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Orange announce new daily EU mobile Internet roaming tariff
Friday 15 July 2011 16:08:47 by John Hunt

Orange have launched a new European mobile broadband bundle for monthly contract, dongle and small business customers which offers a reduced rate for mobile Internet use when roaming. The services cost £3 a day for 30MB of data whilst in Europe and is offered alongside existing mobile broadband roaming offers.

Pay monthly customers can now use this daily bundle in place of having to take out a 30-day option which offered £15 for 30MB, £50 for 150MB and £150 for 500MB of data.

"Travelling abroad is an exciting prospect for everyone and it is now easier than ever to stay connected to friends and family. Whether our customers want to upload their latest holiday snaps on Facebook or simply send an email sharing tales and adventures, many people consider internet access an integral part of any trip.

For this very reason we are introducing the new daily roaming bundle and have already revised existing monthly and 30-day roaming bundles for the EU to help our pay monthly customers get the most out of their mobile internet while in Europe."

Liz Wynn, (Director of In Life), Orange UK

The new pricing at £3 per 30MB of data works out at 10p per megabyte, which is below the EU Commission's proposed retail price caps which would take place from July 2014.


Posted by tommy45 over 6 years ago
Still too pricey for what it is,as it don't cost them anything really
Posted by adslmax over 6 years ago
No point for using mobile internet in abroad while on holiday. All hotels, internet cafe shops have the cheaper pay as you go internet with prepaid card. Or forget internet for 2 weeks until get home from holiday! Peoples want mobile internet cos of bloody facebook!
Posted by jm_paulin over 6 years ago
Well,that is £90 a month. How is that progress? What about you just charge 10p per Mb I use...
Posted by herdwick over 6 years ago
£3 for 30MB would be better, valid for 30 days.
Posted by vicdupreez over 6 years ago
I have given up on roaming altogether. I travel for work, so I have pay as you go accounts where ever I spend more than a week... The USA is the only place where I do not have data with my payg phone service, however there is wifi available pretty much everywhere :).

They keep dressing up expensive as not so... That is a quid for every 10 meg... Still very expensive.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
You lot ain't that bright are you...just buy a foreign SIM...y
Posted by shaunhw over 6 years ago
£100 a Gigabyte then. And that's not even a Microsoft (GIB) Gigabyte. Bargain ? Somewow I don't think so. Not these days. A complete and utter rip off more likely.
Posted by neronimo over 6 years ago
Vodafone Data Traveller give you 25MB/day in Europe for £10/month (or £2/day or free with some contracts). That's potentially 750MB/month, or 1.33p/MB. Orange's cheapest option is still nearly 8 times more expensive!
Posted by paulbeattie87 over 6 years ago
Quite expensive, £3 for 30MB is nice but per day, that's cheeky. Shame nobody is trying to compete with Vodafone, on their £40 or more per month tariffs you get 25MB of EU roaming per day for free. THAT is a good deal.
Posted by tshoulihane over 6 years ago
so funny. What's the best price for a local PAYG sim with data in france? Add £15 to unlock your handset, and there you have a genuine benchmark.
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