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Virgin Media tweaks the edges of its speed uplift plans
Monday 16 January 2012 21:41:44 by Andrew Ferguson

Virgin Media has had a confusing few days, with an upgrade email going out to customers who would not be affected by it, but also some tweaks to their higher speed products that we have confirmed with the company.

Existing 50 Mbps customers, will be upgraded to 120 Mbps, while continuing to pay the same price as they do now. The upgrade may take place in two stages, with an uplift to 100 Mbps initially, followed by an extra 20 Mbps when the fastest tier gets its upgrade to 120 Mbps.

Customers on the 100 Mbps product, will still be upgraded to 120 Mbps as planned, but will see a reduction in the price they pay to match the pricing of those who were originally on the 50 Meg tier when the aligning of tiers starts in April 2012.

This should mean that for those taking Virgin Media cable broadband only, the ongoing monthly fee will be £35 for a 120 Mbps service. For those that bundle the broadband with a telephone service, the price will be £25 a month, plus the phone line rental of £13.90.

Paying £35 a month for broadband may look expensive to those more used to the adverts of £5 to £10 a month, but back in 2005, £35 only bought you a 10 Mbps Telewest service.


Posted by ne0hack3r over 5 years ago
Time to throw out all the 10/100 hardware and upgrade to gigabit... Not really had a reason to until now!

Shame we are only moving over in June to 120meg :-( it was only last month Virgin enabled a 100meg plan here
Posted by audioslim over 5 years ago
Its just a shame they dont roll out to other areas with some effort.

I'ld love cable.

Posted by ne0hack3r over 5 years ago
After living in the middle of a not-spot for years, it was one of the criteria for when moving... One of the bigger ones too as I rely on my Internet for working from home.
Posted by thinkunbiased over 5 years ago
Saw this a few days ago for Lithuanian
100Mb ~ £12
Puts UK ISPs to shame
Posted by dustofnations over 5 years ago
@thinkunbiased - not really a fair comparison. We have higher taxes, higher labour costs and higher wages. So it costs more in comparative terms. I'm not saying our market is perfect, but you can't just equate it so simplistically.

Oh, and the GBP is much stronger than the Lithuanian litas.
Posted by Rhydsz over 5 years ago
What's more interesting about the Lithuanian offer is the fact that 100Mbps appears to be presented as the standard speed rather than an enhanced service as in this country.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 5 years ago
SOME people will just never be happy eh!? :/
Posted by themanstan over 5 years ago
Lithuania average gross salary $900 pm vs UK $3300 pm...

3300 / 900 = 3.67

£12 x 3.67 = £44 from their salary when equated to UK.

I like the reduction in the merging of the 50/100 products into the new 120 mb. That'll put pressure on BT to maintain it's price level when 80 FTTC comes in.
Posted by themanstan over 5 years ago
in "price and" the...
Posted by driz over 5 years ago
Lithuania is actually fibre fibre too, not VM-lies -'fibre' (HFC) with all its associated capacity issues.

So it's not even a like for like comparison! :)
Posted by Scainer over 5 years ago
I predict (a) lots of new customers join virgin, and (b) lots of current customer join Infinity.
Posted by sunindra over 5 years ago
Virgin have explained the 50Mbps/100Mbps inconsistency, but in my opinion there is still an issue regarding 20Mbps/30Mbps being upgraded to 60Mbps. Will there be a price reduction for current 30Mbps customers.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 5 years ago
In theory should be no-one on the 20Meg, only those who refused the previous upgrade, or got missed.

Some may have elected to stay due to a retention deal on 20Meg I guess.
Posted by otester over 5 years ago
I think they are doing this so they can cap (upload speed) of the 100Mbps users as well, may even go further with extra caps.
Posted by Kwenda over 5 years ago
I also recieved the notification of the increased speeds.
However my Virgin service is so very erratic often in the evenings I get 2 or 3 Mbs when I pay for 30 Mbs.
Posted by twilkins_uk over 5 years ago
>>In theory should be no-one on the 20Meg,
>>only those who refused the previous upgrade,
>>or got missed.
I was on 20Mb; VM refused to upgrade me to 30Mb unless I paid £75 for the Superhub.
Posted by gsituffers1 over 5 years ago
as same as previous comments the only people on 20mb are the people comparing vm bb to say plus net sky bt adsl etc and want to pay penuts for vm faster bb -super hub fees are £30 delivery/activation and 20/30mb is £17 ppm or lower on retentions offers all customers will upgrade to 60mb bb later on and superhub will be free if you wait till closer to till upgrade comes to areas - pricing to be confirmed but 2,3,4,5,6,7,8mb bb versus 20-60-120 yuo pay your money you make you choice -
Posted by gsituffers1 over 5 years ago
to kwendA CALL 151 FROM VM landline and speak to liverpool or swansea support -ask if you have been traffic managed or if its a fault etc
Posted by gsituffers1 over 5 years ago
to otester - check out traffic management page about - upgraded / improved bb upload speeds rollout and also vm will link / lower traffic management limits on each package in line with new speeds as rollout continues - look at the options bt infifnty slower bb and usage caps and must have telephone line which slows bb down over distance -vm traffic maangement and faster bb and same prices and lower than bt and no need for phone if you dont want one - your choice
Posted by otester over 5 years ago

BT Retail is one of many providers which offer BTW FTTC and unlimited options are available without any traffic management/shaping + full speeds.

VM has an AUP which it does enforce against heavy users, meaning heavy downloads are to be kept outside of peak hours if they moan at you (depends on local congestion).

If VM was available I would choose it.
Posted by michaels_perry over 5 years ago
None of this benefits Virgin's ADSL customers - we get left out again! Plus there are complaints lodged already with OfCom and ASA about their marketing materials that are at best 'misleading' and quoting different speeds in a letter and accompanying leaflet. It would be better if BT and the ISPs got the old overhead wires replaced in rural areas so a decent service was available there as well as in urban areas.
Posted by jupiler over 5 years ago
Just checked VM's website; my area upgrade is from 'July onwards', damn it!
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