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100meg broadband from Virgin Media available to 25% of UK homes
Wednesday 20 July 2011 10:08:31 by John Hunt

Over 6.5 million homes now have access to 100meg broadband from Virgin Media. The company has announced today that the upgrades of its network to support the fastest Virgin product have made it available to 25% of the UK. Virgin say they are well on target to complete the upgrades to the rest of their network covering nearly 13 million homes. This is expected to be completed by mid-2012.

"Virgin Media has consistently led the greatest developments in broadband in the UK and we're proud to continue this tradition with the roll-out of our 100Mb service. But we're not stopping there - we continue to develop broadband technology with trials for 200Mb taking place across the country and we have deployed a cutting-edge 1.5Gb cable broadband trial in East London. Only Virgin Media has the network to drive forward the UK's digital economy, giving Brits a true world-class digital entertainment service at their fingertips."

Jon James, (Executive Director of Broadband) Virgin Media

Virgin have also been running other upgrades to their network which have enabled faster upload speeds to users. The work has been to increase these upload speeds to 10% of download speeds, so those on 50meg broadband should get upload speeds of 5meg. Around 90% of the network is complete.

The fast upgrade process which is enabling next-generation broadband speeds through Virgin's network is promising to see, and should allow many people to get faster access, although they will need to be able to afford the hefty price tag- £35 when taken with a phone line, or £45 a month on its own. Some users may be interested in a version with a lower usage level but also at a lower price. Virgin may not be too keen to support this though as the existing pricing keeps the product fairly niche. If even 20% of their customer base took up this new faster speed, it is possible that Virgin would need to make significant investments to their backhaul network, and links to the Internet to ensure that speeds aren't impacted by network congestion at peak times.


Posted by herdwick over 6 years ago
A very useful real world test of price vs speed market sensitivity.

The takeup of this will give any banker contemplating funding FTTH the willies.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
It will only worry them drastically if the UK takeup of faster services is a lot lower than elsewhere.

That said, the investment in network capacity to cope with the faster products, may well have been needed as average GB usage per month increases.
Posted by keith969 over 6 years ago
So 75% of the UK cannot receive this service. Don't think Virgin have much to crow about really.
Posted by themanstan over 6 years ago
The absence of take up figures in these press releases is the real eye opener... if they were really able to band their drum they'd be quoting take up... but they're not, so...
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
Its interesting to see that the service is more widely available than before, but I think the comment about keeping the product niche is spot on. Any large scale take-up would really stretch the backhaul and could cause major problems with congestion on the shared local coax segments.
Posted by driz over 6 years ago
Fix the latency and jitter (mostly caused by upstream congestion I believe?... greater upload speeds won't help) and you'd have a customer virgin! :(
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
Don't forget to the fix issue affecting loads of online gamers as well ;)
Posted by Capn over 6 years ago
100Mb for £45/month sounds very cheap.
Posted by deadman1984 over 6 years ago
i dont even think virgin big packages are in my area maybe it will be included in the 13 million home list there going to complete in 2012. persnoally i wouldnt touch virgin but if its there its there good for competition i guess.
Posted by anon1 over 6 years ago
Shame they still do not offer a service to some in areas they already service. There cable goes past my garden but they say they cannot connect.
Posted by searcher100 over 6 years ago
I'm sure this story is of interest to a minority group who use broadband but I like millions of others only see virgin installations when working in city areas. The one thing I have noticed is the amount of installs in these areas that have been vandalised even cabinets with the door broken open. Do virgin never inspect or repair their equipment?
Posted by Keef1977 over 6 years ago
Instead of using all the money to upgrade the broadband, why don't Virgin use that money to expand their network????

If they used that money to make the areas that are more expensive serviceable, they increase their customer base, get more money and then can upgrade in future....

Virgin if you are reading this... try expanding your network first and you will find that you will be able to upgrade your networks quickly with the profit you make.
Posted by TerFar over 6 years ago
Or look at this the other way: 75% of us cannot get Virgin Media fast BB or TV services.

They keep upgrading their BB speeds, but how about expanding the network first?

Those ****** at Ofcomm let providers cherry pick the most profitable areas. They should have made them service complete areas, not just what they wanted.
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