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80 Mbps services on the way to Digital Region services
Tuesday 03 April 2012 17:18:56 by Andrew Ferguson

Not content with having FTTC available to 80% of premises in the South Yorkshire, it appears that Digital Region is to adopt the VDSL2 profile that allows for up to 80 Mbps connection speeds.'s website under its package pages informs potential customers that an 80 Mbps option will appear later in April.

The provider also states the average connection speed is 37 Mbps downstream and 8.1 Mbps upstream. With some 60% of customers achieving the full 40 Meg sync now, then a good many look set to benefit greatly from a profile change. While FTTC is still distance dependent, it appears to perform better than previous ADSL2+ services in respect to the percentage who receive slow speeds, as only 3% of littlebigone customers get less than 10 Mbps for downstream connection speed.


Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
TV/40meg ordered activated 12/2/12, Wrote down on account ready for 80meg :) check out their FB page too nice community of people
Posted by awoodland over 5 years ago
@Andrew - you said the new ASA rules don't talk about sync speed explicitly. This looks very much like it's talking about headline sync speeds, not goodput at peak times. Is that allowed?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
I've always tried to make it clear in editorial content what speed I am talking about.

In terms of littlebigone and the speeds they communicate to customers, that is between them and the ASA, who will only act on complaints.

Dare I suggest that 2 days into the new rules is not the time to bother complaining. Particularly when much larger providers have not reacted as yet.
Posted by LeJimster over 5 years ago
I'll be interested to see if Digital Region employ vectoring along with the 80Mb profiles. And how this will work alongside BT's own product.

All being well I will move over to Digital Region later this year.
Posted by tikka69 over 5 years ago
We've been running 17a profiles for a while now on 40/10 services and just capped the sync speeds. Available sync speeds according to the DSLAM's ports are looking good :o)
Posted by tikka69 over 5 years ago
Looks like LBO have just launched there TV Service today too..
Posted by haydnwalker over 5 years ago
I hope other ISPs on the DR network follow on...
Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
i picked perfect timing to join littlebigone i took the bill board offer so ive ended up with 40/10FTTC plus the BIG+ TV packed with modem and tv box for £25 install(got the TV box/install cost knocked off for been one of the first 50 customers to take TV) and with hte 80 becoming available at the end of the month i glad i make the decision to go via DRN :)
Posted by awoodland over 5 years ago
I wasn't complaining about LBO, more about the silly new rules making accurate communication of technical changes across a network far harder in this instance.
Posted by rayvon over 5 years ago
Their new TV packages basically look like Freeview with one or two extra channels chucked in.No Sky channels as yet and no Sports or movie packages.
Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
@rayvon they say sky sports/movies will be coming later in the month their finalising prices with sky also trying to get normal sky chanels at some time bit look (sky 1 2 sky living etc) but yea basically its free view + the MTV pack UKTV pack and kids Pack but delivered over IPTV instead of needing an antenna cable feed or sky disk
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