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DCMS highlights superfast broadband availability for cities
Wednesday 29 February 2012 18:32:45 by Andrew Ferguson

The UK has been behind many other countries in its roll-out of superfast broadband, but the Government has published a map that by using data that is seven months or more old, presents an out of date snapshot of the state of play for superfast broadband across the UK.

Jeremy Hunt (Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport) via twitter highlighted that areas like Aberdeen and Kingston-upon-Hull have 0% availability of superfast broadband, and differences in coverage between Glasgow and Edinburgh. It seems the raw data was released by Ofcom in July 2011, as part of their Ofcom's Communications Infrastructure Report 2011, and Ofcom also started to publish maps for all the local authorities across the UK too.

The situation in Aberdeen is such that Openreach has still not yet rolled out its fibre services, but FTTC is expected later in 2012 on the Aberdeen Balgownie, Aberdeen Kincorth, Aberdeen Lochnagr, Aberdeen Portlethen and Aberdeen West exchanges. So should jump from 0% coverage to a fairly healthy figure. Kingston-upon-Hull has seen KC (Karoo) launch its Lightstream products moving that area out of the big zero area.

Alas use of out of date data appears to be common in the broadband arena, and while the intent was not to mislead, one has to question why the effort was taken to reproduce Ofcom data, and publish yet another map. The effort would have been better used to update the Ofcom data, so that the public can see that while superfast broadband is still not available everywhere at least projects are progressing.

The DCMS website also highlights what some critics thought coverage of superfast broadband would mean but they hoped not, and that is that it is not the speed the customer may experience at off-peak times, let alone peak times, but rather the coverage figures represent availability of a service providing a 'potential headline access speed above 24 Mbps'. Therefore those on long lines from their street cabinet to the home, and thus may get a VDSL2 service slower at 18 MBps would still count in the statistics as having superfast broadband available.


Posted by timmay over 5 years ago
Well that's the most useless map I've ever seen. Well done DCMS (not)
Posted by Borisvon over 5 years ago
Why can't they just give us a map that shows us if we will actually get super fast broadband or not, numbers, charts and statistics mean nothing as they can be inflated to make them look good when in reality who cares?
Posted by FibreGuy over 5 years ago
NextGenUs has been offering superfast symmetric broadband in Hull for over two years and there are other sproviders including Quickline and SureBB also offering superfast services now.

A competitive market exists when alternative providers are included but as so often only the incumbents are considered
Posted by bigluap over 5 years ago
Great if you live in a city. Been using Cable in Warwick for the last 10 years, Guess where BT was quick to roll out Infiniity? .... Hence the Bolt ad to double your speed, especially when BT are planning something similar.
Posted by undecidedadrian over 5 years ago
Once again the UK goverment gives some civil servanta who have nothing to do a pointless task.
Posted by epyon over 5 years ago
Lol i live in aberdeen and the ashgrove rollout has been done for FTTC .....bad time to do a map guys haha
Posted by Somerset over 5 years ago
So we have USwitch, DCMS and Point Topic all producing (different) numbers. Why?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
1. The numbers are not static
2. DCMS is really Ofcom numbers, which ignore small player, published in July 2011, but most likely a few months older than that
3. USwitch is a speedtest, the other two are not speedtest results.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
I realised just now why the map, it is a pre-cursor to the Budget speech and the Urban Fund announcements.
Posted by prejoria over 5 years ago
@epyon - I'm on the Aberdeen Ashgrove exchange and the rollout isn't finished yet. Still can't place an order, but hoping it's on target for the end of March.
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