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Sky announce price freezes with launch of Sky Go
Tuesday 12 July 2011 12:26:45 by John Hunt

Last week saw Sky launch their Sky Go service which allows Sky customers to access live TV on the move at no extra charge. The new product is available through computers and will be available on the iPhone, and iPad before the start of the Premier League football season. Through the iPhone and iPad, Sky Go will give live access to all Sky Sports channels, EPSN and Sky News, with further channels planned to be added over time. The computer-based version gives 30 live channels including Sky Movies, Sky Atlantic, NatGeo, Disney, and more.

Sky also announced that they will freeze subscription prices on all their services until at least September 2012 in a bid to offer peace of mind to customers that their bills won't rise. This will apply to all TV subscriptions as well as bundles and broadband offerings.

"We're committed to keep innovating so that our customers enjoy the best possible entertainment experience. Sky Go is just the latest example of how we're giving people a better choice of programmes combined with better ways to watch.

As a business fortunate enough to reach more than one in three homes in the UK, we know the economy is tough for customers and we want to help at a time when many household bills are going up. With subscription prices frozen for at least a year, our customers can look forward to getting more than ever from Sky."

Andrea Zappia, (Managing Director) Sky’s Customer Group

It's possible the company might be a little nervous following the News of the World phone hacking scandal, and the reach of Murdoch within to the company, particularly with his planned takeover bid. Stable prices will help to re-assure customers that there is not likely to be huge changes that will take place, and that they can continue to receive their existing TV and broadband services.


Posted by adslmax over 6 years ago
I just cancelled my whole Sky as I refuse to pay to Robert Murdoch anymore. Sky should reduced everything by 40% and let Robert Murdoch owe us money back. I hate Robert Murdoch and I do hope he go and live in a hell riot! Sky prices freeze for a year mean it a hell nothing to us, next year, I wouldn't be surprise if sky prices shoot up by 5%.
Posted by systemx over 6 years ago
I dont know quite what Robert Murdoch has done to you to warrant such an attack, did he fit you sat dish incorrectly?
Posted by baby_frogmella over 6 years ago
And may I ask what this article has to do with broadband Internet? Sky are primarily provide a tv subscription service, their internet offering is minuscule in comparison.
Posted by baby_frogmella over 6 years ago
Perhaps Mr Murdoch personally hacked into adslmax's telephone calls?
Posted by systemx over 6 years ago

I doubt it, the only Robert Murdoch I know of is a butcher in Weybridge.
Posted by NilSatisOptimum over 6 years ago
Feeling smug that i've never had sky not even purchased anything from which he has financial interest in since 1991. I doubt this will change my mind either!
Posted by AndrueC over 6 years ago
I've never met Robert Murdoch and consequently refuse to have any personal feelings for the man one way or another. I do however appreciate the wider choice of viewing that the Sky service offers me and for that reason I continue to pay a subscription fee.

Depriving of myself of that entertainment just because of some supposed slight from a total stranger who probably has no control over the day to day running of a corporation and wouldn't even know I existed seems to be the height of folly.
Posted by mabibby over 6 years ago
LOL! Funny stuff!


Try to have a rant and protest about someone you know the name of! :)
Posted by shaunhw over 6 years ago
It wouldn't surprise me if Mr. Murdoch didn't move his Sky operation to some other EU country if they don't allow him to buy it out.
I hated him for swallowing up BSB 21 years ago but I guess it couldn't be avoided. Murdoch risked a lot to get Sky going pumping in many millions of pounds.
Posted by shaunhw over 6 years ago
Sky broadband have quite a lot of customers. They are also one of the best providers in the business for speed and unlimted usage, and are excellent value, especially if you are a TV customer. Over the years they have compared very favouribly with many of the other charlatans in the broadband business.
Posted by nredwood over 6 years ago
LOL. Peeps are clearly morphing Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch
Posted by NilSatisOptimum over 6 years ago
Looks like there is epic and biblical case of Cyril Reenan syndrome, going on here.
Posted by russianmonkey over 6 years ago

I agree, I don't see anything directly or indirectly relevant to the UK broadband infrastructure.

However, they do the same for BT Vision, and BBC iPlayer, so they have to be fair, regardless of how unfair said company is.
Posted by oliver341 over 6 years ago
Nice to see Sky freezing prices for broadband. At £15 a month for non Sky TV customers, Sky Broadband Unlimited represents one of the best value products in the ADSL2+ market. FTTC is some way off for my area.
Posted by fozi999 over 6 years ago
In the second paragraph there's a typo. I think you mean they will freeze subscription prices and not free them.
Posted by NilSatisOptimum over 6 years ago
No more takeover bid, LOL.
Posted by Spacemanc over 6 years ago
They are freezing prices for existing customers, but they go up for new customers by about 20% depending on the package chosen. Then everyone goes on that package next September:

So really they've gone for a delayed 20% rise where they can say it hasn't risen for years, rather then a 10% per year rise.

And regarding their broadband, the charges have risen massively since they first offered the service. If you are not in a 12 month contract with them, it now costs £28 pm for BB and phone.

Posted by c_j_ over 6 years ago
"their internet offering is minuscule in comparison. "

I don't think it's quite fair to call three million or so broadband customers and a similar number of voice customers 'miniscule'.

I do think it's fair to wonder how much respect Sky would have for the criminal law and for data privacy if they were under the demonstrably unprincipled ownership of News International.
Posted by trashcooky over 6 years ago
Unfortunately people still fall for misleading advertising and find 3 months after they have signed up everything goes up. Apparently Sky TV has around 9 million UK customers so when they increase charges by a £1.00 per month that nets them £108 mill for the year. I live near my Tel exchange so enjoy a good speed on broadband. Ironically, whilst I think it all costs too much, Sky broadband is actually very good value for me.
Posted by CaptainW over 6 years ago
@trashcooky - just checked those figures - 10.147 million customers with 3.161 million of them having broadband (up to 31/3/11)

Back on topic, this is a welcome surprise as we are fortunate to have BB unlimited with them as well as their top package and two HD subs, so also seeing we are going to save £10.25 a month now that HD subs are only paid one per household is very welcome (although should have happened some time ago in my opinion).
Posted by billytest over 6 years ago
Have had Sky plus for 6 years. Great recording box. They then offered me free broadband. Limited to 2gb download but I only use it for enquiries and e-mail etc so it works great. No problem with Sky in the 6 years
Posted by gw1mcd over 6 years ago
What a "CON". Put prices up and the "FREEZE" for a year.That really means very little as prices will rise again one day after the 12 months.
Posted by iPodSlaaf over 6 years ago
For those owners of an iPod touch fear not because you too are able to use this service! To the person responsible for this article, please get your facts right before submitting an article for publication!
Posted by iPodSlaaf over 6 years ago
systemx: "dont" and changing Mr Murdoch's name from Rupert to "Robert" only goes to display your ignorance and lack of grammar. Please refrain from future comments until you have improved your ability to express yourself correctly.
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