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Four more councils broadband plans approved
Thursday 26 January 2012 19:21:24 by Andrew Ferguson

The BDUK process is a long one, with central approval of any plans being required before a local authority and four areas have received that approval, allowing the area to undertake the business of taking tenders from commercial providers.

  • Kent and Medway Councils, BDUK allocation £9,870,000
  • Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, BDUK allocation £8,210,000
  • Lincolnshire, BDUK allocation £14,310,000
  • Hampshire, City of Portsmouth, City of Southampton, BDUK allocation £8,420,000


Posted by adslmax over 5 years ago
Does this mean Telford & Wrekin will bring more FTTC in due course to Cuckoo Oak, Hollinswood and Oakengates as my neighbours such as Dawley, Donnington, Stirchley and Wellington already got FTTC for this year.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
If BT gets the contract then yes most likely.
Posted by adslmax over 5 years ago
Thanks Andrew, all I need to do is just sit back and wait until BT put the dates on. Hopefully not too long before 2015.
Posted by Dixinormous over 5 years ago
You alledgedly have 120/12 from Virgin Media, unsure what FTTC will bring you.
Posted by StarTree over 5 years ago
Telford and Wrekin have pulled out after deciding that they could not justify the £700,000 funding that was needed from them. Shropshire is now going ahead alone.
Posted by AspieMum over 5 years ago
Looks like I'm in with a chance of getting at least 2MBs broadband, which is better than the 800KBs-1.7MBs I'm getting at present. I'm in Hampshire.
Posted by tony8436 over 4 years ago
Telford & Wrekin withdrew their bid so we will get f**k all!!!!!
BT need to sort this out as they are the retards that put us on the Hollinswood exchange when we live in Donnington.
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