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Parliamentary inquiry into online child protection launched
Wednesday 24 August 2011 12:36:15 by John Hunt

MP's have launched a parliamentary inquiry into online child protection which is to look at how we can better look out for children online and protect them from accessing online pornography. The inquiry follows government plans announced last year that were looking to force ISPs to filter pornographic content unless the user opted out.

"Parents are understandably worried about the ease with which their children can view pornographic content on the Internet and this Inquiry will provide the ideal platform for all interested parties to discuss how best we can protect our children online."

Claire Perry (MP for Devizes)

There will be two evidence sessions to be held, one in September, one in October which will seek opinion from parents, child protection experts, Internet experts as well as senior people in the UK's largest ISPs. They hope to find information which will help:

  • To understand better the extent to which children access on-line pornography and the potential for harm that this may cause
  • To determine what British Internet Service Providers have done to date to protect children online and the extent and possible impact of their future plans in this area
  • To determine what additional tools parents require to protect children from inappropriate content
  • To establish the arguments for and against network level filtering of content that would require an 18 rating in other forms of media
  • To recommend to Government the possible form of regulation required if ISPs fail to meet Recommendation no.5 from the Bailey Review.

UK ISPs do already block access to child-abuse images which have been classified as such by the IWF watchlist, but some are worried that expanding this to all adult content could hamper this service, and would require ISPs to invest a large amount of money in new systems for filtering. Once filtering is in place, it would only be a small step to use this same system to block other content, whether it be websites to do with peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, or perhaps those to do with political activism.


Posted by shaunhw over 6 years ago
Concerned parents should meet the costs of this. As a parent of two children (who have been brought up with internet access), the youngest who is eighteen next January, I've always considered it MY responsibility to ensure that their online activities are safe. Other concerned parents should do the same. If there is a need for such a service, the market will provide, and the parents should pay the cost.
Posted by JttB over 6 years ago
Why should I as a parent have to take responsibility for what my children do online.

If they view porn or other adult content then there is no way in hell it is my fault, it must be someone else's fault!

blah blah blah.

Take some responsibility yourself people!
Posted by GeeTee over 6 years ago
So because parents can't be bothered to supervise their children properly we will all get to bear the costs of some draconian filtering system that will no doubt be trivial to bypass for the averagely savvy kid.

Utter waste of time and money.
Posted by GeeTee over 6 years ago
@shaunhw - "If there is a need for such a service, the market will provide, and the parents should pay the cost."

Quite agree - oh wait, TalkTalk already are doing it - and parents can opt in to use it for free.

Welcome to Australia folks :)
Posted by tommy45 over 6 years ago
Well there is already at least one generation of offspring that are now nearly adults that where not disciplined properly you only had to watch the news a few weeks ago to see that, as the look after our children campaigners, stopped corporal punishment,and parents being able to hit their own kids , now they want to be censor of the net too, I say no, if they who want such useless nonsense should be the only ones who must pay for it
Posted by wisnoskij over 6 years ago
Porn damages no one.
Now goatse, 2 girls one cup, etc - I would not mind if they filtered those sites.

And it is P2P, PtP is never used.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
As I said they would...

And people as usual will fall for the pro-porn/anti-porn thing and fail to see this is about censorship.
Posted by NilSatisOptimum over 6 years ago
@otester, very true!
Posted by Talk1968 over 6 years ago
As already mentioned we should have less interfering Government and parents need to take some responsibility for what their kids get up to, i am totally against censorship of this type.
Posted by Talk1968 over 6 years ago
The Government needs to amend the Human Rights Act which benefits fat cat lawyers and bad guys and not the public at large, oh wait, Clegg doesn't want that and Cameron needs Clegg so hence they have a "review" which will take many years.
Posted by Talk1968 over 6 years ago
I mention The Human Rights act because it is used to stop discipline of children who do wrong, parents have little power since lil Johnny will call the cops if the dad threatens to smack naughty kid. Modern kids know all about the law and their rights.
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
What a wonderful government we have, so under the big society they want parents to run schools and hospitals themselves but when it comes to stopping their kids looking at rude stuff on the net they think its something they should be in charge off and not the parents? You couldn't make it up, I presume Cameron thought of this on one of his recent (5) holidays
Posted by tommy45 over 6 years ago
Debt in this country is not a criminal offence or you can't got to prison for owning someone money, unless of course that some one is the government or one of it's quango agencies,
don't matter who they are they are only doing that job to get rich quick
Posted by camieabz over 6 years ago

"Why should I as a parent have to take responsibility for what my children do online."

Because as a parent and guardian of a child it's you responsibility to keep them safe from harm. That means not allowing them to be exposed to some aspects of adult life, such as alcohol, pornography, and the adults in such areas of adult life.

They don't have the life experience to realise the risks and pitfalls of such things.
Posted by fibrebunny over 6 years ago
Lazy parents often complain of their diminished rights to slap their kids about a bit. Yet often carry on regardless anyway. Perhaps it would do better to amend legislation so lazy parents can be slapped about by the public. This might incentivise them somewhat.
Posted by john (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
Re PtP, good point, thanks. Was thinking of point-to-point for some reason :-)
Posted by shaunhw over 6 years ago
Methinks Jttb was being just a little satirical here.
Posted by pigfister over 6 years ago
censorship though fear, i thought parenting was the parents role personally!

guess they want filters to block out videos exposing their war crimes like this one to protect our children from the truth eh!

"the war you don't see"
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