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Hug a street cabinet campaign needed
Tuesday 14 February 2012 11:15:28 by Andrew Ferguson

In Churchgate Street, Bury St Edmunds Openreach has an existing cabinet opposite the Queens Head, back in 2010 it tried to get permission to locate a new cabinet to house its FTTC service. Alas after an objection to its original location, and a revised location was found to be too close to the pub cellar a new application is underway.

Openreach has code powers so most cabinets they install do not need planning permission, in conservation areas permission is required, and in UK towns with narrow pavements finding a suitable location can prove difficult. In theory it should be possible to locate the hardware under the pavement, but many pavements also carry other utilities just under the surface. The solution many will say is dispense with the cabinet in that area, and install FTTP, but even that can require the expansion of existing chambers to house splitters.


Posted by jchamier over 5 years ago
"Missed cabinets" are happening all over the place. Its a shame OpenReach don't have a website to explain why PCPx on Exchange Y is delayed.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
Best bet is check planning application part of local council, as those in a conservation area may appear.

Most small towns have at least one area it seems.
Posted by vicdupreez over 5 years ago
I have a really stupid question... Why can openreach not arrange with a homeowner in the area, to have the cabinet on their land (as part of the hedge or something so that it is still accessible from the street, and give them FTTH and free line rental or something... Would this not get around all this mucking about with planning etc?

Like I said, stupid question... Please feel free to correct me.
Posted by ian72 over 5 years ago
Planning permission covers private ground as well as public. If you want to put a cabinet in your garden in a conservation area you will potentially need planning permission.
Posted by vicdupreez over 5 years ago
hehe Thanks Ian. Knew there was a gotcha... What about underground on private ground? New type of pull out underground underground unit perhaps :D. Been looking for a project :)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
Pull out or hydraulic lift underground units are not uncommon in Europe, so not a new invention.

The cover may still need planning permission, and the works to connect to power, existing cabinet too.

Follow google link in article, you can see the issue, with old town street, and barely wide enough pavements.
Posted by craigbrass over 5 years ago
Inside the pub cellar maybe...?
Posted by SATSUMAS over 5 years ago
hi, at one point there were several mobile phone masts (in city's) that were made to look like trees...and even lamp post of sorts,
you may know of some your self!
can this method not be applied to fiber technology...
the other idea is simply to tell the councils to grow up! we dont live in the dark ages!
we all want technology then dont stand in the way of progress!!
..maybe so!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
Pub cellar might be a solution, provided 24 hour was available.

Alas Openreach is tending to not do bespoke solutions, preferring its two or three templates fit all scenarios approach.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago

The kit Openreach is using is a good sized chuck about 19" wide, 12" deep, plus wiring, battery backup etc

Full Fibre deployment is generally passive, so easier to hide, but choice is chambers in pavement, which means more cost to distribute to properties in area.
Posted by fibrebunny over 5 years ago
I note the pavement has been widened a little further down the road. There appears to be a few spaces around but depends on other services and BT requirements. Seems to be a grey cabinet in the opposite direction and the pavements on the side road are minuscule!
Posted by russianmonkey over 5 years ago
Can we not call this "Cuddle a cabinet"? :-D
Posted by fastman over 5 years ago
DSLAM aslo to has to be within close proximity of the PCP it is connected to and this can limit choi of locations
Posted by otester over 5 years ago
If a community doesn't want it I am sure there are many others that do.
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