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Gigaclear to mark completion of first fibre village
Tuesday 25 October 2011 09:44:45 by Andrew Ferguson

Gigaclear and Hambleton are evidence that those in an area where enough people want fibre and are willing to pay for it that it is possible, and in a timescale that is much shorter than the current BDUK schemes. This Saturday will see GigaClear and Rutland Telecom celebrate the delivery of the network with a party in the fibre village.

Hambleton with its small population and unusual geographic location on a penisula in Rutland Water may appear to be unique, but there are many similar small villages around the UK, though how many will be able to raise £250,000 of private investment is another matter.

For our small and beautiful County it is essential that we offer excellent internet services for tourists and business visitors. These are discerning consumers who demand more from online services and technology.
Now, in 2011 we have two excellent hospitality businesses in Hambleton leading the way for Rutland in providing fibre-optic internet services to their customers.
We are seeing significant resources coming in to Rutland from private enterprise in terms of investment, technology, and service innovation. I look forward to seeing more examples of this entrepeneurial spirit throughout the County.

Ed Burrows, Chairman of Discover Rutland

Rutland Telecom has delivered a fibre to the home network capable of delivering 1 Gbps (Giga bit per second), though it is not clear if a Gigabit service can be purchased, a table of the packages currently on offer is below:

Package Download Speed Upload Speed Allowance Price per month
Residential 50 Mbps 5 Mbps 100 GB £50 (inc VAT)
Silver Surfer 10 Mbps 1 Mbps 25 GB £35 (inc VAT)
Business 50Mbps 50Mbps unlimited - subject to FUP £100 plus VAT

Residents of Hambleton have been woefully underserved with respect to broadband to date, so while many of us will look at the usage limits and costs and complain they are inadequate, the extra speed will transform their internet experience. Hopefully those paying for the service will realise how quick they can burn through the allowance, 25GB can be used up by renting around 4 High Definition videos (XBox and PS3 video stores offer HD videos at around 8 GB file size). The 100GB allowance on the main product is significantly higher than the average that other fast broadband services like Virgin Media report people using.

Update Wednesday 26th October 17:30 We have added the actual package information now it has been released by Rutland Telecom. The main feature being usage allowances are higher than we previously listed.


Posted by cyberdoyle over 6 years ago
I love these JFDI communities. Power to the People. Well done Rutland.
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
At what cost though - £100 a month! your average joe would not pay that
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
At 100 a month it should be truly unlimited
Posted by James1o1o over 6 years ago
Can't beleive that ISP's still hand out 'monthly allowance's' even in this day and age.
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
Monthly allowance on a cheapo package maybe, but £100 a month, no way
Posted by AndrueC over 6 years ago
That price is scary..but also informative. True that it's early days so perhaps there are cost savings as time goes on but at the same time presumably the companies are trying to encourage other communities.

That suggests to me that the pricing/allowances are pretty reasonable for that kind of project. So perhaps now we know a bit more about the economics of the final third.

You can have FTTH/P - but only if you pay four or five times what a 'townie' pays and/or put up with restrictive allowances.
Posted by PhilCoates over 6 years ago
Presumably the cost reflects the requirement for the providers to actually make some profit on their investment.

I do not know the area but would suspect that most of the residents would have above average incomes.
Posted by themanstan over 6 years ago
£100 packages are for businesses GMAN.

Still, 25GB on the £50 package is less than the 40GB that BT offer on their option 2 package... and £10 extra that the Rutland Telecom site offers to double the allowance still seems very tight.
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
Even worse then themanstan business packages shouldn't have a limit like that for the money
Posted by timmay over 6 years ago
I think the residents of Hambleton can afford £50 per month. In the last 3 years the cheapest house in Hambleton sold for £455,625! But 25GB is a low usage limit. Should just have a FUP with a ~100GB 'soft' limit.
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
What's the speed of the (BT supplied?) link out of the village?
Posted by wirelesspacman over 6 years ago
"At 100 a month it should be truly unlimited"

If you add a zero perhaps.
Posted by timmay over 6 years ago
@Somerset most likely a 100Mb WEES. Which could easily be upgraded to 1Gb when needed.
Posted by rutlandtelecom over 6 years ago
We raised the usage limit in Hambleton to 100GB/month for residential and it has always been "unlimited" (subject to FUP) for business users
Rutland Telecom
Posted by fibrebunny over 6 years ago
Its like a whore with warts... Should go fast, you just get started and bang, time to slam on the brakes.
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
And clearly a 100M link is fine for the existing number of users and traffic.
Posted by themanstan over 6 years ago

That's more like it.

Any business using more than FUP really needs a dedicated link and should pay for it.
Uncontended 50 Mbps symmetric is in the thousands per year.
Posted by g0ldT2 over 5 years ago
Is there a connection charge on top of the monthly cost? if so how much?
Posted by themanstan over 5 years ago
If you didn't sign up in the during the initial registration phase a mere £1000 subject to survey.
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