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Gigabit Fibre goes live in Prices Court, Wandsworth
Wednesday 19 October 2011 15:40:58 by Andrew Ferguson

If broadband is a key part to your home or working life and you are happy living in London, then Prices Court, Battersea, Wandsworth would seem to be the place to be. Hyperoptic has gone live with its first fibre wired building of 133 flats. The company will offer fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) services and it should be future proof for speeds beyond 1Gbps (Gigabit per second) with PC Pro confirming that fibre termination has occurred in each flat

Fibre at 1 Gbps is nothing new, what is new are firms investing in delivering it to blocks of residential premises and then charging a reasonable price. The cheapest service from Hyperoptic starts at £12.50 and provides a 20 Mbps connection. 100 Mbps costs from £25 a month and the eye watering 1 Gbps is from £50 a month. The pricing is subject to a 12 month phone contract, and a typical setup fee of £40 applies. The service is unlimited, and to give you some idea of what you can do, uploading 500 photos (2.5 GB) would take around 20 seconds and a 5 GB movie download around 42 seconds, assuming there are no bottlenecks on the way or at the server end.

It appears we can look forward to more buildings being connected, and as a way of adding value or increasing the potential sale price for new flats it would make sense to install the best possible internet connection.

We are sure people will be thinking of what they can do with a Gigabit connection all to themselves. For the first customer this may be the case, but once a number of users connect the key will be how Hyperoptic manage the contention. If a building has a number of people buying the Gigabit service, we hope that they are providing more than a Gigabit link from the building to the network, or have network management in place to avoid the few heavy users squeezing out the slower package customers and raising latency for gamers. The rule that backhaul should be several times faster than any single user applies to all products, no matter whether wireless, copper based, coax or fibre and is not a unique factor in the UK, it applies worldwide.


Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
No download limit either just the usual FUP, cool :)
Posted by themanstan over 6 years ago
Indeed, some proper competition in the Urban market place at last. This is a similar setup that's seen in europe and is very cost effective, although more commonly a FTTB, then ethernet (which is apparently copper!).
But this is reliant on accomodating/sensible landlords/management companies.
Posted by herdwick over 6 years ago
"The rule that backhaul should be several times faster than any single user applies to all products" - don't tell B4RN ;-)
Posted by themanstan over 6 years ago
Some interesting metrics from other news items on the same subject. Install cost per flat is £130, so then it's just the fibre to a core and leases the connectivity (must be less than 2 kilometers from core fibre network).
All keeping costs on a ROI that will reap in the short to medium term.
This is a very impressive model (economics wise), not over-extending and keeping sensible criteria for operating the company.
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
To be fair its easier to do in cities, its more like a LAN
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
I left out the documented data I had from a heavily marketed ISP from the days of 0.5 and 1Meg products when they would fit 100 customers onto a 2Mbps backhaul.

Little wonder capacity was invariably maxed out at peak times.
Posted by Guest_Again over 6 years ago
Oh...but, but...Oooh...NICE!!

Now, just let me think about it for a bit...

...HMMmmm, lovely, just let me LOVELY!! ;-D

When..?! :-)
Posted by timmay over 6 years ago
lets say all 133 flats connect, that's still 7.5Mbps per flat if the backhaul is 1Gbps. That's plenty! I doubt anyone would sign up for 1Gbps, there's just no need for it yet. They just better be careful people don't buy the flats and build data centres in them ... lol!
Posted by musical_uk over 6 years ago
Oh, how the copyright owners will do all they can to prevent this business model and technology becoming widespread. The kleptocracy will put many obstacles in the way.

Look at the recent extension of copyright for another twenty years, against all advice and consumer interest, by the EU 'Parliament'. So, we pay more for stuff already created, current artists have to compete with older artists for record company attention, record companies continue to coin it, and Cliff Richard and his companion can continue drinking cocktails in the Carribean. All paid for by us. Just wait and see.
Posted by bowrolio over 6 years ago
I'd sign up for 1Gbps... and not for illegal downloading. In a shared house (ok, i'd be the main user as the computer user, but still) if 4x people are watching iplayer HD for example, whilst i'm downloading some linux OS to try out....
I do alot of remote desktop connection to home - a faster connection would improve the performance and possibilities of the technology greatly... above 1Gbps connections we can start looking at dumb terminals to cloud computing, we just need 2 way fast reliable connections to allow the tech to develop!
Posted by timmay over 6 years ago
I Would like to do this where I live. It'll be tricky as a retro fit and as there are many separate block I'd have to use BT PIA to connect each :-( Plus side is there are just over 400 flats/town houses and BT are not enabling the cabinet for FTTC (when they do all the others this December). So might work if BT don't gazump by enabling FTTC or installing their own FTTP.
Posted by wirelesspacman over 6 years ago

Except of course that it is not 20Mbps for £12.50 per month! The cheapest you can get the 20Mbps for is £22.50 per month. 100Mbps will set you back £35.00 per month.
Posted by themanstan over 6 years ago
That's the broadband only option.
If you divest yourself from your BT line and take up their one, then including line rental the price is £25, £37.50 and £65.50.
The details of the call plan look very much like a resold BT call plans anyway.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
Even with the additional 'bundle' requirements, given 0.5Meg was £50 a month ten years ago. 20Meg symmetric for that price is still good.

The Gig is out of most peoples budgets, but if it means you can work from, saving on commuting time and money.

Posted by themanstan over 6 years ago
Unfortunately, only the 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps are symmetric. The 20 Mbps is down only with a 1 Mbps upload.

See page 4
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
My bad - must read more :-)

Poor printer this week and highlighter pens have been very busy
Posted by Mince1978 over 6 years ago
This day and age we should all be getting 1Gbps symetric and it should be free!!
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
Yes it should be free, along with petrol, electricity gas and food.. Hurray!
Posted by doowles over 6 years ago
This is going to be huge! Shame its only really new buildings but gotta start somewhere.
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
I think the problem is, it won't be huge at all. Very localised, I'll be surprised if it goes outside Longon
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
London even :)
Posted by bezuk over 6 years ago
I think the most interesting thing is that they seem to be able to install it in existing blocks rather than just new blocks as they're being built, which I thought was impossible.

Will certainly be putting my block on their radar. This is the first hopeful solution I've seen for those of us in blocks too close to the exchange for FTTC and no cable.
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
'Just' needs the building to have easy access for cabling and sufficient customers.
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