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Three stops charging for out of bundle usage for new contracts
Thursday 08 March 2012 19:56:39 by Andrew Ferguson

In the past we have seen unlimited mobile broadband contracts that can end up with users being charged per MegaByte if they go over a fair usage level of perhaps 1GB in a month. Three in a drive to attract customers has removed this fear of unusually high bills, by committing to not charging for out of bundle usage.

Contracts are available with a 250MB bundle from £15 a month, which if you hit the limit can be topped up at a rate of 250MB for £2 or all you can eat that month for £5. Monthly contracts with an all you can eat data allowance start at £18 a month.

There is a big caveat before everyone gets a cheap Three mobile to act as a dongle for their laptop, and that is that tethering is not allowed on the all you can eat data plan, an add-on is required that will provide 1GB of data for use with a tethered connection.


Posted by timmay over 5 years ago
I hope the old all-you-can-eat "one plan" is unchanged.
Posted by ahockings over 5 years ago
Yeah i think this means the standard all-you-can-eat plans. The one plan is different.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago
I've tether about 20GB so far and currently am at the moment.

Just because it's "not allowed" doesn't mean you can't xD
Posted by vicdupreez over 5 years ago
I think that one plan on the iPhone may be exempt from that caveat. I have 3 iPhones with 3 (dont ask...) and I was explicitly told instore that I can tether as much data as I want... On all 3 contracts... So I think Timmay, ahockings and otester is correct.

Posted by cyberdoyle over 5 years ago
I have a three card in the wibe, all you can eat for £15. With the cigarette lighter in the car I can connect from most places, even areas where 3g has never shown up on phones.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

That just applies to contracts, on PAYG SIMs you're not mean to (but I do) :D
Posted by vicdupreez over 5 years ago
aaah ok. Got you :D. That makes sense I guess.
Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
@vicdupreez the one plan is aloud to tether any other AYCE data package is not aloud
Posted by shaneosborne over 5 years ago
I thought 'Tethering' was allowed on Three (The One Plan). I watched a programme a couple of months back where the MD stated that this was allowed and that they had no plans to change this, I think it was on BBC CLICK but I maybe wrong... I assume H3G have changed there position on this or is it still permitted?
Posted by shaneosborne over 5 years ago
Tethering is only permitted on 'The One Plan'
Posted by mikeysoft over 5 years ago
Correction, tethering is only allowed on the contract "The One Plan", not the PAYG "The One Plan".
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
I have only posted what I asked a sales person when making a sales enquiry, asking about whether tethering was allowed on the all you can eat plans.

Seems there are several options in the end.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

For a more accurate answer try asking the people running the Three blog, that's where people tend to go for support since the other channels are useless.
Posted by leexgx over 5 years ago
The One Plan £25 1 month rolling contract has always allowed tethering

its the all-you-an-eat plans that do not (they are PAYG plans £15 or contract £15-£20) Tethering is Not allowed in the T&C but there is not much stopping you from doing it as well (if you know what to use to mask traffic)

there is no PAYG The One Plan
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

You don't need to mask your traffic, I've been tethering on the PAYG plan for over a year, first 6 months in my Zoom dongle, never heard a peep out of 'em.
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