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Superfast broadband speeding its way around Cornwall
Thursday 01 March 2012 10:59:40 by Andrew Ferguson

Cornwall which started its Superfast Cornwall project when the BDUK projects were just an idea is racing ahead with its actual roll-out, and now has superfast services available to some 66,000 Cornish premises, with the project on course to reach the 100,000 property mark in Spring 2012.

"The momentum of the roll-out programme is matched by Cornwall's enthusiasm for this exciting technology. We're now seeing over 200 Cornish homes and businesses signing up to superfast broadband each week with about 4,000 premises already using this exciting technology.

There are many examples of firms and individuals transforming their businesses and their lives with superfast broadband. It can give businesses a competitive edge and offer a wide range of educational and entertainment opportunities for households. We plan to boost take-up even further to ensure the maximum contribution to the future prosperity of our communities."

Nigel Ashcroft, programme director of Superfast Cornwall for Cornwall Development Company

The roll-out of a mixture of FTTC, FTTP by Openreach and 4G wireless technologies from Everything Everywhere is the most visible template for the various local authority projects, particularly as the BDUK pilot projects, do not yet appear to have connected any users that we are aware of.

The BT Group is always heavily criticised over its technology mix, but at least they are rolling out, and we feel that a big reason why it seems likely that Openreach will get many of the local authority/BDUK tenders is because the BDUK pilot projects have not showcased any alternatives.

In terms of timescales, Cornwall announced BT as the implementation partner some 18 months ago, and is only a quarter of the way through the job now, so the timescales for local authorities that will only announce partners late in 2012, means that the May 2015 deadline will be looming. The danger being that shortcuts will be taken, to ensure goals are met, rather having the time to implement the best solution for an area.

The vacuum for superfast services in many rural areas, does leave time for enterprising small commercial/community ventures to start offering a service, and if the right price point and service level can be provided they will service even in the face of competition from the big bad wolves that are the PLC's.


Posted by desouzr over 5 years ago
I live in one of the BDUK Pilot project areas (North Yorkshire). It’s frustrating that since the announcement of pilot status in October 2010, some 16 months ago, no physical work has taken place or is due to take place at least until the end of June when the winning bidder is announced. Much discussion has been had about the length of the procurement process, for projects such as this which utilise public and EU funds. This has been the biggest delay. However, hopefully once the contract is awarded the deployment will be swift.
Posted by desouzr over 5 years ago
It helps that here in North Yorkshire the public sector NYnet network will be utilised for backhaul which should help with the speed/cost of the rollout. Ironically some very rural areas of the county, which were not spots or sub 2Mbit/s, have already benefited from non-BDUK council funded projects and have been hooked up with a wireless solution supplied by a small local ISP that provides up to 50Mbit/s symmetrical connections.
Posted by desouzr over 5 years ago
Anyway, I’m looking forward to benefitting from the main BDUK project and seeing how what we get here in North Yorkshire compares to the other 3 pilot areas and all the other BDUK local authority projects. I have a feeling BT will be awarded the contract for North Yorkshire and most/all other areas of the country. I won’t be complaining if this happens as I know what they will provide in terms of FTTC/FTTP and their retail price points.
Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
BT - British Telecommunications.
BDUK - Broadband Delivery UnKnown.

No doubt some wag will be along soon to bash BT and talk up insert-barely-heard-of-start-up. They might be ugly but BT seem to be getting the job done better than anyone else at the moment by a long chalk.
Posted by djay over 5 years ago
Well it's nice to see somewhere moving forward as up here in cumbria there oving backwards.
There has been a further delay in connecting cumbria and they are now revising there time table !!! Not good. Not good at all.
Posted by desouzr over 5 years ago
The last I heard was that the contract award had been delayed from late last year to sometime this spring and BT pretty much have it in the bag. Do you know the reason for the delay?
Posted by djay over 5 years ago
It was something to do with funding aparebtly. But they said they were back on track now. Yet how that's possible with a new timetable coming I don't know. I'm gutted it's Bt as where I am we don't even have 21cn exchange. No doubt when by start they will upgrade to 21cn thus giving upto 24mbit and 1.5 up. Hardly super fast broad band although better than 8mbit adsl max.
Fujitsu would be so much better laying nice fibre links. Then again the backhanders to councilors and free meals enjoyed always gurantee Bt to win here as this council is a joke.
Posted by AndrueC over 5 years ago
@djay:At least we know that BT has the capability. to do it. The only thing we know about Fujitsu is that they have a big mouth :)
Posted by creakycopperline over 5 years ago
@AndrueC getting the job done? a pigs ear of a job. 1 metre of cable and the rest will be rusting copper. this site is full of BT cronies.
no chance of a fair and balanced debate.
and i thought the talk talk forums were full of blined brainwashed sycophants. i'll give BT their due, since switching i've had not many problems even had dcent ping while uploading a large video file.
Posted by Somerset over 5 years ago
Does copper rust? What's the 'pigs ear'?
Posted by New_Londoner over 5 years ago
Its interesting to see that many of the companies that talk a good story have complained, backed out or just gone quiet, in most cases without delivering much or even any fast broadband.

In the meantime Cornwall is getting service and those of us already on FTTC are soon to get "up to 80Mb", with fibre on demand next year. On the basis of actual delivery I'll stick with this rather than go with the fibre fantasists!
Posted by desouzr over 5 years ago
I have no issues with BT, Fujitsu or any other telco/CP. I just want faster broadband and am happy to pay a reasonable amount for it.

Herefordshire and Gloucestershire are due to announce their preferred bidder in May, Cumbria in May/June and North Yorkshire in June/July. Interested to see if any of these Counties does not go with BT and then what tech they get/prices from Fujitsu or whoever.
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