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Pipex UK Ltd customers transferred to Global 4 Communications
Monday 06 February 2012 15:17:39 by Andrew Ferguson

Global 4 Communications has acquired the customer database of old Pipex and Bulldog customers, with the service moving over to be Global 4's responsibility in January 2012. Peoples billing will be moving to Home Telecom (the consumer part of Global 4) in February and those affected should get a copy of the letter below informing them of changes to their direct debit.

Letter from Global 4 to Bulldog and Pipex customers
Click image for copy of the full letter

Customers of Pipex and Bulldog are apparently retaining their existing terms and conditions. For those looking at Home Telecom or those new customers looking to change packages (always worth checking as prices have reduced over the years, and many are on older slower, more expensive 30 day contracts), they offer a £23 broadband product in around 80% of the UK, in the remainder of the UK it will cost £25 a month and those in this last 20% are subject to a 75GB monthly allowance, with excess usage costing £1.25 per GB if the limit is exceeded in two consecutive months. Their package comparison indicates broadband is available for £11.65 a month, but this price is only achieved if you take their £27.99 service which includes line rental, broadband and 300 minutes of calls.

One thing that jumps out from the Home Telecom product pages, is that they list contention ratio's which went the way of the dinosaur some years ago. Contention still very much exists, but fixed ratios cannot be calculated, which makes it even more amazing that they claim figures of 33:1 for Sky, 50:1 for BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk. The on-site description of contention ratio appears to mislead people as it was never about sharing your connection with another user, it was about sharing the capacity of the backhaul that in itself was always bigger than your own connection. There was one provider (Tiscali) who at some exchanges when 1 Mbps was a common connection speed, would only provide 2 Mbps of backhaul, and populate this at 50:1, i.e. have 100 x 1 Mbps customers on this little link, which would obviously give worse performance that other 50:1 providers who had larger backhaul links.


Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
hmm they also appear to be miss selling prices vs other company's they list skys broadband unlimited packages as £15.00 when in reality its £7.50 with TV ot £10 without to me thats false advertising claiming to be cheaper when your not and i can most likely bet the sky connection will be a lot better in the long run too :-/
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
As HomeTelecom don't do TV, I think they are comparing to the Sky Broadband without TV prices, where it is £15.

That caught me out initially too.
Posted by tiliaband over 5 years ago
Didn't TalkTalk take over Pipex? What happens now to Pipex email accounts for TalkTalk customers?
Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
@andrew sky changed there prices a few week ago its £10 a month now
Taken From the Sky Site
Free for 6 months Then just £10 a month + Sky Line Rental £12.25 a month
Save £2.50 a month on your broadband when you take a Sky TV package
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
Save £2.50 on the broadband, but cheapest triple play seems to be £27.50 once offers are over.

Got my packages mixed up, easy to do with the multitude of offers around.
Posted by acpsd775 over 5 years ago
yea it can get very confusing sky have that many packages now lol i only know they changed the price from £15 to £10 for none TV customers because i ordered it for my cuz about a week ago ive got TV with them so have always got the 7.50 deal lol
Posted by zyborg47 over 5 years ago
I presume they use the cable and wireless network like Bulldog did when they can, so it is fully LLU. just like bulldog, Talk Talk and Sky, no wonder it is cheap. i would really have to be low on money to go for a fully LLU service. I stay as i am.
Posted by malvachat over 5 years ago
I was a Pipex customer and very happy with them.When I got moved to Talk Talk they put the price up from £6.64 to £17.21(I was not on the phone) and Expected me to pay.I got a code and moved.They then tried to make me pay a cancellation fee even though I had never agreed to move to talk talk.After about ten e-mails and me threatening to go to legal remedys they relented.
I'm so glad.Talk Talk are an absolute joke.
Posted by cooltonagh over 5 years ago
Mid-2011 Talk-Talk wrote and said they had taken over PIPEX (I'd been happy too). I wasn't having any of that and moved phone to PlusNet. But tell me, 8 months later how can PIPEX be taken over without the rest of TalkTalk going too?
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