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BT Retail boosts its Infinity speeds for no extra cost
Wednesday 11 April 2012 11:29:17 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Retail looks set to try and retain its lions share of the Fibre to the Cabinet market, that is based around the Openreach GEA products. The retail arm of BT has announced that its Infinity products will be receiving speed boosts at no extra cost and will be available to those who sign up from April 12th.

The BT Infinity 2 product, which is their unlimited fibre service will advertise download speeds of up to 76 Mbps, and upstream speeds of 19 Mbps (based on the Openreach GEA FTTC 80/20 service) for the same price as the old service which is £26 per month (plus line rental which starts at £10.75).

BT Infinity 1 product which was previously limited to 1.9 Mbps upstream speeds, will retain the same download speeds, but benefit from a faster upload at up to 9 Mbps. This service costs £18 per month (plus line rental) and retains its 40GB monthly usage allowance.

"Super-fast broadband is helping people enjoy the internet far more than ever before. However, many providers have forgotten about the importance of fast upload speeds. BT believes that fast upstream speeds are vital given how people now use the internet and so we are distancing ourselves from the competition by providing the UK's fastest upload speed."

John Petter, managing director, BT Consumer

The comments seem to be a distinct side swipe at Virgin Media whose fastest product once its uplift programme has completed will offer a 120 Mbps download, but only a 12 Mbps upload. The 30 Mbps service that is that firms baseline service will offer a 3 Mbps upload. Also the fledgling Sky FTTC service that launches in a few days is only offering the 40/2 Openreach service with its basic 2 Mbps upload.

Details of the various fibre services from other providers are listed in our fibre guide, where the majority of providers are still to announce ASA compliant speed figures.


Posted by jamesking over 5 years ago
This is cool, since my cabinet got activated yesterday and I am looking at signing up this week!
Posted by zyborg47 over 5 years ago
how can smnaller ISps compete? Answer, they can't. Once again Bt is using their large size and no doubt because they are still linked with Openworld and BT wholesale to be able to do this. Don't tell me they are separate, because that is tosh. They just pretend they are. Also again you have to take Bt phone service.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
Taking the phone service goes a long way to explaining the ability to offer at this price.

Same pricing bracket as Talktalk and Sky though.
Posted by batfastad over 5 years ago
So you can burn through the meagre data allowance even faster!
Posted by Dixinormous over 5 years ago
How on earth are they planning on getting away with this?

Moving people onto FTTC for free was an eyebrow raiser, this is crazy.
Posted by themanstan over 5 years ago
um.... didn't VM double speed for free?
Posted by fibrebunny over 5 years ago
Twice the speed for the same price and still unlimited... Be interesting to see how long that lasts for.
Posted by nmg196 over 5 years ago
@batfastad - There isn't a data transfer limit on BT Infinity option 2 - it's unlimited.
Posted by themanstan over 5 years ago

we thinking they'll have to do a VM and do a revised FUP like was announced recently?

Posted by Apilar over 5 years ago
Another 18 month contract? Hahahahaha.
Posted by LeJimster over 5 years ago
Nice to see faster speeds becoming available and good prices, but seriously not interested in going back to BT. I just hope it isn't a case of BT killing off the FTTC competition before it's even had chance to get going.
Posted by orly2 over 5 years ago
Really? So increasing speeds is now a bad thing is it? OK...

The fact is FTTC has been available for going on 2 years in many areas of the UK so it's not "killing the competition before it's even had a chance".

This is a market economy believe it or not and competition is how it works. If your ISP or company can't compete that's your problem.

I love the naysayers though. When FTTC first came along "unlimited" was apparently unsustainable. Here we are 2 years later and it's still working just fine.
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
"Posted by themanstan about 1 hour ago
um.... didn't VM double speed for free? "

They did and then increased their prices ;o)
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
@zyborg47 so... damned if they do and if they don't..... sigh
Posted by LaughingJohn over 5 years ago
I'll be interested to see how this improves my current 24mbps up and 5mbps down.

I'm not holding out much hope!
Posted by LaughingJohn over 5 years ago
Despite my gripes about getting slightly less than the 40mbps top end, I have to say I'm really happy with Infinity and really glad to see BT back on form.

We should be proud to have a UK based company actually doing well for once.

Now if only they'd sort out customer service and their call centres it'll be happy days!
Posted by uniquename over 5 years ago
"If you’re already a BT Infinity customer, you can switch to the faster products by starting a new contract, at no extra cost."
Posted by uniquename over 5 years ago
"my current 24mbps up and 5mbps down"? ARe those figures the right way round?

But even if they are, nope - it won't make any difference to you.
Posted by dogbark over 5 years ago
@uniquename - have you seen the new contract with all the new traffic management clauses??
Posted by SlowSomerset over 5 years ago
Thats ok for anyone who can get it, the exchange here in cannington somerset can’t even get ASDL2+ yet.
Why do bt keep making broadband faster for the areas that already have fast broadband while we keep getting left behind and still pay the same price as superfast broadband, please answer bt.
Posted by Dixinormous over 5 years ago
@themanstan after your comments on forum about Ofcom protecting cable companies and regulation I would've thought you'd know about regulation that applies to BT Retail. Struggling to see exactly how they can do this without being anticompetitive though I assume they have an appropriate explanation.
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
SlowSomerset, have you asked the same question of Virgin or Sky or BE?
Posted by Dixinormous over 5 years ago
@dogbark - Do you have a link to the new traffic management clauses? This would explain how they're doing this.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
I dont see anything different on the traffic management

To protect the performance of the network and to ensure the best experience for all users of the service, at peak times we may manage the speed of non-time critical applications such as P2P.

Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
Some areas are going to have to wait for the BDUK projects

Devon and Somerset claim to be ahead of BDUK game

And may skip ADSL2+ from BT Wholesale totally. Also remember TalkTalk and Sky offer ADSL2+ to more of the UK than BT Wholesale
Posted by themanstan over 5 years ago

Didn't that protecting cable companies go out the window once they allowed BT into the residential fibre market? All my references to that are where people discuss pre-2009 stuff.
As for competition and fair access to Openreach products, well that's another matter. If BT Retail is absorbing the cost £2.50 pm, that's their choice and we'll see what the competition and OFCOM bring up.
Posted by BuckleZ over 5 years ago
When can existing customers order to move onto 80/20?

Now or tomorrow?
Posted by BuckleZ over 5 years ago
Just rang, sales didn't even know about it, had to ask a manager.

Available to upgrade from tomorrow.
Posted by jamesking over 5 years ago
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
@BuckleZ you just need to start a new contract by the looks of it
Posted by BuckleZ over 5 years ago
Doesn't bother me, only 9months into this one anyway
Posted by SlowSomerset over 5 years ago
@GMAN99 Yes I agree where are virgin etc but being on a market 1 exchange we have no choice and are being left behind and can only do the most basic tasks Iplayer for example is a total waste of time in the evenings when I am at home as I work full time.

@andrew Devon & Somerset ahead of the BDUK game you must be joking, all they keep doing is extending the survey probably most of the money will be wasted in administration and whats left in somersets case will probably be spent in the rural areas around Taunton.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 5 years ago
gman talk to talk talk.

my parents were on market 1 and they just had talk talk LLU in they get about 13mbps now better than 6 before and cheaper and unlimited. They are likely to take a lot of business from BT in that area!
Posted by roboraver over 5 years ago
If the WBC wholesale checker say 26down 5up but you currently get 37down 9up what will you get come next week if you upgrade ? would vectoring really make that much of a difference on a 700 to 900 meter to cabinet line ?
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

It's not unlimited, there is an FUP.
Posted by creakycopperline over 5 years ago
ahh the resident BT henchman has arrived, to stauchly defend his telecoms god. still using his blame VM tactic as a whipping boy. your pro BT comments get more insufferable by the minute
Posted by Ultraman1966 over 5 years ago
This is so awesome, I can look forward to get getting this on my ADSL Max connection (haven't even got ADSL2+, that's how awesome my exchange is!). Why don't they spread the joy a little instead of creating an ever increasing bandwidth gulf...
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
I'm not saying blame VM creaky I'm saying blame all providers, not just BT there are more than one you know. What is there to defend in this article, its all round great news
Posted by arfster over 5 years ago
@roboraver: maybe a few more megabit. Vectoring should help a lot, but that might be a good way in the future.
Posted by bosie over 5 years ago
At this point I couldn't care less about competition with ADSL still the only option in Covent Garden. If BT can afford to roll it out then I'm buying. I'm not interested in supporting business models that can't afford to move things forward.
Posted by ccsnet over 5 years ago
Interesting as the upgrade is available from tomorrow.... oh the very same day Sky officially start taking orders.... TBH I dont see this as a bad thing and was timed on purpose but I do think its time for the slow parts of the UK to get upgraded ( of which I'm not one ). B4RN is brill but it should be a government lead plan and not just 'heres some money' to make sure 100% of the UK Population benifit.... Better broadband would help UK PLC in more ways than one.... T
Posted by leexgx over 5 years ago
can you edit it an little as its not £10.50 unless you pay it all in one go

line rental is £14.50 per month or 12 months up front cost of £129 for line rental for the year (that works out at £10.50 but your paying it all in one go)
Posted by Rowan126 over 5 years ago
We're getting BT Infinity installed (Option 2) for the first time this Friday. Does that mean we will be on Up to 40 or up to 80? Will the engineer be able to make the switch for us? Obviously we are just on the beginning of starting a new contract so would like to be on up to 80 from the offset!
Posted by zyborg47 over 5 years ago
@GMAN99, just unfair competition again, once again Bt have got the monopoly.

i will not go back to BT, even if they offered me 100Mb/s for the same price. what is the point in all that speed and then BT over do their traffic management like they do with ADSl?
A vile company, just like Talk Talk.
Posted by LaughingJohn over 5 years ago
@uniquename, you are correct my current speed is 24 down and 5 up. I am clearly an idiot who doesn't know his up from down :)

Guess I may as well downgrade to Option 1 after the upgrade and save a few quid.
Posted by themanstan over 5 years ago
The issue we have is it's effectively a 2 horse race... VM or BT, none of the other ISPs has the capital or are willing to take the risk yet with SLU... thereby enforcing a duopoly.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
So TalkTalk and Sky fibre products don't enter into the equation
Posted by themanstan over 5 years ago
VULA products limit the pricing of the offering, so SLU should allow more freedom much like LLU. Which is proper competition.
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
zyborg47, and if BT charged another £20 for 80/20 they'd be even more boo's from the crowd.
Posted by undecidedadrian over 5 years ago
@zyborg why is BT a vile company?

Other companies can happily go and install their own local loop and cabinets if they wished.

It's not like BT has hacked into people's email, corrupted police officers, hired bent private detectives or even put out pirated viewing cards like another well know company has alledged to have done.
Posted by Mauro_Balbino over 5 years ago
An improvement is always welcome.
Posted by James1o1o over 5 years ago
Not actually on BT Infinity, going to move soon, if it tells me I am to get 30mb download speed at the moment, when this upgrade kicks in, will I see any speed increase even if I never reached the original limit of 40?

Essentially for the technically minded people, are they just changing the 40mb cap to 80mb or are they making profile changes to your line so it can actually run faster? (Similar to going from 15db SNR to 6db)
Posted by leexgx over 5 years ago
they are changing the profile (yes), if your line is good you see an download and upload improvement if you go for it that is
Posted by pbsolo over 5 years ago
Funny, I thought the govt gave a BT a huge chunk of taxpayers money to upgrade ALL the network? This included specifically a stack of 'not-spots' where they only get dial-up or speeds less than 1 Meg. Seems it may be getting spent on anything but by the look of this news!
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
No pbsolo, that didn't happen
Posted by undecidedadrian over 5 years ago
BT asked for some money to roll out FTTC to 90% of the UK but the UK gov pressed on with BDUK to let councils tender for services in each county.
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
I suppose the only downside to this is the crowd that say "I'm paying for 76Mbps but only getting 50Mbps and my mate who pays the same gets 76!!!"

When in fact they are paying for up to
Posted by Vini over 5 years ago
I've applied for my 'free' regrade. It's meant tying myself down for another 18 months, and they've said it'll take 3 days for them to open the floodgates.

What's more annoying is that there's 99.8Mb knocking at the door of my modem...
Posted by m0aur over 5 years ago
They are all after the custom now, even MinusNet are now offering six months free phone and broadband from today.
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
How far are you from your cab Vini, nice numbers!
Posted by Vini over 5 years ago
125m tops. It's nice considering we were 2Mb (ADSL2) prior to FTTC. The upload is nice. I don't really have a need for a massive download, but hey, it's there.
Posted by Jimneybob over 5 years ago
Something for the weekend sir! Logged into my BT to register for upgrade at lunchtime yesterday (12th). Checked order tracker to find upgrade should be done by midnight on Fri 13th (next day). we are very lucky to live only about 100m from the cab & should get full speed up & down. Why did we arrange to go away & see friends this w/e. Come on BT you could have given us more notice to plan social life around upgrade! :-)
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

Maybe that is the plan, slowly roll-out higher speeds to keep people extending their contracts.
Posted by stclares over 5 years ago
It would be better if BT improved the speed that the majority of us outside the cities receive,then my abysmal 1.2mbps average woud becom a useful 2.2mbps.
Posted by Oddball over 5 years ago
Still stuck at 40GB on option 1 and faster upload speeds? What are BT smoking? At least double the data allowance dammit!
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago

Or... you could upgrade to a package that suits your needs
Posted by loopfish over 5 years ago
I have been delighted with Infinity Option 2 since switching from diabolically-congested VM back in Jan. And am really liking the free uplift, but to be honest, 40/10 was plenty fast enough for all intents & purposed! Being able to game & watch youtube without packetloss when *I* want (not when the network can handle it) is the main advantage BT have over VM.
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