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Digital Region confirms it will adopt the more commercial BDUK model
Friday 30 March 2012 15:49:57 by Andrew Ferguson

Digital Region has issued a press release that confirms earlier press coverage, that changes are to take place with the South Yorkshire super-fast broadband network. The release confirms that current coverage levels mean some 80% of businesses and residents should be able to connect to the network if they so desire.

"Thanks to our current delivery partner Thales, the build phase has been successfully completed to time and cost and whilst the majority of the UK must wait until 2015 to experience superfast broadband, a phenomenal 80% of SY businesses and residents can already connect. DRL is delighted to move forward with the continued support of both the board and the central government and Local Authority Shareholders.

This is a significant and exciting development and is without doubt the best way forward for Digital Region to ensure the significant benefits of the project are delivered and the people of South Yorkshire can continue to benefit. It is our goal to meet and whereever possible, to exceed in delivering the original mandate set out to achieve growth and transformation in the region."

David Cowell, Chief Operating Office at DRL

The project is set to embark on a new path that is in line with the current BDUK/government model for super-fast broadband. The commercial model from the BDUK relies upon a mixture of private and public funding, and also places operating costs, marketing and revenue generation firmly in the hands of the private sector.

South Yorkshire will be unique in now looking for a commercial partner, when commercial providers like Virgin Media and Openreach already have their own network in some of the areas that Digital Region covers. Normally BDUK projects are meant to avoid spending any money in areas where commercial roll-out of super-fast broadband was likely. Hopefully this will provide a route for the network to expand towards the 90% goal the government has set, and also ensure the 2 Mbps USC can be met in the region.

We can expect to hear more about the tender application in May 2012, in the meantime the network will continue to operate. We recently added a layer to our mapping project that allows you to easily see the coverage offered by Digital Region.


Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
the map needs updating my postcode s75 6hg shows no mention of digital region cabs yet we've had it since September 2011
Posted by alexatkinuk over 5 years ago
You are correct, its missing me too.

Bearing in mind Intake is one the biggest exchanges in Sheffield, that leaves a perceived HUGE gap in coverage.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
I'll get John to chase up with them
Posted by dave4340 over 5 years ago
Would be nice to be able to join the super fast net work but Digital Region connected the cabinets on both sides of the cabinet my phone is connected to laying the fiber cable right past with-in 1 foot of the cabinet my phone line is conected to Con 15. Also the only ISP is a firm called Origin Broadband whats that all about ?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
There are two other providers Ask4 and LittleBigOne
Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
@dave4340 if both the cabs near you are connected then you should be too 80% is covered so if one near you have it yours should too, The 20% that cant get it yet are like full areas not just to odd cab, Have you tried putting you post code in either littlebigone or origins post code checkers

the checker on the digital region site says i cant get it either because of my phone number but those 2 say i can and ive got an order placed with littlebigone :)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago

It may be the BT cab that @dave4340 is connected to serves too few lines for DR to sub loop unbundle it at this stage of the roll-out.

The 80% is NOT 80% of cabinets, but 80% of households.
Posted by littlebigone over 5 years ago
Thanks to all of your for you interest in Digital Region. As @andrew points out we are an ISP on the network. Also as @scpsd775 notes we have a postcode checker on our website.

If anyone in South Yorkshire would like us to check their location, they can do so by contacting us on 0800 6528288.

Posted by KarlAustin over 5 years ago
ugh, for £100m, they should have had 100% by now and free public wi-fi in town centres. Complete disgrace, but at least they are admitting finally that they are way out of their depth and have no clue how to run an ISP.
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