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Openreach releases up to 80 Mbps VDSL2 in April
Monday 12 March 2012 16:22:46 by Andrew Ferguson

The launch of the up to 80 Mbps (VDSL2 profile 17a) service from Openreach has been well signposted, so it is with no surprise that we learn that the full product will launch on 10th April 2012.

"We said we would double fibre speeds by this Spring and this is exactly what we have done. This is a significant milestone both for Openreach's fibre network and for broadband speeds in the UK. The faster speeds will be available in a month's time and so it is now up to broadband providers to decide how and when they offer these faster speeds to their customers. The platform is there and we are confident there will be demand for these enhanced services."

Mike Galvin, Openreach MD of Network Investment

The Openreach fibre services (FTTC & FTTP) are available to some seven million premises across the UK, and this doubling of the headline speeds will do a lot to move the UK up the league tables that matter so much to some people. While the headline speeds are doubling, we should point out that not all FTTC customers will see their speeds double, your actual connection speed is dependent on the length of the metal telephone wires between you and the fibre cabinet.Additionally as with other countries around the world, as the bottleneck that was the local loop is slowly lifted, people discover that the quality of the connection the service they are accessing in a data centre becomes critical.

The 80/20 product carries a monthly price premium of £3.05 over the slowest FTTC 40/2 service for the Openreach component, but for those seeking the best peak time performance, this extra price does give you a prioritisation rate of 30 Mbps versus the old 15 Mbps if Openreach experience network congestion in a local area.

The Openreach product comes with a satisfaction guarantee too. If within 90 days of the installation of a line, the service service does not achieve 50% of the predicted speed at the time of sale, then refunds of the connection fee, rental and cease charges will be made to the broadband provider, if the service is ceased.


Posted by jtthedevil over 5 years ago
Does anyone know if this increase gives any more distance? My cab is upgraded for fibre but i'm still too far from it, so stuck on ADSL2 back to the exchange. If they could just connect me from the cabinet it would take a third off my line length. Even if I got boosted to 4-5mb I'd be over the moon.
Posted by ahockings over 5 years ago
Once again you have highlighted the absolutely ridiculous situation where people further from an exchange and on a cabinet can get 40-80 Mbit and everyone connected directly to the exchange is stuck on ADSL2+. Words fail me.
Now let’s see.... shall we just go for it and gradually roll out FTTH for the whole country, future proofing the network for 150 years, or shall we do some Heath Robinson affair where we create the aforementioned 2 tier speed system and waste loads of money putting mini DSLAMS in street cabs only to have to rip it all out again later....
Yep, that's BT!

Posted by Somerset over 5 years ago
So where does the money come from for 100% UK FTTH?

HS2 anyone?
Posted by themanstan over 5 years ago

Get VM cable...
Posted by themanstan over 5 years ago

have you enquired about option 3 with fibre?
Posted by jtthedevil over 5 years ago
Yeah, i've tried, but at 6km from the cabinet noone is prepared to even consider it. Its really frustrating, as i've been told VDSL2 and ADSL2 speed goes down quite similarly with distance, and i'm bound to see some improvement in speeds. My only hope is wimax being run out in our area, but its not available at the moment, and the company doing the rollout are not getting good press for reliability. Having sent a couple of emails to their sales enquiries with no reply, it doesn't fill you with confidence if you have a problem.
Posted by jtthedevil over 5 years ago
Talktalk fibre page gave me a speed estimate last year of 5mb, now it just gives 'a fibre product suitable for your line with be available later in 2012'. The only thing I can think of is there will be a sub 5mb product at some stage to bring a lot of the not/slow spots up to the 2mb USO.
Posted by uniquename over 5 years ago
Have you asked ADSL24 and Aquiss? They have conencted people with very low estimates.
Posted by Northwind over 5 years ago
The "satisfaction guarantee" interests me and would remove one of the barriers to FTTC adopion, namely the requirement to lock-in to a 12 month term with no assurance of service.

I would have preferred if they had reduced the term to 90 days but this is a start.
Posted by doowles over 5 years ago
Does it need a new router?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
The Openreach modem is up to the job.

Most providers who supply an Ethernet router will have tested to ensure its WAN port can handle 80 Mbps of traffic.

Where people are using their own router, well that is for them to figure out.

Certainly some four or five year old ethernet routers will probably struggle with this level of throughput.
Posted by jtthedevil over 5 years ago
When BT gave the option 3 with fibre a release, I tried them and ADSL24. Because theres nothing showing as available on the checker, I won't even be considered. Thats the frustrating thing, I know my speed would be much faster but noone can offer me a product. I even contacted openreach about trialing a long line at my own expense and they said they don't deal with customers and to contact an ISP.
Posted by stevegibbon over 5 years ago
BT upped my connection to 2.01meg when they found I was talking to tooway sat BB, just so I couldn't get a grant for sat BB in Wales. Once I cancelled my telephone and BB (had to give 1 months notice) they dropped me down to 0.4meg They are the scum of the earth, and are charging £30 to disconnect me.
Posted by stevegibbon over 5 years ago
BT upped my connection to 2.01meg when they found I was talking to tooway sat BB, just so I couldn't get a grant for sat BB in Wales. Once I cancelled my telephone and BB (had to give 1 months notice) they dropped me down to 0.4meg They are the scum of the earth, and are charging £30 to disconnect me.
Posted by bigluap over 5 years ago
Fibre to the Cabinet the just a short run of 18 metres to my home, I am on Infinity but can only get 11 Mbps at best via wireless in the home. I have a 300mbps wireless care but the Home Hub was installed in the hall, 2 brick walls away.
Posted by machanch over 5 years ago
Have you tested yours connected directly to the router using an ethernet cable. That will give you a better representation of your BB speed. Testing from wireless can be problematic due to interference etc from appliances within the home. Also having a 300mbps wireless router does not transfer data anyway near that speed due to overheads in the data packets.
Posted by MacMuser over 5 years ago
This thing about ADSL and distance is a little misleading. My office is 300 meters from the exchange and the best we get is 6MB down and 18kbps up. (yes as slow as a modem). Then I checked with a guy who is next-door to the exchange. His maximum on the BT 24Mb service is 10Mb down and 900kbps up. Be, from the same exchange and wires get 15Mb down and 1.2Mb up. Meanwhile Virgin offer 120/12 for the same price.
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