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Telefonica UK sees broadband numbers decline again
Monday 27 February 2012 19:04:34 by Andrew Ferguson

O2 and Be Broadband has had declining customer numbers now for a year, the latest Q4 financial results list the the number of broadband customers as 620,300 a decline of 5,000 connections compared to the previous quarter. In the last twelve months Telefónica UK who own O2 and Be, has seen customer numbers drop from 671,600 to the current 620,300.

A large part of the decline may be down to O2 making significant changes to its broadband product range with the introduction of traffic management, which to some extent will always be the consequence of trying to run an unlimited service that also has a popular price point. Another large factor, and an oft mentioned reason for people migrating away from Be is the availability of FTTC services in an area, particularly as upload speeds up to 10 Mbps are available.

The recent network problems will not have any effect on these results, but the Q1 figures for 2012 will make for interesting reading when released in a few months time. The Be System Status page indicates that an upgrade to the BBC network is affecting access to BBC web services, but our forums indicate that other sites accessed via the BBC network as a peer are also affected, e.g. Oddly the work on the BBC network appears to be only affecting Be/O2 customers, one or two people have complained about intermittent issues, but not to the extent Be/O2 customers are suffering.

Be is thought to be waiting on approval for plans to offer a FTTC service via Openreach, but if these plans are delayed for much longer, they will find Sky snatching yet more customers.

Sky is managing to continue to offer its unlimited service in the face of increasing bandwidth demands, a large part of these is down to their extensive national fibre backbone which is still growing. Be/O2 have a network expansion plan but this is not expected to complete until the end of 2012.


Posted by tommy45 over 5 years ago
Lol, they will also keep on loosing customers by failing to fix problems with their network and peering issues within a timely manner, a month or longer is several weeks too long IMO N o other ISP to my knowledge treats it's customer base in this way, too many lies
Posted by timmay over 5 years ago
@tommy45 agreed. It really is time to fix this problem. O2 support told me today so I'll ring them later to tell them that my DD will be stopped until they fix the issue but I'm sure they won't care about the loss of £13pm.
Posted by undecidedadrian over 5 years ago
I left in Dec 2009 due to a 3 month long problem with their network where I was unable to access eBay during peak times.

This is obviously a different network problem but people can only be mucked about so far before they leave.
Posted by TGVrecord over 5 years ago
I have not noticed any problems with iPlayer on Be. In fact I have just been watching 'The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff' in HD without a problem.
Posted by fibrebunny over 5 years ago
Sky will have a product launched and I assume fanfare marketing soon to follow. While Telefonica are still twiddling their thumbs and thinking about it. So many will be tied in to line rental and calls bundles with minimum contracts.
Posted by Scubaholic over 5 years ago
If you read the original article you would see that not all Be/o2 customers are affected. Therefore because you are one of the lucky ones doesn't mean that the problem doesn't exist or has been fixed!
3 weeks on & the problem has got worse for me. Can watch iPlayer online but can't d/l programs or watch via my blu-ray player. Love Film has also had interruptions as well.
Posted by Alchemyfire over 5 years ago
O2 lost me as a customer because they wouldn't let me tether my iPhone. They are way to restrictive on how you can use your internet connection.
Posted by doowles over 5 years ago
Very well written. BE has gone to the dogs, I've had it with waiting for their fttc product delays and dodgy bulgarian support who deny all problems and ask for pings.

BT, Sky or virgin are the new gold standard for heavy users.
Posted by FlappySocks over 5 years ago
What ISP's use BE wholesale? Are thay subject to the same issues?
Posted by DannyD12 over 5 years ago

There are a few smaller ISP's that use BE wholesale, AAISP is the first that comes to mind but they'd use their own backbones and IP blocks so shouldn't have the same problems.
Posted by TGVrecord over 5 years ago
@ Scubaholic

I was not aware it is a crime to post a positive comment about Be! I migrated from Nildram and have not regretted the move. It appears to me that certain people are not very tolerant if things are not done immediately. I still consider Be to be better than the majority of ISPs.
Posted by timmay over 5 years ago
Update: This issue is fixed for me now.
Posted by creakycopperline over 5 years ago
tether your iphone? you mean use your wifi.
i would of left in a heart beat
Posted by DannyD12 over 5 years ago

Tethering usually refers to using your phones internet connection to connect your PC or other device whether via wifi or a cable. O2 are really poor in this regard although as I rarely get a 3G signal anywhere it doesn't make much difference to me.
Posted by Big_Bob over 5 years ago
One reason might be their lack of LLU exchanges. In many areas like mine where fibre is little but a dream it's the only way to get any decent speed - so perhaps they should open up more exchanges.
Posted by scopio over 5 years ago
It is not surprising that o2 in particular are loosing customers. With their problems in Spain financial crisis and the reduction in download speeds, like I am experiencing every day and my friend who can only get 1Mbps in the Worcester area, what else can people do but find a better ISP!
Posted by DaveCheltenham over 5 years ago
I have been with them for nearly 3 years after Sky gave me a usage upgrade from 40GB/month to, yes 10GB/month. I am on their unlimited package which to be sure is 'fair usage' and when I asked them about what this was, it meant something over 350GB/month over a 2 to 3 month period. I don't appear to have had any bandwidth restrictions but have noticed some websites slow for 2-3 hours about 3 times in the last 2 months. Current Think BB tested speeds are:-
Date 05/03/12 14:39:27
Speed Down 13444.97 Kbps ( 13.1 Mbps )
Speed Up 1080.99 Kbps ( 1.1 Mbps )
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