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CityFibre Holdings to go head to head with Virgin Media and Openreach in York
Tuesday 27 March 2012 11:18:49 by Andrew Ferguson

It would appear the City of York Council is keen to see the Fibre ring of York expanded to meet a target of 95% of businesses having access to affordable Fibre to the Premises by the end of 2014.

To this end it seems CityFibre Holdings are to partner with the council to roll-out a fibre solution, using its fibre network that links over 100 council premises as the core. In terms of planning, getting that phase will be crucial, York has FTTC which will offer up to 80 Mbps later this year, and already has people producing speedtests in excess of 35 Mbps, the city if also marked down as getting FTTP as part of Openreach's £2.5 billion investment programme, and not forgetting the FTTP on Demand solution that is due to be available in all FTTC areas in the next year or so. Also a good section of York already has access to the Virgin Media cable network which will be offering 120 Mbps connections.

As a ultra-connected city York looks to be the place to move to in the next few years, but as an investment opportunity and test bed for CityFibre Holdings it will be a tough challenge to compete when two super-fast providers are already in the area, and also 4G is just around the corner too. Hopefully the planning stage will ensure that the areas missed by existing providers get to see the service first.

If you are one of the 24,000 people in Bournemouth that the CityFibre network passes, and have signed up, we would love to hear from you, in particular your experience of what the service is like.


Posted by weesteev over 5 years ago
"Ultra connected city"... more government jargon to hide the fact that regulation over "superfast" deployment is a complete joke. Some towns and cities currectly struggle to get any decent service while others have numerous providers overbuilding an area. Its now going beyond expanding competition to a game of "who can steal the most customers from the incumbant ISP". This news story along with the ongoing Digital Britain saga proves how out of touch both the UK Government and OFCOM are when it comes to broadband deployment. Rant over, back to the pub!
Posted by alanhl over 5 years ago
City Fibre Holdings in Bournemouth are Great to do business with, their staff are polite and efficient. The service itself is also EXCELLENT, they are running 100Mbps as standard but i have managed to get 1Gbps and it is a balanced service (download and upload are about equal)one problem i did find was uploading HD photos to facebook, by the time you've ticked the box for HD it's too late, you need to load 5 or 6 then delete the ones you dont want. i used Virgin's service at a friends house the other day and it was like wading through treacle compared to my service
Posted by herdwick over 5 years ago
So have CityFibre Holdings got to the point where the odds are in favour of them continuing in business yet ?
Posted by lloydio over 5 years ago
Be good if they could finish off Bournemouth first. I dont know 1 person with it or where its available in the town!
Posted by whatever2 over 5 years ago
Hmm. Interesting 2nd post.

IRRC the initial idea was they would do the same for Bournemouth, install fibre for the council then expand out for private users and business.

I'm one of the people in Bournemouth, central. The network doesn't pass me, nor i suspect many outside of the tiny trial which was halted. I know no-one else it passes, and out of a few people who have been contacted over the past years, less than a handful have ever posted on the net to say they have service.

Is there even a sign up page anymore?
Posted by whatever2 over 5 years ago
Oh found it...

All stabs at BH1-12 come back with

We're almost there,

"We're looking to connect you're area soon. We won't be able to offer you a free trial, but please submit your details so that we can notify you when the service becomes available in your area."

"If you don't live in BH10 or BH11, don't worry! Leave us your details here and we'll get in touch with some great offers as soon our services are available in your postcode area."

Have done...
Posted by whatever2 over 5 years ago
"We have 200 other customers..." Jan 12th 2012 Fibreband FB page.

"We'll soon be starting the countdown for the launch of the UK's fastest ISP" Jan 14th

Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago

The 250 household offer has been there since November, so is hardly inspiring.

I'd love to shout and rave about the 1Gbps service in Bournemouth, but it is hard when indications are that many people aren't bothered, or DON'T even know its available.
Posted by whatever2 over 5 years ago
Sadly the 250 could have reflected the company's capability. The idea that it's passing 24000 homes is either a very well kept secret or a gross exaggeration. If someone in the press actually did some investigation then they might find out.
There was a leaflet run a couple of years back, which took ages to come to any fruition, the initial startup was very limited and made a mess of the roads before being refused permission. That has made bigger headlines.
The company seems to make bigger waves in the press than with it's potential customer base. I wonder why that is?
Posted by alanhl over 5 years ago
lloydio, I have cityfibre broadband, my next door neighbour has cityfibre, try this site if you want to register interes otherwise stop moaning about it, and Andrew TB staff member, I would have thought that if anyone could find the details YOU should be able to. having got it I think their gigabit service is unbeatable at this time
Posted by whatever2 over 5 years ago
Unbeatable if you can get it. What is your post code? Can you copy and past the message the checker replies with on that page?
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