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Virgin Media brings out it's new 'Collections' bundles
Friday 30 March 2012 11:15:22 by Hayley Mitchell

Virgin Media announced today it would be releasing a new range of options based around the completion of their 100Mbps service at the beginning of April. The Collections range will feature new options for customers which all include Virgin's fibre optic broadband, on demand TV and TiVo as standard in the new packages, which means the slowest speed available to customers will be 30Mbps, still superfast.

"This is the first time we've combined these leading products in this way and these ground-breaking Collections mark a new chapter for digital services in the UK, with superfast broadband and next-generation TV services now attracting the mass consumer market and families looking for the best way to enjoy their digital lives across the numerous connected devices found inside – or outside – the home today."

Andrew Barron, Chief Operating Officer

The collections will start from £25 per month, and are available to all customers from the 1st April, with half price offers on 18-month contracts. The Virgin Media bundles page will also be updated on Sunday to reflect the new products.


Posted by chrish16 over 5 years ago
Wish Virgin Media where in Bishop Auckland area.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 5 years ago
I wish Sky were doing fibre at your exchange and not just LLU.

VM also announced today they are adding more TM to the network starting monday. 100mbps is already crippled in the day. I'm getting 6.5mbps right now. Yet overnight it's perfect. Well some of us work in the day so can't be on it all night and nor want to leave computers on overnight/unattended

Roll on Sky!
Posted by Joppy over 5 years ago
So VM are due to double my 10Mbit connection to 20Mbit in May, yet the slowest they will offer is 30Mbit?

I am guessing I will have to take out a new contract to just get the same speed and price as new customers. Not going to happen while their service and latency is so poor.
Posted by tmcr over 5 years ago
> the slowest speed available to customers will be 30Mbps
...has me confused too - I'm on 10Mb today, with double speed to 20Mb due any time now.
Maybe they'll just switch the slower customers off? A very simple solution to tie in with the 30Mb minimum !
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
Slowest speed for new signups will be the 30 Meg option.

At a guess following usual upgrade patterns, the 20 Meg will see an upgrade to 30 in 2013
Posted by djfunkdup over 5 years ago

''100mbps is already crippled in the day. I'm getting 6.5mbps right now''

maybe for you but it is not a national 100Mb connection is fine during the day
Posted by djfunkdup over 5 years ago
Posted by alanr over 5 years ago
I was on 10Mb until Friday when my old NTL modem packed up. Virgin came out and installed a new router and my speed was automatically increased to 30Mb at no extra cost. I guess everyone on 10Mb will also go up to 30Mb if the modem can handle it.
Posted by Cenydd over 5 years ago
This VM double speed campaign is advertised as free so why are they charging me £49.95 to change my 20Mb modem to 60?
Posted by dajthink over 5 years ago
Seems the main change here is to force new customers to take and pay for a TV service which is essentially the same as available on Freeview.
Posted by aaaashy over 5 years ago
in north London, i have just discovered that due to the updating, and there being too many subscribers in my area (!!??!!) my 50Mb/sec speed will be running at under 10Mb for the rest of April and maybe longer - so much for the upgrade!!!
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