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4G trial in Cornwall extended to June 2012
Wednesday 25 January 2012 14:02:37 by Andrew Ferguson

180 customers in the St Newlyn area of Cornwall have been on a 4G trial which was due to come to an end soon. Ofcom has given approval for an extension of the trial to June 2012, for testing of 4G in rural areas.

Everything Everywhere is running the trial in conjunction with BT Wholesale. The trial is using a part of the sub 1GHz spectrum which is better at penetrating buildings and obstructions that the higher 4G frequencies. Average download speeds are reported as 7 Mbps, with 2 Mbps upload speeds.

"Before the 4G trial, my fiancé and I were using a dongle, and downloading anything was impossible it was so slow. Now, we can watch on demand television and stream music. Better still, my fiancé’s sister in Australia has met her four-month-old nephew for the first time over Skype. The extension of the trial is a godsend for me, as I really don’t want to go back to the digital dark age."

Tamasin Battell, 4G Cornwall triallist

The Superfast Cornwall project which is vastly more advanced with actual roll-out underway compared to BDUK, and has always had wireless (fixed and mobile) in its plan to provide superfast broadband to as much of Cornwall as possible. One unknown still, and this applies across the UK is how BT plans to meet the 25 Mbps (or 30 Mbps in some areas) minimum speed target for exchange only lines (a line that has no street cabinet between it and the exchange). The Cornwall blueprint seems to suggest these will be some other technology than FTTP.

Hopefully for triallists in Cornwall, a further extension will be granted in June, rather than service being withdrawn until the 4G auctions finally complete and service delivery commence in 2013.


Posted by cyberdoyle over 5 years ago
4G is ok as a cloud above a decent land line infrastructure providing mobility. It is not the future for homes, families and businesses. Cornwall and NI may think they are getting a good deal, but having spent all their money on BT 'superfast' they will struggle when they realise they are miles away from meeting the minimum speed target set by our government and the EU. Only those close to cabs will get it. The rest will eat cake.
Posted by Somerset over 5 years ago
So what's the alternative cd?
Posted by Somerset over 5 years ago
Answer is use the HS2 £30b.
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
The USC is 2Mbps... I think we'll be ok :)

Even if cost £2k or £3k per home to fibre remote rural areas (it reality its much more) it would cost all of BT's 2.5billion just for rural homes, nothing left for anyone else.

Alternative products have to be looked at and used for hard to reach areas, sorry but you'll just have to deal with that.
Posted by creakycopperline over 5 years ago
2meg what joke,
Posted by GMAN99 over 5 years ago
Set by the government but yes... it is really
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