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Roku streaming player reaches 100 channel mark in UK
Wednesday 04 April 2012 19:15:47 by Andrew Ferguson

While some people are happy watching streamed TV on their laptop or tablet, the most natural method would appear to be watching it on the big expensive display device called a TV that is the centre piece in living rooms across the country.

Step forward Roku which launched in the UK in January this year, when it launched there was 40 content channels, this has now risen to 100 channels, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer,, Euronews, and Crackle. The diminutive streaming player comes in two forms the wireless only Roku LT (720p) at £49.99 or the Roku 2 XS at £99.99 which includes an ethernet port, supports 1080p output and has a USB port for playing videos, music and photos from your own USB devices.

With the digital switchover entering its final phases, devices like the Roku may also provide a way of providing TV on the second TV in a home, or for giving children access to a limited TV line-up, e.g. BBC iPlayer and the CBeebies channel.


Posted by pcoventry76 over 5 years ago
The website is in dollars too - this is right?
Posted by pcoventry76 over 5 years ago
Scrap that! It was my eyesight!

Thanks for this - I wanted to get apple TV but this will do the job and better. I don't want a HDD to store films on but we do use Netflix and I player AND the Hollywood films on Crackle seem to be a nice bonus!
Posted by timmay over 5 years ago
I should have got one of these instead of an aTV.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 5 years ago
ive bought one from play it was the cheapest
Posted by EnglishRob over 5 years ago
Sounds interesting although I already have a nettop running XBMC for my media playback (plus the PS3 for the occasional DVD and Bluray). Might be worth noting that Apple TV owners can install XBMC (not sure how complicated it is to install). I'd possibly look at something like this for the kids when they get a HD TV eventually, in the mean time their old original XBOX with XBMC does the job nicely. :-)
Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
@EnglishRob dont you need one of the old cronky apple TVs to run XBMC most people have the newer little one which im sure isnt possible to install XBMC on yet do correct me if im wrong though
Posted by JttB over 5 years ago
AppleTV 2 can have xbmc installed on it.

Dunno about the new one yet.
Posted by GrahamMills over 5 years ago
Well they may have 100 channels but their web site studiously avoids saying what they are.
I for one will not buy a pig in a poke.
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