 Mbps services, the speed limits of 802.11n are sometimes being pushed to the limit. This is where devices like the Devolo HomePlug dLAN 500 devices come into play, allowing people to network around their home, without having to install Ethernet cabling.

We have reviewed the AVTriple+ Starter Kit, and also took the opportunity to speed test some older dLAN 200 units.


Posted by camieabz over 5 years ago
Out of curiousity, how do homeplugs and physically connected networks react to electrical surging?
Posted by andylock over 5 years ago
It seems not an issue in my house, 20 years old build.
Posted by tujags over 5 years ago
What is not mentioned is how much RF interference these units spill ito the radio spectrum there is a lot of concern from the radio amateur fraternity.
Posted by Aaron_01 over 5 years ago
Was there something running on either hosts to make ethernet reach 12ms as highest? Thought it was unusual for this to happen and wondered if it was affecting the outcome of the ping results of the homeplugs too.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
There was nothing streaming or download or uploading, and in all cases the pings were 20 minutes worth of monitoring for each, and did repeat for about 10 minutes each to check.
Posted by prlzx over 5 years ago
@ Aaron_01, I agree that sounds odd. Ping RTT on a wired ethernet link I rarely see over 0.5ms. On a ping through total 3 switches and 3 wireless 11a/n hops (~2km) I see mostly under 5ms with very occasional blips to about 10-15ms; while carrying a 2M live video stream.
If for example there is 1 high ping in a series of 300 (5 mins at 1 ping per second) I would not regard that as representative of a maximum latency but just an outlier sample.
Posted by grimmersb about 1 year ago
Most of the stuff on this site is old - has it stopped being supported? If not, can someone tell me does Cockpit work with non-Devolo kit e.g. D-Link. I have a 650 triple starter kit + a Dlink 500. Cockpit shows all 3 but only the router unit has transfer data. It also shows PC flow to the router but the router flow is to the D-link (TV)as opposed to the other way round. There seems to be little info on 650 kit - tutorials show kit with downward LAN ports - mine are upward, 3 little symbols - mine have 3 (mostly) white lights and there is no sync button.
Posted by grimmersb about 1 year ago
Second problem To sync passwords I need cockpit and D-Link utilities but they don't seem to co-exist well. The D-Link utility now fails to display its screen. There is an associated task called wizard32.exe running which cannot be cancelled. If I try to kill it says access denied. With PSKILL or similar says task cannot be terminated as it is in termination. Virus scans reveal nothing. Devolo help is useless. At least the links work albeit in unprotected mode. And, why of why, is there no character count with this comment box.
Posted by grimmersb about 1 year ago
Correction to last post - the task is Viper32.exe not Wizard. I can't kill it - TaskManager says access denied and PSKILL says it is already terminating. I can't delete the executable because it has an open file. Any ideas?
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