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Zen Internet reduces fibre activation fee
Tuesday 01 May 2012 14:01:16 by Andrew Ferguson

Following on from the changes to the speeds offered by the majority of its fibre products, Zen Internet has announced a reduction across the board for its activation fee on the Fibre Lite, Active, Pro, Office and Office Plus products.

The activation fee was £80+VAT (£96 inc VAT), but this has decreased to £60+VAT (£72 inc VAT).


Posted by ADSL24 over 5 years ago
We shall be following suit also, as Openreach have a 3 month special offer in which they have reduced the wholesale setup fee from £80 to £60, hence why Zen are passing this on as well.
Posted by gendy943 over 5 years ago
My service from Zen has just changed - the "end of the road" box has just changed to fibre from Mottram Exchange.On an 8Mb package costing £76 a month,the speed of my conncetion noe via fibre has dropped from 3.86 Mbs to 3.37Mbs.After 8 years of using Zen on broadband and paying well for the privilege I am finally seriously considerng a switch to a BT package (and to whom by the way I still pay line-rental of £13 a month).£38 a month for 3.37Mbs is no longer on.
Posted by bsdnazz over 5 years ago
gendy943, why do you think for connection is now (noe?) via fibre? Even if your street cabinet has been FTTC enabled unless you migrate to an FTTC product you'll stay on normal copper based ADSL so won't see any speed improvements.
Posted by ajays over 5 years ago
@gendy943, If you are getting 3.37Mbs on one of our Fibre broadband products may I recommend contacting our Technical Support team (if you have not done so already), as our fibre broadband services should deliver a best efforts minimum downstream throughput speed of 12Mbps
Posted by Vivaciti over 5 years ago
We have just updated our own prices to show this new activation fee for our 40/2. 40,10 and 80/20 products
Posted by clive4 over 5 years ago
We were sorry to leave Virgin ADSL 2+ for BT Infinity when our Wimborne (Dorset) exchange installed FTTC, but 40 Mbps vs 1 Mbps for £3 a month more was just no contest. Well, its 30 Mbps most days but we're not complaining.
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