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T-Mobile announce 'truly unlimited' mobile broadband summer offer
Thursday 30 June 2011 16:22:03 by John Hunt

T-Mobile have revisited their 'unlimited' data policies with a summer promotion that is offering unlimited data to new customers. This time round it is available with no limits, and no fair-usage policy. Users who sign up to a monthly plan with T-Mobile on one of their latest smartphones for more than £25 a month will get access to unlimited Internet usage for the duration of the contract. The offer is valid for customers signing up after the 1st of July and runs until the end of September. Existing customers can also opt for an unlimited booster of £5.10 per month to get unlimited data or alternatively, they can upgrade on to one of the new eligible packages.

"We know that more and more of our customers are using the internet on their phone to make the most out of their smartphone, so that's why we've chosen to give them the opportunity to receive truly unlimited internet for the duration of their plan. So this summer, T-Mobile customers can now have the freedom to surf and email on the go without the need to monitor their usage."

Tim Dowling, (VP of propositions) T-Mobile UK

Earlier this year, T-Mobile got some flak after revising its data usage policies on various contracts, with some cutting in half whilst some Android customers received up to 83% less data per month following the change. More information about the offer will be available at from Friday 1st July.


Posted by otester over 6 years ago
This won't last long, tie people intro contracts then take it away again.
Posted by RtcW over 6 years ago
GiffGaff offers Unlimited texting and internet with 250 mins for only £10 no contracts. You can't go any better than that.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

It's not unlimited web, the FUP is 100Mb a day.

And it's only unlimited until 3rd July.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
Posted by offcs over 6 years ago
pPeer to peer and voip excluded.
Posted by roph over 6 years ago

the 100mb/day is for the current free internet usage. If you're on a package (aka goodybag) there is no such 100mb/day limit.
Posted by jmvincent over 6 years ago
Get the ASA onto this. I just checked it out. Just out of interest and when checking out a tariff it said Fair Use Policy. and when I opened the new page it said 500mb. If they are giving away unlimited data they need to change the T&C [terms & conditions] O2 & 'everything everywhere'Abuse the word UNLIMITED. It's only vodafone 3 & giffgaff that actually mean it when they say unlimited.
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