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Sky announce fastest broadband growth in 3 years
Friday 29 July 2011 10:30:29 by John Hunt

Sky have released their financial results today, and in this have shown that 174,000 customers joined Sky for their broadband service in the last 3 months, taking the total additions over the last year to 711,000. The company now report 3,335,000 broadband users in total, whilst including all of Sky's products, the company have 25.4 million products sold to 10.3 million customers in total across the group.

"Broadband customers are voting with their feet. The vast majority simply want a reliable, unlimited service that offers genuine value for money. By listening to what customers really want, we have enjoyed our fastest growth in three years.

Sky Broadband's network was built to deliver a better entertainment experience. Our customers have responded not only to the freedom, transparency and quality of our services, but also to the experiences that they provide access to, like Sky Anytime+ and Sky Go. And with mobile connectivity arriving next year through The Cloud, customers are set to enjoy even more value from their Sky Broadband experience."

Stephen van Rooyen, (Deputy MD) Sky's Customer Group

Sky have undertaken a significant investment in the network over the last year, and have pushed their unbundling out to 79% of all UK homes. A further 400 exchanges are in the pipeline which will push them to 83% of homes (in comparison, TalkTalk are pushing towards 90%). Currently 1.2 million customers are using the firms fully unbundled network, with the majority of the remainder using Sky's shared LLU service. The Cloud Wi-Fi service will also be integrated into product offerings from next year, giving customers access to Wi-Fi when away from their home broadband connection at over 5,000 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Last summer, Sky offered consumers the option of purchasing broadband and telephony services as a standalone product without the television service. This has seen over 100,000 customers take up this service. This is likely to increase over time, particularly as the companies expands its network.

Elsewhere, the company is continuing its push with new technologies as it has signed deals with Disney, MTV and Discovery to secure 3D content for viewers, as well as a new venture with Atlantic Productions who will deliver original 3D programming.


Posted by herdwick over 6 years ago
Six times more broadband customers than O2 from less than half the total customer base. Wouldn't want to be O2's marketing director reading this.
Posted by k2150 over 6 years ago
O2 lost the plot when they jacked-up their broaband prices in early 2011, not only that they discontinued their unlimited broadband products and introduced traffic managed products to replace them, which is when most punters went "no thanks" and looked elsewhere. Many going to Sky Broadband unlimited, or Be unlimited, or Infinity unlimited.
Posted by chrysalis over 6 years ago
Is O2 also the lowest LLU coverage out of the 3 major LLU providers? I have talktalk and sky llu at my exchange but not O2, I keep reading about talktalk and sky adding exchanges but not O2 as well.
Posted by Delboy0754 over 6 years ago
I left BE because they upped their prices, went on to Sky package unlimited,line rental, calls ,and tv. You HAVE to go where you get value for money.
Posted by timmay over 6 years ago
I'm sorry but we all predicted this when O2 changed their packages and pricing. Also with the launch of Anytime+ that currently requires a Sky LLU connection ... Sky had it made!
Posted by Sonic21 over 6 years ago
I find it impossible to subscribe to any SKY products, morally I refuse to finance Murdoch in any way.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

Same reason I hope they don't do my exchange, would be mighty tempting considering the other options (BTW/TT).
Posted by Koppo over 6 years ago
Do we have a list of these 400 exchanges in the pipeline? As usual, these headlines are long on hype and short on information, just like the BT announcement of the 21cn push for 2013. Would it really hurt for them to provide their PR units with concrete information about exchangtes that can expect upgrades? It's not like readers are being unreasonable if they wonder where exactly this is all happening.
Posted by Terranova over 6 years ago
@delboy you left BE because they upped their prices, you do know that that was for new customers only and not existing ones who still pay what they did before the price hike.
Posted by NICK_ADSL_UK over 6 years ago
Same here i wouldn't go with sky even if it was free. Anything to do with Murdoch and I'm out
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
Remember that Sky is only 39.1% owned by Murdoch.
Posted by whitehawk625 over 6 years ago
I agree with the sentiments about Murdoch but can you really afford to cut off your nose to spite your face? I can't and I find Sky unlimited first class both on service and price.
Posted by AndrueC over 6 years ago
O2/Be appear to be loosing the plot. I'm guessing that Telefonica has had enough of the tight margins of the UK market and has turned off the spigot.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

Dignity isn't for everyone.
Posted by Flapper_MK over 6 years ago
they'd probably get more users if they finally started accepting FFTP/FTTH connections too where available especially for the Anytime+ functionality.
Posted by omnius over 6 years ago
indeed, if sky do it on the same basis as the current "unlimited" packages then count me in
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