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Sky Anytime+ arrives for all, no matter who your broadband provider is
Wednesday 21 March 2012 19:15:06 by Andrew Ferguson

While some criticise the Sky Anytime+ service as lacking in content, it certainly carries an appeal for some people. It will appeal particular to those with a Sky TV subscription who don't have a device capable of accessing services like Sky Go already attached to their TV. The service until now has been restricted to Sky customers who also have Sky broadband, this restriction has now been lifted.

Sky Anytime+ allows any Sky+ HD home to access a wide range of Sky content, and download it to their Sky settop box over their broadband connection. The fact that material is downloaded, rather than streamed live means people with slower broadband connections can enjoy the service. Those with faster connections will experience a much more on-demand service.

The service is free, and simply requires activation via your user profile on and the Sky+ HD box to be connected to a broadband connection. The boxes support an Ethernet connection, which if difficult to reach with a cable can be easily solved by the use of HomePlug devices, or a wireless ethernet bridge. Alternatively Sky sell a wireless connector for the Sky+ HD box at £60, or it can be set-up as part of a standard box install, or a seperate visit costing £40.

Any films downloaded will count against your download or usage allowance with your broadband service, so do remember to keep an eye on the usage, as it can be easy to quickly use up allowance.


Posted by nmg196 over 5 years ago
Once you've activated it, how do you actually access it on your box?
Posted by iGareth over 5 years ago
TV Guide > Red Button

It replaces the Anytime section it seems.
Posted by badger22 over 5 years ago
Boohoo,I just migrated from Orange (BT resell) to Sky broadband because I didn't know this relaxation was upcoming and thought I might also get a bit more speed with full LLU. Big mistake! Connection speed is still good but d/l throughput less tha 50% of BT, and its not an exchange on their congested list..
Posted by warfieldroyal over 5 years ago
Works a treat using Virgin 50Mbps. Ironic that most Sky Broadband customers will only have standard ADSL connections which means just 3Mbps in this area.

All this and BBC iPlayer on XBox on the same day.
Posted by mitchja over 5 years ago
You will need to re-boot your Sky HD box as well.....the anytime listings your normally see should then change to the Anytime+ boxed icons rather than just a list.
Posted by maxsquared over 5 years ago
It didn't work for me, it's still the old anytime.
Posted by rharnwel over 5 years ago
Worked a treat for me, though I obviously needed to go into the settings first and enable network.

No need for a reboot for me - it started working immediately.
Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
One or two people are reporting connectivity issues on their boxes. Might be worth following this thread:

Page 17 seems to be where people report issues.
Posted by _sjr_ over 5 years ago
Hmm, still a bit of work to do

Unable to complete your order online /shop/export/sites/

Even though it logged me in! :(
Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
Apparently there's a known issue with one of the Netgear routers. Quelle surprise :-/

Model is DGN1000SP.
Posted by omnius over 5 years ago
upgraded last night 9pm (ish) was working as anytime plus when i got up at 5am.

ready for sky FTTC now :)
Posted by kirbyan over 5 years ago
Was looking forward to this, but it seems all Sky+HD boxes are not equal... Sky's website tells me my Thomson built Sky+HD box is not suitable for Anytime+ and recommends I upgrade - at a cost of £200!
Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
@kirbyan:To be fair to Sky I think it's only the first generation boxes that don't support it. Those have a variety of issues (failing PSU is a common one) so it might be £200 well spent just to get shot of it before it expires of old age.
Posted by mitchja over 5 years ago
Sure I read somewhere that some older Thomson HD boxes don't even have an ethernet socket on them.
Posted by garyc over 5 years ago
The Thomson boxes with all their problems, (power supply etc.) are not really fit for purpose. If you have one of these boxes and subscribe to SKY, then get SKY to give you another box free of charge. Just say that the Thomson box you have is giving you lots of bad picture break ups (because of the dodgy power supply). They would rather keep you as a customer and give you either a new or reconditioned box (with ethernet) than lose your monthly payments!
Try it out, it DOES work if you are persistent enough!
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