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YouTube launches movies in the UK
Friday 07 October 2011 14:35:30 by John Hunt

YouTube has today announced that it is launching its rental movie service in the UK with over 1,000 major Hollywood and British films available to rent. Alongside blockbusters such as The Dark Knight and Reservoir Dogs are new releases such as Hanna, Fast Five and Red Riding Hood, with Film Extras such as interviews and behind-the-scenes footage will also be available in some cases.

New releases will cost £3.49 to rent, whilst older films will be available for £2.49. After renting, users have 30 days to watch the film, and 48 hours to complete once started. One useful feature is that they can be watched on any computer or device through which a user is signed in to their YouTube account. This includes mobile phones such as on the iPhone or Android devices.

There is a clear advantage that Google have here through allowing Internet-enabled TV's access to the service such as the Google TV. With content available directly, it makes it a much nicer user experience rather than having to load up a laptop or other device which is connected to the TV. Google will also move into direct competition with the likes of Apple (and their Apple TV device) as well as PlayStation and XBox devices.

The subscription model, such as that operated by LOVEFiLM, could see some users shift, although until YouTube offers an all-you-can-eat style service, there will always be a market for the likes of LOVEFiLM, particularly with their currently, larger catalogue of films.

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Posted by SlimJ over 6 years ago
I'll stick with Lovefilm me thinks. Rather watch movies on a Blu-Ray with DTS-HD audio thanks.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
Have watched a film now - 480p runs to around 330 MB per hour, i.e. around 750 Kbps. Looks surprisingly good for that bit rate, though will look worse the larger the monitor it is on.

No HD option that I could see.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 6 years ago
gosh. can see a problem with some data packages if everyone starts doing this, but guess its gonna get worse when youview launches. Its bad enough with iplayer. Not much hope for the rurals stuck on satellites paying £15 a gig over their 8 gig allowance.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
Not just satellite, some fibre services have usage allowances too.

BTW 330MB per hour is low. Some HD films weigh in at 8GB
Posted by fibrebunny over 6 years ago
At that price they can keep it. Blockbuster would be cheaper, if you have one local. SBO costs more but gives you HD and lovefilm is even better value if you watch a few films a month. I'd sooner wait for postage and have Blu-Ray.
Posted by m0aur over 6 years ago
Yes, they can keep it at that price. BlinkBox free and Miro is the only price.
Posted by jas2k_1 over 6 years ago
Just for info..... Panasonic have YouTube built into their TV software
Posted by jas2k_1 over 6 years ago
Just for info..... Panasonic have YouTube built into their TV software
Posted by zyborg47 over 6 years ago
too expensive to be honest, I will stick with Lovefilm. anyway no point unless there is a decent and easy way of watching them on the PS3
Posted by baby_frogmella over 6 years ago
What a rip off! I have a Boxee box connected to my 42" plasma and have signed up to netflix through the Boxee. For a fiver a month ($7.99 pm) i can watch UNLIMITED SD and HD movies. Oh and Netflix works brilliantly via VPN :)
Posted by comnut over 6 years ago
changing the english again??
Most think 'in orbit' when you say satellite...

though I think you may be using 'fancy english' for a place detached from the main village, as happens in the deep country..

jas2k_1: that may be so, but you still have to pay for an ISP!!!

Posted by comnut over 6 years ago
real satellite ISPs are upto 100 a month, plus Installation (£120.00), and may also need a Wireless Satellite/VOIP Router (£179.00).. can you afford that??

Posted by comnut over 6 years ago
or have you been confused by this news??

WiMAX on satellite **frequencies**

Posted by otester over 6 years ago
Still doesn't compare to torrent/usenet.
Posted by grahammm over 6 years ago
I wonder why nearly all of the movies in the 'foreign' section are Asian? There are a couple of German and Spanish titles but no French ones despite France having an active movie industry.
Posted by epyon over 6 years ago

I hope its better than love film cause that sucked badly on ps3.
Posted by Fenris over 6 years ago
I'll pass.
Posted by Guest_Again over 6 years ago
*Guesty wonders if HIS movie is online yet - you know the one, "Lock, Stock, and Three Smoking Fajitas!".
I changed it due to the popularity of the original title, 'lock, stock, and three smoking dmt's - it didn't stay on the shelves for long.., it couldn't, due to it's ever increasing popularity, the gut-wrenching story, and..and...and the fact that they were each placed within a perfec

It was a classic movie but copied, slightly, by some other people who 'liked' the name
Posted by Guest_Again over 6 years ago
Whoopsy, I posted that before I had finished that mini-story.

I won't be in too much of a hurry next time. :-)

NO to youtube even seeing my card. Let them fight it out first anyway, and prices shall drop.
Who cares anyway.
Posted by lelboy over 6 years ago
From my point of view it's just an expensive offering that I need no part of. I've been a FilmFour/LoveFilm/Tesco customer for over twelve years and that suits me fine. Prompt turnaround time - most of the time within 24 hours - online streaming FOC depending on your package and all for £16 a month. We typically get 15 or more films pcm which equates to less that a pound per film. .I have Infinity, so for me is not a particular problem - but would be for many with limited download speed and restrictive download allowances.
Posted by diger60 over 6 years ago
ive got a panasonic tv can i get u tube strait to tv jas2k
Posted by diger60 over 6 years ago
jas it 2 years old its the g10 model 42 inch
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